14 of the Best Full Body Workout Machines for Your Home Gym

However, this is where a full body workout machine is the best choice. One machine that can provide you with a full body workout. One machine where you can perform multiple exercises in your own home. In this article we have acclimated the 14 best full body workout machines that you can have at home.


The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym allows you to do over 50 different exercises to work out your entire body. This is a versatile piece of equipment, which is actually quite small. This is the perfect piece of equipment for someone who is limited on space, but still wants to work out at home. Made from heavy duty steel, this machine is incredibly durable and will last you years. 

The Bowflex Home Gym has multi use hand grips and ankle cuffs, which add flexibility to your workout. It uses a quick change rod resistance system. When it comes to resistance, you can use as little as 5 pounds of rod resistance and up to 210 pounds. However, if you feel that you will need even more resistance than that, you can upgrade the resistance on the machine to up to 310 pounds. This is truly a versatile and flexible piece of equipment that will work your entire body. 


  • Compact - This is a much smaller full body machine, therefore making it ideal for anyone who doesn't have much space in their home gym. It can fit in your garage or in a spare bedroom with ease.
  • Durable - Made with a heavy duty steel frame, this machine has been built to last and withstand whatever you throw at it.
  • Versatile - You can perform over 50 different exercises on this machine, working your entire body.


  • Resistance - For some customers they wanted more options when it came to the resistance. Some customers wanted heavier resistance options. 


The Life Fitness G7 Multi Station Home Gym is a piece of equipment that closely matches what you will find in your local gym or fitness centre. It is a professional set up for personal use. It features two dual weight stacks; this allows you to exercise one side of the body at a time.

Or you can exercise both sides of your body at the same time. This machine doesn't always come with a bench, so it is worth checking if it does or not when purchasing. The bench allows you to perform even more exercises. However, if you do end up buying this machine without a bench, this doesn't restrict what you can do either. 

Alongside this, the Life Fitness Home Gym comes with chin and pull up bars, which help you work your core and upper body. This home gym lets you work every muscle in your body. This machine has 20 pulley adjustments which gives you plenty of resistance .

The Life Fitness G7 Multi Station Home Gym has been specially designed to be durable and last you years. It comes with free installation and an exercise book with over 60 exercises for you to perform on this product.


  • Professional - This piece of equipment closely resembles a machine that you would find in your local gym or fitness centre.  This is a professional standard of equipment.
  • Weights - This product comes with huge weights included. 
  • Durable - This product has been made to last, with the frame being made from high quailyand heavy duty steel.
  • Versatile - This home gym not only works your arm and legs, but comes with a chin and pull up bar which helps work your core as well.


  • Large - This full body workout machine takes quite a bit of space. However this is because it is a versatile machine that allows you to perform a huge range of exercises in one machine. However it may be a squeeze if you are tight on space.


The Maxi Climber looks like a very simple machine to use and it is. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. This machine will work your upper body, core and lower body. This is an easy machine to use and ideal for all fitness levels. This machine will provide you with a full body workout, by using calorie burning cardio along with muscle toning. 

This is an easy machine, which is low impact so you don’t need to worry about your knees and ankles. Alongside this, the Maxi Climber will actually save you time. No more do you need to use multiple machines or multiple exercises.

This one machine can do everything that you want in one easy exercise. The Maxi Climber also comes with a fitness app so you can track your progress. If you are short on space, this is a small machine which can also be folded away for easy storage.

The Maxi Climber is lightweight and easily adjustable, so anyone can use it. This is the perfect full body machine for someone who wants to keep it simple.


Easy to set up  - This product comes 90% pre assembled, and is incredibly easy to finish setting up. 

Small - The Maxi Climber is a small yet powerful piece of equipment, which can also be folded down to easy storage.

Perfect for all fitness levels - Anyone can use this product, no matter their fitness level.

Fitness app included - A fitness app is included with the Maxi Climber that will track your progress.


  • Timer - There is a timer on this machine, however customers have said that the timer is a bit slow. Also the timer is too close to where your body is so it's difficult to read.


The Total Gym Workout Machine is a great machine for any space. You can perform more than 80 exercises with this machine. With focus on all the major muscle groups, cardio, stretching and strength training. This machine has a glide board which can be set up in different inclines. This allows you to increase resistance by using your own bodyweight, instead of a weight stack.

No assembly is required with this product. Also, if you are short on space, this machine can be folded down and put away for easy storage. The Total Gym XLS comes with some added extras, making this a very versatile product.

It comes with an ab crunch, wing attachment and a ribbed squat stand. However you can also buy a cycling type accessory, to be attached to this machine to work your cardio.

Overall, this is a useful and compact machine for anyone who wants to work out in their bedroom. It comes with a range of accessories, an exercise chart and meal planning guide, to help you on your fitness journey.


  • Pre-assembled - This machine comes pre-assembled, so you can start working out as soon as you open the box.
  • 80 exercises - You can work your entire body on this machine and complete over 80 different exercises. 
  • Compact - This machine is small and can be folded away, if you are limited on space.


  • Heavy - Some customers have said it can be folded away easily. Some customers have struggled to move the machine to store it away.


This home gym workout station is made from high duty and quality steel, while also having nylon coated aircraft cables. This machine comes with 15 pulleys, which all provide you with a smooth fluid motion. You can strengthen your arms, core, back and legs with one machine.

This home gym workout machine has resistance that goes up to 380 pounds and has 145 pound of stack weights included. There is also a wide grip, lat pull down attachment which has foam handles for easy grip.

Alongside a 4 roll leg developer. The bars are detachable and can be replaced with other lat accessories. This machine is all about you strengthening and toning your body, in just one piece of equipment.


  • Durable - Made from heavy duty steel, this machine will last you years.
  • Strengthens your body - This machine is all about strengthening your arms, back, core and legs, all in one machine. 
  • Detachable bars - There are detachable bars, which allows you to customize the machine to the exercises you want to do.
  • Professional - This piece of equipment is seen in gyms and fitness centers, but you can enjoy a professional piece of equipment in your own home.


  • Missing pieces - Some customers have noticed that some of their machines came with some pieces missing. Hence check everything has arrived when it is delivered. 


This full body workout machine really does work the whole body, from the shoulders and arms to the glutes and legs. Featuring Body Solid’s innovative Bi-Angular press arms, it generates 25% more muscle interaction, giving you a more intense exercise and better results throughout.

This home workout equipment is made with 11-gauge steel and a four-sided welded frame to ensure that it can withstand long and heavy use. Additionally, an electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects the machine from chipping and corrosion.

The standard comes with 210 lbs of weight stack, but is upgradable to 310 lbs for anyone looking to take their exercises to the next level.


  • Durable - Made from heavy duty steel, this machine will provide you years of worry-free use.
  • Warranty – It is backed by Body Solid’s In-Home Warranty that provides full coverage for every part of the equipment.



You might be surprised to see a rowing machine on this list, but bear with us. Rowing is a great cardio for beginners and seasoned gym-goers, and it allows you to perform a full body workout. With the fitness reality rower, you can work your legs, core and arms really easily. Thanks to the front stabilizing food pedals, you can perform upper body workouts on this piece of equipment, including front and side raises, extensions and curls. 

The rower works your legs and core. Now a lot of rowing machines can be really noisy, but not with the Fitness Reality rowing machine. Due to its nylon belt drive system, this rowing machine is incredibly quiet. This machine also has bluetooth so you can track your progress and time on any device.

However there is the standard large console that also shows you your distance, time, calories burned and strokes per minute. A rowing machine can be the ultimate full body workout. The fitness reality is a great choice, thanks to its super quiet system and its 14 level resistance.


  • Quiet - The drive system has been specially designed to reduce noise and be a lot quieter than other models.
  • Versatile - The two front pedals allow you to complete upper body and arm exercises. 
  • Easy to assemble - Customers praise this piece of equipment, saying that it was extremely easy to assemble and didn't take too long to do.


  • App - This rowing machine comes with an app that you can use on your phone to constantly track your progress. A lot of customers have had issues with this app and don’t recommend using it.


This single stack gym from Muscle D is a versatile and durable option for anyone looking to build strength and gain muscle mass at home. From seated rows to ab crunches, you can perform a wide variety of exercises with this simple but powerful machine.

This home gym machine includes a leg extension attachment to build the front thigh muscles, while the seated chest press allows you to work the upper body. The lat pulldown bar with adjustable length chain and the thigh hold down pads provide additional assistance in strengthening your back muscles.

This home gym equipment comes with 150 lbs of weight stack that will surely challenge your muscles. Plus, you can choose from 2 upholstery colors – red or black – whichever fits your style better!   


  • Assembly - This machine will save you from the hassle of setting it up as it ships fully assembled. 
  • Durable - Made by Muscle D, you can be sure that this machine is built to last. 


  • Weight Stack  - The standard comes only with 150lbs weight stack, which may not be enough for some. 


This machine provides a fun and unique way to work your whole body at home. It offers an innovative way to perform general cardio, strength and power building, and endurance and circuit training.  

At first glance, this machine can be intimidating. However, it is specially designed to ensure a comfortable, safe, and trouble-free use. It offers an effective resistance range from 45 to 300 lbs to accommodate people of different fitness levels.


  • Versatile - This tire machine offers a wide variety of exercises that target the whole body.
  • Noiseless- Exercises can be performed on this machine without noise.


  • Price - This machine has the highest price tag among this list. But, with the benefits it offers, it can be worth the investment. 


With Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, you can perform over 60 different exercises. The sliding seat allows you to perform leg presses and aerobic rowing. While also a lat and squat bar are included. This machine allows you to strength train and perform cardio, which is the best of both worlds really. 

Boxflex uses rod resistance and with this machine you can have 210 pounds of resistance. Yet you can upgrade this to 310 or 410 pounds of resistance. The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym provides you with a range of different cable and pulley positions so you can work on your body and perform a wide range of exercises.

Alongside this, the Bowflex Blaze can also be folded up and wheeled away for easy storage, if you are limited on space. There is so much you can do with this one piece of equipment, you may find that you don’t need anything else.


  • Upgradable resistance - The standard Blaze comes with 210 pounds of rod resistance. However, this can be upgraded to 310 pound or 410 pounds.
  • Foldable - This machine comes with wheels and can be folded to make it smaller. Thus making storage even easier.
  • Sliding seat - The sliding seat allows you to perform cardio exercises on this machine.


  • Assembly - Some customers have noted that the Blaze can take white a while to set up. So if you do buy this machine, be prepared to spend a couple of hours setting it up.


This functional trainer machine is a personal pulley that is perfect for home use. With the attachments that come with this machine and the different ranges of motion it offers, it really is an all-in-one workout machine. 

This machine is designed to allow a wide range of functional training exercises that bring maximum results every time. It comes with two 150-lb weight stacks that are upgradable to 200 lbs for those looking for more resistance.

The weight stacks are fully enclosed to ensure safety and reduce noise. Each column offers 28 height adjustment points, plus quick-release adaptors for smooth and easy adjustments.

For a functional Trainer, the Mi6 is compact in design, so it requires minimal space in your home gym. 


  • Upgradable resistance - The standard Mi6 comes with 150 pounds of resistance for each side, with an option to upgrade to 200 pounds.. 
  • Compact - This machine is compact and can easily fit into the corner.
  • Design - Slick design that will surely look good in any home gym. 


  • Portability - Although compact, this machine cannot be easily moved around.


The Weider Multi Gym is quite chunky compared to other machines on this list. However, the Weider machine offers you a lot for your money.

It comes with a 214 pounds in the weight stack and a pulley system which reaches a maximum resistance of 300 pounds on the leg developer pads. This may look quite chunky, but it comes with incredibly comfy pads that makes working out easy. 

This product will work all your muscles, including your arms, upper body and legs. There isn’t much that this machine can’t do for you. This machine is for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars but still wants great quality and performance. 


  • Durable - Made from thick steel, that will give you plenty of support and stability while working out.
  • Versatile - This machine is great for someone who wants to work on their arms, upper body and legs in particular. This machine will allow you to strengthen and tone all of those areas.
  • Small - This might be a chunky machine but it doesn't take up too much space. Thus making it ideal for someone who is limited on space.


  • Heavy - This is a heavy piece of equipment that isn’t easy to move around. 


This equipment is a great functional trainer machine for light commercial or home use. The unit features dual 160lb independent weight stacks that can be adjusted independently from each other to suit different users and exercises.

The arched bar for pull ups gives the user an easy way to work on their back muscles while maintaining proper form and posture, while the molded nylon handles provide comfort while using the unit.

This machine is built with 35 pulley height positions to accommodate users of all heights, allowing them flexibility when working out at home.


  • Attachments - It comes with a cable attachment package that includes a long bar, short bar, tricep rope and ankle strap for more exercise varieties.
  • Adjustable - This machine can easily be adjusted to accommodate different heights and sizes. 


  • Size - This equipment may take up a lot of space in your home gym. 


With the XMark Cable Machine Functional Trainer is an incredibly versatile machine, as your training possibilities are unlimited. This trainer comes with an adjustable bench with dual 200 pound weight stacks.

There are two D handle pullets that have 19 settings. Also, it comes with hand straps, leg strap, pull up bar, tricep ropes, short bar and a long bar. You can choose whether to work on a certain muscle or one side or work the entire body. This piece of equipment is great for the whole family, as it can be adjusted for anyone of any height. 

This trainer has been made with 11 gauge steel. Therefore you can be assured that this product has been made from strong steel that won’t break and survive whatever you throw at it. The padding on this product is sweat and tear proof. Finally there are wheels if you do need to move this machine, but we suggested that you won’t be moving this machine once it is set up. 


  • Versatile - This machine will work every muscle in your body effectively. You have a large range of bars and ropes to use. Pretty much every exercise you can think of, can be achieved on this machine.
  • Durable - Made from 11 gauge steel, with sweat and tear proof padding. This is a strong piece of equipment that will last you years.
  • Adjustable - No matter your height or size you can use this machine. It is a great piece of equipment for the whole family or for an individual.


  • Large and heavy - This is a big piece of equipment and will take up a lot of space. As it is so big, that means it is also quite heavy. It does come with wheels but really once you have set it up, you aren’t likely going to be moving it around. 

Best Full Body Workout Machines For Home Buying Guide

A full body workout machine is one piece of equipment that can work your entire body. A lot of the machines we have recommended might not include cardio. It can be difficult to find a wide range of full body workout machines that include cardio. However, we have done our best to try and give you a wide range in our list. 

There are a lot of different styles of home gyms and depending on your style might affect what kind of equipment that you buy. A full body workout machine is ideal for family home gyms, as they are normally quite adjustable so everyone in the family can use it. On the other hand, it may be for personal use but the adjustability allows you to personalize the machine to your needs.

What kind of machine you buy depends on many factors. The main factor is what your goals are and what you want to achieve. However, another thing that you will also be considering is how much space you have. Below we have given you some advice on what you need to consider when purchasing a full body workout machine.


A crucial factor is space. Always measure the space that you have. If you don’t then you may end up with a piece of equipment that is too big for the space that you have. If you are limited on space, then it is worth looking at options that are foldable with wheels.

Then you can workout in whatever space you have, but once you are done,  fold and store it away to give you that space back. Space and budget are two things that will determine what kind of machine you can buy.


Full body workout machines can be pricey, but there are some more pricier than others. There are expensive options but there are also some more budget ready options. However, it is worth noting that buying a piece of equipment that works your entire body is massively cheaper than buying individual pieces of equipment. 

Your budget will affect what brands you can go for. However there are a range of options and some cheaper options are a lot more effective and reliable than some pricier options. Like space, your budget will affect what machines you can and can’t buy. However this doesn’t limit you. 

What are your goals

As mentioned above, your goals can affect what kind of full body machine you should buy. If you want to tone and strengthen your body, then you may require a different machine compared to someone who wants to burn fat. A lot of the machines that we have mentioned are extremely versatile and will help everyone achieve their goals.

This also goes back to if you want your machine to have any cardio elements. While a lot of full body machines might not include a cardio feature, some do. Therefore, if your goal is to burn fat, you will need a cardio feature on your full body machine. You should know what your goals are while you are researching. 


Following on from what your goals are. Having a versatile machine is so important, as it will help you achieve your goals. While also, you can perform a wider range of exercises, which then makes working out enjoyable. No one wants to do the same exercises again and again. Hence having a machine that allows you to perform a range of exercises is more beneficial. 

Alongside that, a more versatile product also gives you more options to train other parts of your body. Hence let’s say you have achieved your goal to burn fat, but now you want to tone your arms, you’ll want your machine to be able to do that for you.

Having a versatile machine makes your life easier, as it will have everything you need. Also having a versatile machine means that you don’t have to buy any extra equipment, which then saves you money and space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many exercises do you need to do for a full body workout?

When it comes to a full body workout, for a beginner you should try working out 2 to 3 times a week. If you are a bit more advanced then you should try working out 3 to 4 days a week. This is so you can have a day to recover between each session.

However it is up to you how much you train. It does depend on what your goals are, but you should try not to over do it. Recovery is just as important as working out. As your body needs time to recover from what it has been put through.

For a full body workout, within each session, you should try to choose one exercise for each muscle group. This includes your core, chest, back, legs and shoulders. You should try to do three sets of ten to twelve reps. However you can work up to this, you may start with one set and gradually increase the sets as you continue to work out. 

For example for one session you may train legs and in the next session you work on your shoulders. It's all about giving each muscle group their own attention and session.

What is the best type of flooring for a home gym?

The flooring that you use for exercises and where you will put your full body workout machine, should be something that will reduce slipping. You want the flooring to not be affected by the heavy equipment that you will be using. While also it should give you enough friction while you are working out. You don't want to be working out and your foot slipping because the flooring isn't suitable.

Materials of suitable flooring include foam or wood. Both give great friction and are very durable. They both are less likely to get damaged while you are working out, making them very reliable materials to use as home gym flooring. 

What exercise machine will burn the most belly fat?

Rowing machines are a perfect choice. They are a full body workout, as they work your arms, core and legs. They help burn off belly fat really effectively and help you build muscle. While also vertical climbers are another option as they use your entire body. You will burn belly fat and tone your muscles alongside. 

What equipment do I need for a full body workout?

Anyone can do a full body workout at home, all you need is weights of various sizes. You can target all your muscles using weights. However this is why a full body workout machine is ideal. You’ll have all the weights that you need for a professional standard.

Also you get more resistance from a full body machine. Alongside that after a while you will want to go up in weight as you continue to train. At some point you will run out of weights and need to buy more. Therego this is where again a full body machine comes in handy, as it already has all the weights and resistance you need. While also allowing you to work out safely 


A full body workout machine is great for anyone with a home gym set up. You’ll find that this will end up becoming your main piece of equipment that you use and really you don’t need to do anything else. Depending on what your goals are can affect what type of machine you end up buying. However there is plenty of choice.

The two most important things to remember is your space and budget, as this will affect your decision massively. Yet ideally what you want from a full body workout machine is something that is versatile and will help you achieve your dream body. In this article, we have given you the 9 best full body workout machines that you can buy for your own home.

We have also given you some ideas on things you need to look out for and consider when purchasing these types of equipment. However, now that you know what is out there, it's time to start working on those fitness goals and buying your dream gym set up.

Kevin Harris