The Jacob’s Ladder X Review – Does it live up to its hype?

Are you looking for a way to improve your fitness level without leaving the comfort of your home? If so, the Jacob’s Ladder X (JLX) may be the perfect solution for you! This innovative cardio machine is not only easy to use, but it also has many features that make it better than any other cardio equipment on the market. From its beautiful display to its superior dimensions, the Jacob’s Ladder X is definitely worth checking out.

Jacob’s Ladder X Review

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals will benefit from the Jacobs Ladder X ladder climbing exercise machine. JLX is a major overhaul of Jacobs Ladder, with four distinct climbing positions to train various muscle groups at diverse intensity levels.

The JLX’s display and dashboard were also redesigned, giving you more feedback and information on your workout intensity levels.

Features of the Jacob’s Ladder X

The JLX is an update to the very popular Jacob’s Ladder. A new design that offers four diverse climbing positions and a fresh dashboard that gives extra insights into your workout.

JLX has Four Workout Positions to Choose

I find the fact that you can use the JLX in four different workout machines a great reason to buy one for a home gym or commercial for that matter. It offers side rail, stand-up, sled drive, and hand over hand climbing positions, allowing you to exercise different muscle groups at varied intensity levels. It’s great to have that variety so you can keep things fresh.

Side Rail Workout

Grab the side rails for a more traditional Jacobs Ladder workout. We recommend this position when you first start using the machine. It’s a lower impact position as you steady yourself using the rails which allows you to learn how it feels and moves as you move.

Stand Up Workout

In the stand up position, you will find a workout like you would get from a stair machine. This is also a comfortable position and it is easier to sustain your workout, especially when you are just starting out. One thing to note is how your feet with contact the machine as you climb. You will be on the balls of your feet more than a stair machine. This will focus on your calf muscles more directly. The rungs are a nice size 2 inches around so the support you nicely.

Sled Drive

The Jacob’s Ladder X has a Sled Drive position that is really great for a high intensity workout. You will notice right away that your core is highly engaged in this position since your leaning forward and your hands are out ahead of your body.

It’s high intensity because you are using your core muscles and using your upper body. Yeah, trust me, this position is one reason why they say you will love to hate it. I will say that the handles are comfortable and you will have no issues with your wrist hurting in case they bother you from time to time like mine. This is just because the handles are positioned correctly in relation to your body.

Hand over Hand

You will have the highest calorie burn in the hand over hand position. This is definitely the most demanding position. You will get a high intensity, heart pounding workout while you hands and feet drive you “up” the machine. You can do a circuit workout, or stay on longer for aerobic training.

I recommend easing into this workout and seeing how you feel the day after. This depends on your fitness level and only you know your body. Still this is the most challenging position. You will also find that this position will strengthen your entire body.

If you do push-ups, you will actually find that using the Jacob’s Ladder X in the hand over hand position will improve your push-ups. You will be able to do more believe it or not. This is because it strengthens your core and supporting muscles that are used during the push-up.

Improved Digital Display

I really love the look of the display. You can track calorie burn, climb rate, total feet climbed, and workout intensity level. Its easy to see and operate and of course it keeps track of your workout time like most displays now.

Self Powered

No power cord need to use the JLX! Pretty simple.

Ease-of-use of the Jacob’s Ladder X

Overall it is very easy to use. Setup is a snap because it comes fully assembled accept for the cup holders which makes it so you can fit it through a standard door opening. It is only 30.5 inches wide. At 375 pounds the machine is sturdy enough to feel solid while you workout. But its also very manageable to move around since you can just tilt it back and move it on the wheels.


What is not great is that you will need a ceiling height no lower than 8.5 feet. Kind of a bummer if you are looking to put this in your basement that is only 7 feet tall. So be sure to do some measuring in your home and figure out the best place to put the JLX.


In the end, we would like to say that the Jacob’s Ladder X is an amazing exercise machine that can help you reach your fitness goals faster than you thought possible. It is very user-friendly and easy to get used to, with a wide range of workout positions that can both challenge you and keep you coming back for more. Overall the JLX is a great investment that you will not regret making. So if you’re looking to get in shape quickly and without a lot of fuss, the Jacobs Ladder X is definitely worth a try!

Kevin Harris