Roman Chair Sit-Ups

Roman Chair Situps

If you are interested in developing a six-pack stomach, Roman Chair Sit-ups are an excellent exercise to add to your daily routine. These exercises are beneficial for the entire abdominal area without overtraining any other muscle group. 

Roman Chair Sit-ups

In Roman chair sit-ups, the entire rectus abdominis muscle wall is exercised, with the upper half being engaged more than the lower. If you do them twisting to both sides, Roman chair sit-ups may put a lot of pressure on the intercostals and somewhat less on the obliques at your lower waist.  This will add some variation for you.

Starting Position

The starting position for Roman Chair sit-ups is to hook your toes beneath the restraint bar down near the floor, sitting on a Roman chair seat. Throughout your set, keep your arms crossed over your chest.

Execution of Roman Chair Sit-ups


Bend your torso backward until it is roughly 6-8 inches above a position parallel to the floor by bending only at the hips. Then, rock forward and release the tension in your abdominal muscles at the top of the movement. Then lower your torso and return to 6-8 inches above the gym floor. Continue to rock up and down until you complete the set. 2-3 sets of 20-30 reps is a good range to be in.

Essential Tips

When performing Roman chair sit-ups, make sure to do the movement slowly and deliberately; momentum should be avoided at all costs. You may twist from side to side while doing your Roman chair sit-ups, which engages the muscles on the sides of your waist more thoroughly.


You might also try using a thick block of wood (4X4-inch and 6X6-inch pieces are ideal) to support the front end of the Roman chair, which will increase the stress on your abdominal muscles when you perform this exercise.


An alternative way to provide resistance to Roman chair sit-ups is to position the equipment so that you are facing away from a floor pulley and pass a rolled-up towel through a loop handle connected to the cable’s end. Settle onto the seat with one end of the towel draped over each shoulder and grasp an end in each hand while performing the exercise.

Kevin Harris