Muscletech Creatine Review

One of the most well-known available today is Muscletech Creatine, but if you've never taken one of these products before, you may not know why this particular supplement is better than another – there's just so many to choose from!

Luckily for you, we've done the hard work. We've tried and tested this product and answered all the important questions, along with our personal take on it. 

So, before you go out and buy this one – read our review!

What Is Muscletech Creatine?

The Muscletech Creatine is an advanced creatine monohydrate supplement that was developed by a company called Muscletech. It contains a number of ingredients, some of which are:

Creatine Monohydrate

This ingredient is a form of creatine that has been proven to be effective in increasing muscle mass and strength.

The reason this is significant is that when your muscles grow stronger, they're able to do more work, which means that you burn more calories throughout the day.

Beta Alanine

This is an amino acid that increases endurance during exercise. This is particularly useful when you want to increase your stamina or improve your performance at the gym.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-carnitine fumarate is an organic compound found naturally in foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy and vegetables. It's also used in supplements like Muscletech Creatine.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B6 is essential for the production of energy within cells. It's also helpful in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Why Should I Buy MuscleTech Creatine?

Muscletech Creatine Review

There are several reasons why you might want to consider taking Muscletech Creatine. Some of them include:

It's Easy To Use

If you're looking for something simple to use, then Muscletech Creatine could be perfect for you.

You simply add a scoop into water (or milk) and drink it. There's no mixing required and no complicated instructions to follow.

You Can Buy In Bulk

If you're interested in buying bulk amounts of Muscletech Creatine, then you'll find that it's very affordable.

A single serving costs less than you may think when you assess the price through a bulk purchase, so you won't have to spend too much money to get started.

It Contains No Artificial Ingredients

Unlike other products on the market, Muscletech Creatine doesn't contain any artificial additives or fillers.

Instead, it's made using natural ingredients only. As a result, you don't have to worry about consuming anything harmful.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Muscletech Creatine?

When you look at the benefits of Muscletech Creatine compared to others, you'll see that it offers a lot.

Here are some of the main ones:

Increased Strength & Endurance

As mentioned earlier, this product contains beta alanine and L-carnitine.

These two compounds help to boost your endurance during workouts, making sure that you can perform longer without getting tired.

Improved Recovery Time

Another benefit of this product is that it helps to speed up recovery time after training sessions.

When you take it regularly, you should notice that your muscles feel fresh and ready to train again sooner than usual.

Better Results At Workouts

One of the best things about this product is that it makes it easier to achieve better results at the gym.

If you're not familiar with how to properly prepare yourself before exercising, then you may struggle to reach your goals.

However, when you take Muscletech Creatine, you'll be able to make the most out of every workout session.

How Does Muscletech Creatine Work?

How Does Muscletech Creatine Work?

The way that Muscletech Creatine works is by helping to build lean muscle mass.

This process begins when you consume the supplement. Once ingested, it's absorbed by the body and enters the bloodstream where it travels to different parts of the body.

Once there, it gets stored in the muscles, which means that they will grow bigger and stronger.

While it's been proven to work effectively, it's important to remember that you shouldn't expect miracles overnight.

However, over time, you should start noticing improvements as your muscles begin to develop more strength.

What Did We Think About Muscletech Creatine?

When we tested Muscletech creatine, we thought that it was an effective product.

Although it didn't offer us any significant changes immediately, we did notice that our energy levels were higher throughout the day.

We also noticed that our focus improved while taking it. Overall, we found that it worked well for us, and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their performance.

In terms of its smell, texture and taste, Muscletech Creatine is similar to many other protein powders.

It's like a chalky powder with no taste and very little smell. This is great because it mixes into liquids without affecting the overall taste.

Is It Safe To Take?

As long as you make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage guidelines, then you shouldn't experience any problems while taking Muscletech Creatine powder.

However, if you're concerned about side effects, then you should speak to your doctor first.

Who Should Take Muscletech Creatine?

While this product is designed to be taken by all individuals, it's especially beneficial for those who want to increase their muscle mass.

However, if you have a medical condition such as kidney disease or heart failure, then you should avoid using it. Vegans and vegetarians should avoid this product though as it may contain animal products.

If you're looking to gain weight, then you should consider taking this product along with a healthy diet and exercise.

When To Take Muscletech Creatine

You can take this supplement on an empty stomach or within 30 minutes of having breakfast. However, if you eat right before you take it, then you won't see any benefits from it.

This product has been clinically shown to work effectively, but it doesn't guarantee results. You should only use it if you're willing to put in some effort.

If you're wondering whether you should take this before or after a workout, the answer is both.

When taken before a workout, it helps to boost your energy level so that you can perform better during training.

However, it also provides nutrients to help repair damaged tissue and promote muscle growth. In addition, it can help you burn fat faster for longer, post-workout. 

How Often To Take Muscletech Creatine

The recommended dose is one scoop (30 grams) per day. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, then you should take half of that amount.

For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, then you should consume 60 grams of this product each day.

It's important to note that you need to drink plenty of water when taking this product. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will ensure that you get enough hydration.

How To Use Muscletech Creatine 

Mix two scoops of Muscletech Creatine powder with six ounces of cold water. Consume this mixture within 15 minutes of waking up.

Make sure that you don't mix more than three servings of this product together as it could cause nausea.

What Workouts To Perform Using Muscletech Creatine

To maximize the effectiveness of this product, you should combine it with a high-intensity workout routine. For example, you can do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, dips, planks, etc.

These exercises are effective because they require a lot of energy which makes you feel exhausted.

They also provide good cardiovascular workouts which help to reduce stress levels, and they are ideal since they help build strength and endurance.

However, you can use this powder to help you with your strength training routines even without doing cardio.

You just need to make sure that you keep yourself well-hydrated while performing these exercises.

Is Creatine Good For You?

Yes, creatine is good for you. It's safe and natural. It contains no harmful chemicals and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

In fact, it's considered a dietary supplement by the FDA. This means that it's safe to use and there is no risk associated with consuming it.

So long as you are mindful of how to use creatine correctly, it's proven to be very effective in helping people lose weight and build muscles. There have been many studies conducted regarding its effects on the human body.

Where To Buy Muscletech Creatine

You can buy it here , or you can visit any national gym or health store which may have it in stock. It may be better to buy the product in bulk, so look around for deals if you decide to do this. 


Muscletech Creatine is worth buying as this product works great. However, it isn't guaranteed to help you reach your specific personal goals.

Therefore, you shouldn't expect instant results from it. Instead, it should help you achieve manageable and realistic workout goals over time.

Kevin Harris