What Happens If You Do Squats Everyday?

Squats are one of the most effective forms of exercise that exist, and there are a ton of positive effects and benefits that you can build by using them. The great thing about squats is that in their most basic form, they require absolutely no equipment to do, and are at their core a calisthenic exercise that can use your own body weight as a means to work out effectively.

However, as you advance in fitness and strength, you can expand on squats significantly to make them far more difficult by using the best glute machines, or by doing weighted squats such as back squats or front squats as well as other specific variations on the exercise.

The many variations of the squat allow lifters to target a specific area more effectively if it requires a little extra work.

There are various different routines that use squatting in some form. For weighted squats, it’s not advisable to do squats every day as weight training puts a lot of strain on the body and muscles, and progress and gains in strength can only be achieved by allowing the muscles adequate time to repair and recover.

However, for bodyweight squats, the stress on the body is reduced, meaning you can do them every day and achieve superb results.

For anyone who is new to exercise, we’re going to highlight the key benefits of squatting every day and what will happen to you and your body as you progress and continue consistently improving.

What Happens If You Do Squats Everyday

Build Muscle

The first thing you’ll notice when you start squatting is that you will begin building muscle, as your body adapts to the strain that squatting puts on your body.

Squatting works various muscles very effectively due to the fact that it is a compound exercise, meaning it’s an exercise that targets multiple muscle groups at the same time.

In particular, squatting builds muscle in the glutes (the muscles that make up the butt!), thighs and quadriceps, and hamstrings as well as various supporting muscles in the core, back, and arms depending on which variant of squat you do and the specific technique you use.

The muscles in all these areas will start to strengthen and become more prominent and defined as they develop and become more accustomed to the repeated effort that squatting requires.

Define Your Core And Butt

Define Your Core And Butt

If you’re looking for a better definition, squatting is a great exercise to do every day.

As already mentioned, squatting helps build muscle, and this will naturally help build definition in popular areas of the body such as the core and butt.

It's become incredibly desirable to have a well-developed butt in recent years, and the days of a totally slim and flat body as the beauty standard for most people has been replaced by a focus on athleticism and definition.

If this is something you subscribe to and would like to achieve for yourself, squatting is an incredibly efficient and effective way to achieve these goals.

Improve Balance, Flexibility, And Mobility

Another great benefit of squatting is that the movement is very dynamic, and doesn’t only isolate and target muscles, but the various ligaments, tendons, and joints of the body that facilitate the movement.

As squatting is a full-body movement and workout, and highly dynamic, you will notice improvements to your balance as your body’s supporting muscles strengthen, as well as better mobility and flexibility as your joints become used to the movement and more supple and healthy.

This can help develop power as well as prevent injury and is a great way to improve your general health and mobility, supporting other activities which all build towards better health and fitness.

Burn Fat

Squatting is one of the best fat burners because it is so dynamic and works so many muscles at the same time.  

Some might ask how many squats a day to lose belly fat or lose weight one must do before he sees results.  Muscles require a lot of energy to work effectively, and the more of them you work the more energy you will burn, which in turn burns both the energy in your blood from recent meals, as well as stored energy, also known as fat, as the body continues to burn energy.

Another great thing is that squats are quite explosive, so they can work effectively as part of a HIIT workout or other type of condensed fat loss workout regime, allowing you to create flexibility and avoid boredom which is a key reason why people lose motivation when working out and starting to try and build these good habits.

Tone The Legs

One of the other major targets of squatting are the legs, particularly the thighs, and you will see massively improved definition and tone here as well as in the calves as your body develops the strength to handle the amount of squatting you’re doing.

Toned legs not only look great but help facilitate better flexibility and mobility, and will allow you to be more efficient in your movements.

Increased Bone Strength

Hitting the gym or doing strength training such as squats can have hugely beneficial effects on bone strength, as the body adapts to handle the punishment being thrown at it.

While the studies are ongoing, there is some understanding that squatting and other forms of weight training and strength training can lead to significant improvements in this area allowing you to further prevent injury and build overall better health in the long term.

Reduced Risk Of Injury

We’ve touched on this already, but it bears mentioning again in a more general sense.

Working out can often lead to injury, as the body is put under strain and often starts to wear down under this strain.

While this is true of almost all exercise, squatting is one of the least likely to result in injury, and its positive effects actually help reduce the future chance of injury doing other activities due to the increased balance, strength, endurance, mobility, and posture that squatting can provide you with.

Improved Fitness And Recovery Times

Squatting not only benefits your strength, but if done for long enough it can also improve your general cardiovascular fitness as well as your recovery times, as your body adapts to become more efficient at processing oxygen and getting blood to the muscles where it is most needed.

This efficiency has wide-ranging positive effects on your overall health and fitness, from better heart health to better lung health and a lower likelihood of developing various other serious diseases and conditions.

Improved Posture

Correct Posture for Squats

Squatting is a very strict movement and holding the position and using it often, if used correctly, can yield significant improvements to posture, as the back and legs become stronger and the lower body becomes more mobile.

The key to getting this benefit is to use the correct form and technique, as incorrect form can also lead to worse posture and other issues.

Getting good advice from a personal trainer is the best way to ensure you’re squatting well and promoting good posture, and this will also likely lead to tweaks and improvements that will be tailored to help your specific issues and tendencies to be ironed out and tightened up to create an even more effective and efficient squat that yields even better results for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, squatting is a hugely positive thing to start making use of. As an exercise, it is incredibly easy for almost anyone to start doing, and it is totally free in its most basic form.

Doing squats every day may seem extreme, but when you understand the potential benefits this can have on your health and life, as well as your mental health, it becomes almost addictive to keep progressing forward and developing the positives that squatting provides.

Improving your posture, your balance, your strength, and your physical appearance are all extremely important goals, but the mental benefits of feeling that progress and the rewards you get for working towards them consistently are truly massive and can have a life-changing effect on you and the people around you.

It’s important to keep in mind that working out, like anything, can become addictive, and it’s always important to stay grounded, set achievable and reasonable goals, and work towards them at your own pace, without putting too much strain on yourself or your body.

As long as you rest up well, work out hard, and are consistent with your exercise, as well as your diet, you will reap the amazing benefits that squatting every day can provide.

The beautiful thing is that this is often only the beginning of the journey for most people, and the improved confidence and assurance that exercising every day provides you with will allow you to develop even faster, undertake more ambitious goals, improve your technique and learn to use different more complex exercises and routines to build a body and mind that you can be truly proud of.

It’s amazing how quickly these good habits can become cemented into your routine, and we hope that understanding all of this will bring you the progress and improvements that we know you deserve!

Kevin Harris