How To Train For Powerlifting

Lifting heavy weights may seem like an activity for the gym, but you can take your passion to competition if you feel it is something you want to continue to a high standard. Powerlifting focuses solely on the weight you are able to lift, and in a competitive environment, the heavier the better.

How To Train For Powerlifting

There are few sports that focus entirely on your strength, but powerlifting is one of the few that encourages strength and progress for lifting heavier weights. 

Other sports build strength that isn’t noticeable, but if you want to become physically stronger and your body shows it, powerlifting will allow you to achieve your goals. 

You may be wondering, how do you properly train for powerlifting without causing yourself injury or stress? All of your powerlifting questions will be answered so you can begin to decide whether powerlifting is for you. 

What Is Powerlifting?

In this guide to powerlifting, it is defined as a sport that is entirely focused on how strong you are by seeing how heavy the weights are that you are able to lift. Powerlifting is a competition based on strength, so the heavier the weights you lift, the more likely you are to succeed in powerlifting. 

Although powerlifting seems like it is all about just lifting heavy weights, there is a lot of technique to bear in mind as well. Without applying these techniques, powerlifting becomes a lot more dangerous and you will be more prone to injuries. 

What Are The Powerlifting Techniques? 

The more that you progress to heavier weights, the more you need to make sure that you are listening to your body and applying the correct techniques. In powerlifting, there are basic techniques you need to follow in order to correctly lift the heaviest weights. 

Your strength in powerlifting is showcased through deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Although these are exercises that you already do in the gym, they are very different in powerlifting. The techniques that you apply in the gym are much different than how you will apply them in powerlifting. 

Powerlift Squats

Squats are a staple in a gym session, but you need to make sure that in powerlifting, you apply the correct technique. It is important to make sure that you control your balance and that you know how low you should go for powerlifting squats. Although these may seem like obvious advices, controlled movements are key in powerlifting. 

Powerlift Bench Press

When you bench press during powerlifting, it has to be in a controlled motion. The barbell has to pause over your chest so that you are showing your strength by keeping the barbell in an upright position.

It is important to be positioned correctly as you need to have your feet flat on the floor and your hips, shoulder, and head need to be properly aligned. 

Powerlift Deadlift

Deadlifts are also regularly practiced in the gym, but the techniques during powerlifting are more precise than during a gym session. Your knees and back need to be kept straight and your shoulders need to be kept back, not hunched over.

The bar can’t rest on your thighs during the deadlift so you need to make sure that you are positioned correctly to prevent this. 

How Are Powerlifting And Bodybuilding Different?

Differences Between Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

The Overall Aim

The main difference between powerlifting and bodybuilding is how they are judged during a competition. In a powerlifting competition, it is all down to how strong you are and how heavy the weights are that you can lift. 

However, in bodybuilding, you are judged based on your physical appearance. Powerlifters aim to maximize their strength whereas bodybuilders are after the large physique. 

Diet And Nutrition

The nutrition for powerlifters is a lot different compared to the bodybuilder diet. Powerlifters do not diet as such, but their meals often contain high amounts of carbohydrates so that they have enough energy in their training.

Bodybuilders have meals that are high in protein and very little fat as their aim is to have as little fat on their bodies as possible. 

Training Routines

Powerlifting training targets the whole body as you want your whole body to become stronger so that you are able to lift heavier weights. If you focused on only strengthening your arms and legs, powerlifters wouldn’t be able to lift the weights that they do. 

Bodybuilders are after the large and sculpted physique and a key to that is finding the best aesthetic workout routine for them. They target specific muscles that they want to be developed over their whole body. They also have cardiovascular exercise incorporated into their training so they can keep their body fat to a minimum. 

Benefits Of Powerlifting

There are many benefits to powerlifting which motivate people to begin the training. 

Improved Workout Form

When powerlifting, it is important that you have the correct form when lifting weights. This prevents injuries and helps you to correctly train your muscles. By learning the correct powerlifting techniques, you are able to develop your muscles as you will be in the correct form for them to properly work out. 

Improved Bone Structure

Powerlifting can improve the mineral density of your bone mass which improves your overall bone health. By lifting weights, your bones become stronger as they are constantly being strengthened as your gradually increase your weights. Powerlifting can result in thicker, denser, and healthier bones. 

Muscle And Strength Development

This may seem obvious, but powerlifting will help you to increase your overall strength and muscles. Your body will become stronger and this will show in your appearance. By maintaining controlled movements, your body will be able to gradually increase to heavier weights. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, powerlifting helps you to become stronger both internally and externally. You are able to improve your bone health and also become physically very strong. Powerlifting is a great way to improve your strength and challenge yourself, as long as you are safely weight training. 

There are many benefits to powerlifting, which is why it has become so popular. Powerlifting is different from bodybuilding as you are strengthening your body during powerlifting instead of focusing on appearance.

Your physical appearance will change during powerlifting, but ultimately, you are aiming for maximum strength. 

Kevin Harris