11 Best Pulley Systems for Your Home Gym

If you are the type of person who likes to workout at home, there is nothing better than having the equipment available to you. A home gym is a great way to stay in shape no matter what the time of day. For some it can even be a necessity if working from home and wanting to do a quick work out during a lunch break.

The 11 best home gym pulley systems

One key item is the at home gym pulley system, but one look online and you may just feel overwhelmed by all of the options and the fact they all look the same. However, fear not, we have put together a handy guide that will help you to narrow it down to exactly what to look for.

So, sit back and let us do all the hard work so you do not have to!


SERTT Weight Cable Pulley System


RENRANRING Gym Pulley System


Antelife Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System


SERTT Weight Cable Pulley System

When it comes to good value for money, this one stands proud. Not only does it have one pulley, but two. With a maximum weight of around 320lbs, it can take quite a hefty weight. In fact, it is the most we have found, so it is not only good value for money but also perfect for intense and strong exercise.

It is also very highly rated due to its versatility and its 120 day money back guarantee which is sure to give you peace of mind if it is not what you hoped it would be.

If you are a bit of a novice when it comes to this stuff, there are likely to be better options out there. There are a lot of accessories and building of the pulley system to do, and it may come across as rather overwhelming, though this should not put you off.


  • Great value – has more included, like two pulleys and lots of gym accessories
  • Durable – is great for intense exercise
  • Highly rated – a popular item with great feedback
  • Money back guarantee – peace of mind if you want to return it


  • Better options for a novice – perhaps too much stuff for a beginner


RENRANRING Gym Pulley System

When you are working out in the gym at home, you will want to find items that are not fiddly to put together. The RENRANRING gym pulley has been highly rated for its simpleness of building the pulley. The last thing you want to do is to open the box and have to look through a 72 page manual to put it together.

Because it is so easy to construct, and due to the simpleness of the product itself, it is absolutely perfect for the beginner. It is also great for those who have had previous experience of an at home pulley system too, but would like it to be less fiddly.

Extra clips and cables are in the kit too which is always handy to have if you need them, or if something breaks – which it should not!

The kit also supports Olympic weights, and includes an adapter exactly for this purpose. This is obviously great if they are the only weights you have. No need to buy some new weights!

However, it is a rather expensive kit but also is very good value for money. With its easy assembly and extra accessories, it is a kit that will be used for a fair number of years, so you do the math.


  • Great for the beginner – simple to put together
  • Extra clips and accessories – for better safety and weight amount
  • Supports Olympic home weights – includes an adapter for this purpose


  • Expensive – there are cheaper options but this is worth the price considering the quality and what you get


Antelife Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

If you want something that works as a lift and a pulley, the Antelife is a good option. Not only does it support weights, but it also has a tricep rope, an easy to rotate pulldown bar, plus two ways to do heavy duty exercises.

The cable attachments allow for different ways to adapt to your personal workout routine, making this a great versatile kit for everyone. It is also really easy to assemble and they include a 24 hour contact via email for any questions you may need to ask after purchasing.

You may need to buy extra, however, like a weight cage. This is because if you hang it on the ceiling, it will limit the functions of the product. This is quite standard, however, as a lot of the products that include weights will need something extra rather than just hanging it from the wall.


  • Versatile – easy to go from pull to lift
  • Easy to assemble – make more time for exercising!
  • 24 hour contact – any questions about the product will be answered
  • Tricep rope – more than just weights


  • Need to buy extras – a weight cage is needed to hang it from


Mikolo Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

The Mikolo pulley system is an easy choice to make. With its break proof ball design, you will have peace of mind knowing that it will not fall apart mid-use. Also, it is so versatile because of its many uses and ease to change from one exercise to another.

Even though it does have a bigger cable length than you would normally find, this may not suit everyone, especially if you are on the shorter side. Even so, it can be changed if need be, though this is done using a bit of DIY rather than being able to actually change the cable length because it is adjustable.

It does also have the ability to use Olympic weights, however, it is an adaptor (which is included) though it is made of foam. You might want to purchase something more stable from elsewhere. Because of this, it can feel a bit cheaper. Nevertheless, it does the job and will be a great addition to any home gym.


  • Professional additions – a break proof ball design that protects it as you use it
  • Versatile – detachable handles and two different exercise modes
  • Bigger cable length – offers greater versatility depending on needs
  • Supports Olympic weights – no need to purchase an add-on


  • Olympic weight adapter – comes with it but is made of foam
  • Cheaper feeling – does not have a premium feel, but does the job


Aboron Pulley Cable Gym

Highly rated as easy and quick to set up, the Aboron pulley system is perfect for those who want no fuss or who are new to setting up their system at home. Infact, you can attach it to the ceiling – just watch how much weight the ceiling can take. With this in mind, add weight gradually!

Because of this, it is a space saver and will not take up too much room if you plan to use it somewhere like an apartment. However, it can also be added onto a weight rack.

It includes two weight pulleys for versatility, and if you want to you can buy more to add exercises. Who needs the gym when you have something like this at home?

The maximum weight is only 220 pounds, so if you would like to go higher, this will not do the job. For most people, 220 pounds will be enough anyway.


  • Great starter kit – a pulley system perfect for beginners or those who want something simple
  • Space saver – does not take up much room so great for a small apartment
  • Okay to use on the ceiling – just watch the weight!
  • Includes two pulleys – great for versatile exercise


  • 220 pounds maximum – not the heaviest weight load


KMM Pulley System Gym

Because there are many pulley systems out there, it can be nice to find something simple that just does the job. The KMM is easy to set up, with some saying it took as little as 5 minutes to get from taking it out the box to using it.

The silent cable gives you ease of mind that not everybody can hear it moving whilst you exercise, but also its upgraded construction (compared to its older models) means it is stronger, using material like steel for the loading pin. At least you know it will not fall apart as you are using it!

The maximum weight is up to 240 lbs which is a decent weight for most people. The higher you go, it will also be better to attach it to some form of rack. The last thing you want is to damage the ceiling.

Speaking of ceiling, the only way to attach it is to use a rack or put a hook eye into the ceiling to attach it from. So, it is easily worked around, and you may find that most of the at home gym pulley systems are similar.

If you are looking for something a bit more versatile however, this is not it. It may state you can pull up, but due to the way it is attached it is much harder to do for some. Give it a try though, because it is a good set up for those who want something quickly.


  • Silent cable pulley – so will not irritate those you live with every time you decide to use it
  • Upgraded construction – steel material loading pin makes it stronger
  • Maximum weight – 240 lbs is the highest weight you will be able to use


  • Pulley is not easy to attach – if you do not have a rack, you may find it difficult to know where to attach the pulley to
  • Not easy to pull up – it is not as versatile as you may need


Nubical 4 in 1 Cable Pulley System

The Nubical is a great option if you are looking for versatility. Not only does it have 4 detachable handles to offer a range of different things to do, it also has 10 exercise options making it even easier to focus on different areas of the body. If you are looking to use two cables however, this is not possible. If you did want to do this, you may have to buy another pulley. You should not need to do this however, so it should not be a problem.

The cables are also adjustable meaning you do not have to try and tie it to shorten it, or something crazy and time-consuming like that. With different heights to adjust it to, you will find something to suit you so exercising is comfortable.

It is also portable due to its small packaging. This is a handy option for those who still want to exercise whilst they are away from home. Plus, with an at home pulley system like this, it will prove extremely useful if you cannot (or do not want to) go to the gym.


  • 4 detachable handles – makes it a very versatile pulley system
  • 10 exercise functions – meaning you have many options when it comes to choosing what exercise you want to do and what part of the body to focus on
  • Adjustable cables – you can change the height of the cable so it is more comfortable to use
  • Portable – the smaller packaging means you can take it with you wherever you go


  • Cannot use two cables – to use two, you will need to buy another pulley or remove the clamps


Kalkal Cable Pulley

The Kalkal is a good choice if you have tried a home pulley before and found that it shook as you used it. Yes, that can be quite the problem when you are using something less sturdy, but the Kalkal has a built-in anti-shake mechanism that helps to stop it from swaying so much. In doing so, it creates a smoother pull and easier workout.

It also includes a 360 turn silent pulley for ease and a quieter workout. So not only does it limit its shake, but it also has the ability to stay silent, which are two key areas of a pulley system!

The maximum weight is 240 lbs, and it can carry both Olympic and standard weights, so it does offer that versatility. You will need to buy weight plates separately, though you will find this with most, if not all at home pulley systems.

It is best attached to a rack, though as usual for home pulley systems, you can attach it via bar or a hook eye. It may be worth investing in a squat rack or something similar if you plan to use it long term.


  • Multi-use weights – can fit both olympic and standard weights in
  • 240 lbs – maximum weight is great for most people
  • 360 turn silent pulley – perfect for quiet workouts and smoothness
  • Anti-shake – built in mechanisms stop the cable from shaking during training


  • Need to buy weight plates separately – does not come with weight plates included
  • Attached to a rack – not suitable for attachment elsewhere


Kovebble Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

If you want something uber budget friendly, then the Kovebble is the one. It is incredibly inexpensive making it very suitable for those on a tighter budget or who want to step into the world of the home gym but do not want to spend too much money.

Also, this particular pulley is aimed at the whole family, with two different sized options included for the handles to suit bigger and smaller hands. You are also able to workout the legs due to foot straps being included. You could say it is an all rounder!

It will handle a weight of up to 280 lbs which is pretty great for a budget pulley system. Even so, it does not have the best quality feeling, though this is comparing it to much more expensive systems. This should not put you off, as it is a decent entry level at home gym pulley system.

Although it is aimed at the family, the cable is one size meaning you will have to change it manually. It can be done however, but you may need to research to find out how!


  • Budget friendly – inexpensive which could be good for those on a tight budget or wanting to start out exercising from home
  • 280 lbs – higher than most, the maximum weight that can be used is 280 lbs
  • Suitable for everyone – has different sized handles so smaller and bigger hands can use it
  • Removable handles – allows you to change to different accessories
  • Foot straps included – has handles for the feet so you can work the legs


  • Cable is one length – not great if you require a different height
  • Not the best quality – but due to it being budget friendly you would not expect that


BZK 3 in 1 Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

The BZK is a 3 in 1 pulley system that allows for 8 exercise methods using 3 detachable handles making this a standard, but very versatile, pulley system. You do not really need more than this, but it all just depends on what your main goals are when it comes to fitness.

It will carry a weight of 280 lbs which is rather impressive, but the pulley does make a slight noise when used, and can sway a bit. This is quite common with a lot of pulley systems, so it is not a cause for concern. You can buy pulley systems with an anti-shake mechanism in place to deter the sway, but it is not always necessary. Ultimately it will depend on how smooth you want the pull or lift, and whether it bothers you.

There are two fixed sized cable ropes which is great if there is more than one person using it, or you need a particular size to feel comfortable using it.

Overall it is a great option that offers versatility and a high number of weight.


  • 3 detachable handles and 8 exercise methods – versatile with focuses on different parts of the body
  • Two fixed sized cable ropes – even though not adjustable, still accommodating for two different heights
  • 280 lbs – the maximum weight it can carry is higher than a lot of other at home gym pulleys


  • Slight sway – not as stable when using it during exercise
  • Slight noise – not a silent pulley system


Riiai Wall Heavy Pulley System

This is the ultimate when it comes to an at home pulley system. Why? If you are looking for something that offers something permanent, as in you cannot move it without getting the electric drill out, then this is it. It comes with a durable stainless steel rack which you attach to the wall in two parts. This means better exercise capabilities and a sturdier pulley, just like the one in the gym.

Due to these functions it is more expensive, but it will help you to feel like you are at a gym without being at the gym. However, because it cannot be moved it does offer limitations when you might want to store it away or use it elsewhere.

The cable length can be adjusted which is always handy because of different heights – you do not want to exercise with something too long or something too short. Also, it can be used with standard and Olympic weight plates.


  • Double attachment – attached twice at the wall to allow different movements. Also makes it sturdier
  • Adjustable cable – great if you need to adjust the height to use it more comfortably
  • Fits standard and Olympic weight plates – so either or, it is up to you!


  • Fixed – has its limitations because cannot be moved or stored away
  • Expensive – but is closer to the gym experience

Best Home Gym Pulley Systems Buying Guide

Here are a few key areas to look for when investing in a home gym pulley system to help make that decision even clearer.


When it comes to the weight, it is important to know how much weight the pulley can withstand. If you want to go up to 280lbs for example, you need to make sure it will not break. If you are not planning to go that far, and perhaps will never attempt it, then you will not need to buy a pulley system that goes so high. Only buy one that suits the needs you are after.

If you do find yourself wanting to go higher up the weight scale, invest in one that will allow you to do this in the future. That being said, always make sure you know exactly how much weight it can handle before you make it handle too much, therefore breaking it in the process.


Finding one that will not break under the first moment of weight stress should be a number one priority. Most, if not all, should withstand quite a lot of weight. It is meant to replicate what you would have at the gym, so the one you buy at home needs to be able to keep up with some pretty intense exercise.

Most will last a long time if you look after it properly, so keep in mind that sometimes it is about how it is cared for and how it is used that can make a product degrade quicker. If you do not take advantage of the weight it can – or perhaps cannot – handle, then it should last for a long time.


A lot of the at home pulley systems come with extra accessories which means that it has more things for you to do, or ways for you to workout. This can be useful if you want that little bit more from your kit and money.

Even though it is not a necessity, it can be handy to have extra equipment or ways to exercise different parts of the body using the same kit. This is extremely helpful if you have a small apartment and can only fit in a small home gym.

Good Value

Along with the fact that they sometimes have extra accessories included, this can also mean they are good value for money. If the price is inexpensive and includes extra items, then who is complaining? We are certainly not!

However, even so, sometimes cheap can be too cheap, so keep in mind that just because something has a multitude of extra items does not necessarily mean it is good value for money – only if the extra stuff is useful and good quality.

Cable Size

When it comes to the cable size, make sure it will suit your height. Some are fixed, so you may need to find a way to change this if need be. Otherise, you can get adjustable cable lengths or more than one per kit. It is not the end of the world if it is too long, you just have to work with it!

Weight Plates

Pulley systems will not include weight plates, so you will need to buy these separately. If you already workout at home you might actually have these available, otherwise you will have to purchase some. Keep this mind if you are trying to stick to a budget because buying weight plates will add on an expense.

Money Back Guarantee

Although not always important, having the option to return something over a long period of time to make sure it works fine does give you peace of mind.

With something like at home gym equipment, it gives you a way to try something and if it does not work or feels too cheap (it cannot withstand a weight it said it could), then you have the option of returning it and finding something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home pulley systems worth it?

Absolutely yes! It is a valuable piece of equipment if you are looking to get a good workout in the comfort of your own home. They may look difficult to set up, but in fact they are not. You can attach it to a power cage or rack, a pull-up bar or a hook on the ceiling. If it is stable, you can attach it to it.

What exercises can you do with a pulley system?

When it comes to a pulley system there are so many different ways to exercise. A few are: cable crossover, standing bicep curl, abdominal cable crunches, cable flyes, wide-grip lat pulldowns, triceps pushdown, etc. The list is endless!

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