The 9 Best Glute Machines for Your Home Gym

The glutes are actually one of the largest muscles in your body. Most glute machines target the glutes, lower back, hamstrings and the abs. So when you are using a glute machine, you are not only focusing on your glutes, but also developing your core strength and good posture.

Top 9 Best Glute Machines

Therefore, choosing the right glute machine is important, as you want to achieve the best results possible. We have done all the work for you and in this article you will discover the top 9 best glute machines. So, keep reading to find out what glute machine you should be buying for your home gym.


Body-Solid Powerline PGM200X Adjustable Glute Max


Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer for Glutes Workout


Element Fitness Sissy Squat Machine


Body-Solid Powerline PGM200X Adjustable Glute Max

The Body-Solid’s  Powerline PGM200X Adjustable Glute Max can be adjusted to accommodate users of all heights. This Body-Solid glute machine, not only targets your glutes, but it also targets quadriceps and hamstrings. This machine lets you work each leg individually, which allows you to have maximum isolation on your glute.

This is quite a large machine being 70 inches in length, 26 inches wide and 60 inches high. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough space for it in your workout area.

It also comes with standard weight horns that allows you to load and remove weights. Which can increase and decrease the resistance, while you workout.  This machine is all about optimizing your workout so that you receive the ultimate gains possible.


  • Adjustable – This glute machine has forearm pads which are adjustable. This then allows this machine to be used by anyone, no matter their height.
  • Multiple gains – This machine is all about working your lower body. You will see improvements not only on your glutes, but also your quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Comfortable – The forearm rests and knee rest are well padded, so it is comfortable to work on.


  • Construction – A lot of customers have argued that the rollers don’t work properly, which then causes the weights and the machine not work correctly.


Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer for Glutes Workout

The Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer for Glutes Workout looks like an exercise bike. However what this bike does, is let you sit down and perform 3 depth levels of squats using the 3 resistance bands provided.

The squat is one of the best exercises to do and is a really effective glute exercise. This trainer helps you work your glutes, calves and thighs.

There is a digital monitor that helps you follow your progress as it tracks time, counts and calories. This is a very adjustable piece of equipment. You can adjust the squat depth by adjusting the saddle angle from 30 to 90 degrees.

While also you can adjust the resistance bands. These trainers come with 3 resistance bands. Each band is about 22 pounds of resistance. This trainer is a great option for beginners to help them get used to squatting. However it is also great for experienced squatters too.


  • Adjustable – This machine is completely adjustable. You can adjust the seat and resistance bands as your training progresses.
  • Squat Posture – This machine is all about squats, which is one of the best exercises to do for your glutes. This trainer makes sure that you have the correct squat posture.
  • Beginner or advanced – This machine is great for beginners or for those who are a bit more advanced. It works for everyone.


  • Resistance Bands – Some customers have claimed that after a while they wanted more resistance. The bands provided didn’t give them enough resistance that they required.


Element Fitness Sissy Squat Machine

The Element Fitness Sissy Squat Machine is made with stainless steel, with a large anti-slip foot plate. This machine is all about getting those defined glutes and quads.

This machine targets your glutes, quads, while also strengthening your knee and hip joints. It also develops your core balance at the same time. If that wasn’t enough, this machine can also be used for sit ups and ab crutches too.

This machine has been designed for heavy use. You can now perform matrix squads safer than before, thanks to the fully padded and adjustable calf pads. This is a durable machine, which is claimed to be the only machine that you’ll ever need to buy for your glutes.


  • Durable – The Element Fitness Sissy Squat Machine, has been designed for heavy use by athletes. Made with 11 gauge stainless steel and finished with a strong grey coat finish. No matter your size or weight, this machine will survive.
  • Non-slip foot plate – This glute machine comes with a large non-slip foot plate, which makes it great to perform ab crunches and sit ups on.
  • Adjustable and padded – The calf pads are padded and adjustable so you can perform squats and in particular matrix squats easier than before.


  • Price – This machine is quite pricey, so it would be on the upper end of the market, however you are paying for quality and durability.


Rep Fitness Glute-Ham Developer

The Rep Fitness Glute-Ham Developer is a great glute machine for athletes. This is a heavy duty machine, which has been designed to work your glutes, hamstrings, ab workouts and your lower back. With this machine you reduce your risk of injury by balancing your upper leg muscles.

This is an easy machine to use. It has a bearing system for the footplate that helps you make any height adjustments that are necessary.  This machine is well padded, therefore comfortable to work on and use.

This machine has wheels so you can easily move it if you need more space. This is the ideal machine for athletes trying to improve their glutes, however if it is good enough for athletes then it’s still perfect for everyone else in their home gym.


  • Band Pegs – This machine features band pegs which can give you extra resistance while working out.
  • Wheels – You can use this machine anywhere, as its wheels allow you to easily move it around.
  • Versatile – With this machine you not only work on your glutes, but you also work all your leg muscles, lower back and abs.


  • Assembly – Some customers have claimed that they struggled a little bit with assembling this machine.


Finer Form Multifunctional Weight Bench

The Finer Form Multifunctional Weight Bench is a full body workout, including your glutes! This weight bench will help shape your glutes, arms, back, core and hamstrings.

This is a sturdy and durable machine, made from high grade stainless steel and a scratch resistant coating to finish. The bench can withstand any exercise routines and you don’t have to worry about it shaking or wobbling as you workout.

This is a versatile machine that it padded for your comfort. This is the perfect bench that will help you develop your glutes. There is nothing that you can’t do on and with the finer form multifunctional weight bench.


  • Sturdy – This bench has a triangular base which supports the bench. You need to worry about this bench wobbling or shaking as you workout.
  • Multi-functional – You can do your whole workout on this bench, and will gain terrific results.
  • Padded – This product is padded which gives you support and comfort while you work on those glutes.


  • Design Flaws – Some customers have mentioned that some of the pins that support this product keep coming loose or don’t fit properly. Which can then make the product wobbly while in use or not work properly.


Nautilus Glute Drive

The Nautilus Glute Drive Machine is on the higher end of the market. This product has an upper body pivot bench which gives you full spinal support and stability.

It comes with an oversized angled foot platform which accommodates all sizes. This machine also comes with resistance band pegs and a catch and release mechanism, which makes this machine really easy to use.

As you pay such a high price for this machine, you know you are paying for the highest quality. There is a heavily reinforced padded waist harness that helps with hip thrust exercises. This hip thrust exercise is a great way of developing strong glutes, core and hips.


  • Weights and resistance – This machine can hold up to 360lbs in weights and there’s the option to add resistance bands. With this machine you can have plenty of weight or resistance that you require.
  • Durable – This is made from heavy duty steel, so this product will last you years, even your entire life.
  • Adjustable – An oversized angle foot is adjustable, so it can be used by anyone.


  • Price – This is one of the most expensive machines on the list and not the ideal machine for someone on a budget.


Goplus Deep Squat Machine

The Goplus Deep Squat Machine features 8 exercises, which help work your leg muscles, glutes and abs. However the squat exercises mainly focus on your glutes and quads. Although there are hooks on this machine that you can use with bands, which can exercise your arms. However, this machine helps you develop the proper squat performance, so you can really work your glutes.

This machine is made from thick and sturdy iron pipes. This is a durable and stable machine that has been designed with a T-shape that will keep your machine on the floor as you work out.

No matter your height, you can adjust this machine to fit you. Also the anti-slip foot pad and handles will keep you safe while you work out. Unlike other glute machines, this machine can be folded down to a compact size and with its wheels can be easily moved and stored.


  • Compact and wheels – This glute machine can be folded down into a smaller size and with the wheels can be easily moved. Thus making this an easy machine to store when you are short on space.
  • 8 exercises in 1 machine – This is a versatile machine, where you perform 8 different exercises that work your glutes, legs and abs.
  • Promotes squat posture – The Goplus promotes the correct squat posture, which will lead you to performing better squats, thus working your glutes more effectively.


  • Hyperextensions – This product claims that you can perform hyperextensions, however some customers have felt that the product became a bit too wobbly to be able to perform these properly and safely.


CFF Pro Series Elite Heavy Duty Glute Ham Developer

The CFF Pro Series Glute and Hamstring Developer is incredibly stable while you are working out. This is one of the first glute and hamstring machines that were ever invented.

Over the years improvements have been made to give you a better performance. This machine is ideal for taller people, who have been struggling to find a machine that would work effectively for them.

With a lifetime warranty and a max weight capacity of 650 lbs. This machine comes with 4 oversized band pegs for resistance bands.

Alongside this, this product is made from solid steel rods and super heavy duty bearings that will keep everything in place for a long period of time. However there are pads for added comfort and wheels to easy movement. This is a solid piece of equipment that won’t let you down.


  • Band Pegs – This model comes with 4 oversized band pegs, where you can add more resistance like resistance bands too.
  • Solid – Made from steel and heavy duty bearings, this machine will stay in one piece.
  • Wheels – This machine does come with wheels so you can move it around if you are limited on space.


  • Heavy – It may have wheels but it is quite heavy to push around.


OneFitWonder Commercial Glute Ham Developer

The OneFitWonder Commercial Glute Ham Developer is a lot lighter in weight compared to other glute machines on this list. It is also one of the smaller machines too, which means if you are limited on space, you should consider this machine.

This machine is easy to adjust with a single bolt adjustment feature, which allows you to quickly and easily change the distance between the hip and foot pads. Therefore this machine will fit everyone. However as this is a smaller machine, it will be more suited for smaller and lighter users.

There are montaining holes to use to keep your glute machine secure. Alongside this, the OneFitWonder has two warranties. The frame has a one year warranty and the pads have a 90 day warranty. There are knee pads that make this machine comfortable to use. This machine is definitely for the lighter and smaller athletes.


  • Adjustable – This machine has adjustable elements that you can tailor to your height and size for a better glute workout.
  • Warranty – This machine comes with a year warranty for the frame and a 90 warranty for the pads, in case you aren’t happy or something goes wrong.
  • Mounting Holes – There are holes so you can mount this machine to your gym space. This improves stability.


  • No pegs for resistance – A lot of these machines have pegs where you can attach resistance bands however this model does not come with this feature.
  • Small – This is a much smaller model and more suited for smaller and lighter users.

Best Glute Machines Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for the best glute machine, there are several key features to consider. These features will determine the effectiveness and overall value of the machine. Here are some of the most important features to keep in mind:


The first feature to consider is adjustability. A good glute machine should be adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes and fitness levels. Look for machines that offer adjustable resistance levels, seat height, and foot placement. This will allow you to customize your workout and target different areas of your glutes and legs.


Another important feature to consider is comfort. A good glute machine should be comfortable to use, even during long workouts. Look for machines with padded seats and backrests, as well as adjustable footrests and handles. This will help reduce the risk of injury and ensure that you can focus on your workout without distractions.


Durability is also an important consideration when shopping for a glute machine. Look for machines made from high-quality materials, such as steel or aluminum. Check for weight limits and make sure the machine can support your weight. Look for machines with a solid frame and sturdy construction, as well as a warranty to protect your investment.

Size and Space Requirements

Finally, consider the size and space requirements of the glute machine. Make sure you have enough space in your home gym to accommodate the machine. Look for machines that can be easily stored or folded up when not in use. Consider the weight and portability of the machine if you plan on moving it frequently.

By considering these key features, you can find the best glute machine for your needs and fitness goals.


When it comes to buying the best glute machine, you need to consider some factors that will help you decide. Clearly you need to know what your budget is. A lot of home gym equipment isn’t cheap and sometimes you do need to pay more money for better quality.

At the end of the day, you want a glute machine that is going to last and that you know is reliable. If you have a small budget you need to spend that money wisely and make sure that what you are buying is going to give you what you want.

There are a lot of high priced glute machines, but doesnt mean they are perfect. Make sure that you do your research into the machine and look at customer reviews. This will help you in your decision making.

Effectiveness and Resistance

It does depend on what kind of machine you have bought. However the most effective exercises for glutes are squats, hip extensions, hip thrusts and cable kickbacks.

When buying your glute machine you need to see what this machine can do. Can it do all or any of these exercises that are most effective for glute training.

Most glute machines have resistance bands which are also really helpful when it comes to glute workouts. Resistance bands come in handy to give you even more resistance while doing these exercises, which then leads to you gaining even better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best exercise for glutes?

To build up your glutes you should train them twice a week. Good glute exercises include fire hydrants, leg step ups and squats. The Bulgarian split squat is a really effective exercise. While hip thrusts, lateral banded walks and curtsy lunges help strengthen your glutes.

How long does it take to grow your glutes?

It does depend on how much you train and how much you train your glutes. You should try to train your glutes twice a week and change your diet to contain more protein. You may start to notice small changes after 1 to 3 months. However it won’t be until a year or two until you notice massive changes. Growing and toning your glutes takes time and doesn’t happen overnight.

Can cardio help your glutes?

Yes, running uphill or on an incline engages your glutes a lot more than running on a flat surface. Also running on an incline burns a lot more calories than running on a flat surface.

Does a glute machine really work?

A glute machine will work to build those rear buns to the maximus. But think of it as a matter of muscle activation. Which glute machine to choose is based on which you can “feel” working your posterior the most. Studies to determine the best exercise use electromyographic (EMG) analysis. This is a fancy way to measure muscle activation but feeling is believing yes? I personally love a glute machine that can isolate like one of the glute ham devices mentioned earlier.


There are a wide range of glute machines on the market. The space and budget can really affect what kind of machine you can buy. However there are great machines in all price zones.

Some of the machines that we have mentioned above are quite versatile and work on more than just your glutes, but then you get better value for your money. You want a machine that is comfortable to use and can be adjusted to your height.

We have given you our best 9 glute machines that are out there right now. Somewhere on this list you may have just found your next piece of equipment for your home gym. Now it’s time to get working on those glutes.

Kevin Harris