No Cow Protein Bar Review

No Cow Protein Bar Review

There are two main types of protein bars: those containing dairy proteins (such as milk or yogurt) and those without.

No Cow is a company that has created protein bars that don’t contain animal-based ingredients. They are usually made from plant sources such as soy, pea, rice, hemp, flaxseed, chia seeds, etc.

Both types of protein bars provide high-quality protein, the ones without dairy mean that vegans and vegetarians can enjoy them too! 

What Is The No Cow Protein Bar? 

The No Cow Protein Bars are made with only plant-based ingredients. These include nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and other healthy foods.

This means you get all the benefits of eating whole food while enjoying the taste of a delicious snack!

These protein bars can be found in many flavors including carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate chip, blueberry cobbler, and more.

These protein bars are also gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher certified.

About No Cow 

No cow was founded by Daniel Katz in 2015 after he was fueled by a passion to create a dairy-free alternative to protein bars.

He was very into his fitness throughout his teens, but regular protein bars would give him stomach issues. 

He then created his own dairy-free version, naming it 'no cow', and now the company has grown tremendously, providing customers with other types of protein such as protein powders, as well as their bars.

No Cow is now known as a food tech company that specializes in plant-based products and uses science-based technology as its guide. 

Their aim is to provide consumers with sustainable alternatives to protein supplements that don't use any animal products.

Flavor Ingredients

Each flavor has its own unique blend of ingredients. Some have sweeteners like agave nectar, maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, or honey. Others use stevia instead.

You will find them sweetened naturally with fruit juice concentrates, which makes them very satisfying.

Many of the flavors are baked into the bars themselves, so you won’t need any additional sweetener.

However, if you want something extra special, you can always add your favorite type of syrup or honey to these bars. 

How Do No Cow Bars Taste?

They are tasty and easy to eat. There are plenty of options available, so you won't feel limited when choosing what kind of flavor you prefer.

They are extremely filling and satisfy hunger quickly. Many people who enjoy this type of bar report feeling full and satisfied after eating one. 

They are packed with fiber and nutrients. Each piece contains around 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of dietary fiber, and 2 grams of fat. That’s enough protein to help build muscle and keep you satisfied throughout the day.

They are also great for aiding in any weight loss goals. A study published in Nutrition Journal suggests that consuming a daily dose of 25g of protein may help reduce appetite and increase feelings of satiety.

Like most protein bars, they can have a slightly heavy and chalky texture, but the nutritional benefits make it worth it. 

No Cow Bars Reviewed 

There are an array of different flavors available when it comes to these vegan protein bars. This article is going to go into a few of them and describe their flavor, texture, and ingredients.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavored bar carries a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate all in one, without any animal products! 

This bar features little cacao nibs as its chocolate chips, which have a lovely crunchy contrast to the texture of the rest of the bar.

There are sweeteners in this bar, but they aren't overpowering as they can be in other protein bars. 

Blueberry Cobbler

The Blueberry Cobbler flavored bar is made from real blueberries, along with oats and flaxseed meal. It's a healthy option that tastes amazing. The blueberries give it a nice tart taste, while the oats provide a soft, chewy texture. 

It has a light sweetness that goes well with the tartness of the berries. It's a perfect snack that's both nutritious and delicious. 

Carrot Cake Now Cow Bar 

The carrot cake variety of this protein bar contains stevia, monk fruit, and rice and pea protein. Protein chips have been included to provide you with a crunch, and cinnamon flavors are included, giving off a deliciously sweet taste.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

The Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavored bar has a rich fudge-like taste thanks to the addition of coconut oil and dark chocolate. It's also got some added protein chips to ensure it stays firm and doesn't melt away too fast.

Mint Cacao Chip

The Mint Cacao Chip flavored bar is packed with a mint flavor and cacao nibs. They're combined with oat flour and ground almonds to create a smooth and creamy consistency.

You'll find that the mint adds a freshness to the bar, without overpowering the cacao flavor. 

Lemon Meringue Pie

This bar would be perfect for those who enjoy zesty citrus flavors. There is a refreshing lemon flavor that is balanced out with a sweet, comforting aftertaste. They have also thrown in the pea protein chips here for some added crunch and texture! 

Raspberry Truffle No Cow Bar 

The Raspberry Truffle No Cow Bar is a decadent treat that includes raspberry jam, almond milk powder, and rice protein. These three ingredients create a smooth, creamy consistency that makes it easy to consume.

You get about 15 grams of protein per serving, so there's plenty of nutrition to go around. 

Chunky Peanut Butter No Cow Bar 

The Chunky Peanut Butter No cow bar is another delicious option that combines peanut butter and chocolate into one tasty bar. It's got a thick, chunky texture that provides a satisfying bite.

A handful of peanuts are added to this bar, creating a satisfying crunch and nutty flavor. Rice protein provides a hearty texture, and the peanut butter gives it a savory note.

These bars are high in protein, low in carbs, and gluten-free, making them a good choice for anyone looking for something tasty and nutritious. 

The Facts On No Cow Bars

No Cow Bars are great because they contain no animal products whatsoever. That means they're completely free of cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fats. They're also packed full of antioxidants and fiber. 

They're also very affordable, costing around $2.50 for each 2.12-ounce bar. You can find these bars at most health food stores, or online. 

As you already know, there are an array of flavors to choose from, meaning you are bound to find something that suits your needs. 

Each bar is completely dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian.

No Cow Protein Bar Pros

There are several benefits to these protein bars. They are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making them a great addition to your dietary requirements. 

Their dairy-free and gluten-free makeup make them a great option for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, or those who are intolerant to gluten. 

They are also made with natural ingredients and free of any artificial additives, making them one of the healthier options when it comes to protein bars. 

No Cow Protein Bar Cons

Unfortunately, these protein bars aren't available everywhere. If you want to buy them online, you'll need to do some research first.

It may take a little extra time to find them if you don't live near a store that sells them.

However, once you've found them, you won't regret buying them. They are delicious, healthy, and will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Another downside is that some consumers have stated that their texture is unappealing, as well as some of their flavors.

While this could be due to the fact that the ingredients are all-natural and there aren't any artificial additives, it is also down to personal preference. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, we highly recommend trying out the No Cow Protein Bars if you want to add more protein into your diet without having to eat any animal-based products.

The variety available means you'll never run out of choices, and they are incredibly affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Protein Bars?

High-fiber protein bars are a great way to fill you up when you're low on time.

Their protein content helps your muscles recover after a workout, and their high-calorie content makes them a great snack if you are looking to gain some weight. 

What Are The Best No Cow Protein Bars?

Out of all the bars, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Chunky Peanut Butter bars are the most popular.

What Are The Reviews Of No Cow?

The No Cow review is overwhelmingly positive, with over 75% of customers giving 4 or 5 stars to the product.

What Are The Ingredients Of No Cow Bars?

Ingredients: protein blend (brown rice protein, pea protein), isomalto-oligosaccharides, peanut butter (peanuts, salt, palm oil**), glycerine, cocoa nibs, palm oil**, cocoa butter, peanut flour, natural flavor, water, salt, erythritol, almonds, monk fruit, stevia extract.

Does Each Bar Have The Same Nutrition Benefits?

No Cow bars provide very similar macros and nutrition, no matter which flavor you choose.

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