How To Do Squats With Resistance Bands

What is a resistance band? Well, this is actually a pretty lightweight piece of exercise equipment that is suitable for use during at home workouts, or it can also be used at the gym too.

Using a resistance band when you are doing squats is an especially effective way to enhance your workout, and there are lots of easy ways that you can incorporate using resistance bands into your workouts so that you can exercise your back, your legs, your core and even your neck.

However, you might be unsure on just how to use a resistance band within your workouts, and this is where we really come in. We can help you to totally transform your workout routine by incorporating a resistance band into your daily fitness regime.

How To Do Squats With Resistance Bands

How To Pick The Right Resistance Band For You

The most important step to picking the right resistance band for you is to work out exactly what you are wanting from your resistance band. What do we mean by this?

Well, it is important to remember that resistance bands really vary in tension. This means that different resistance bands will be able to resist different levels of force when they have been pulled.

Generally speaking, you will want to select a resistance band which has medium to moderate tension, and if you have never used a resistance band when working out before then you will really want to try a much lower resistance tension band.

This will be much more elastic. Upgrading to a higher resistance band will be suitable when you are used to using resistance bands in your workouts and as you get a lot stronger when you use the resistance bands.

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How Do You Perform A Basic Squat By Using A Resistance Band?

Naturally, you might now find yourself wondering how exactly you should perform a basic squat with the help of a resistance band. There is a straightforward process which you can follow and this will certainly help you to achieve the perfect squat, and therefore get the best results when working out.

  1. First thing’s first, assume the basic squat position - this is balancing the band, checking the band along with taking the starting position.
  2. Take one handle of the resistance band in each hand - once you have done this you need to hold the handles right out in front of you, and these should be at an equal height.
  3. Keep your hands level - this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the weight of the resistance band. It is also important to note that the elastic stretching part of the band should be hardly touching the floor.
  4. Now, step on to the resistance band - when you do this you need to make sure that you are positioned right at the center of the resistance band’s elastic portion.
  5. Ensure that you are stood with your feet shoulder-width apart - as you do this you must stand up straight with the resistance band’s handles in your hands. You need to make sure that the band is stretched right up and behind your arms.
  6. How should your resistance band look? - to give you a visual representation of what your resistance band should look like then picture someone standing in front of you. They should be seeing a ‘U’ shape made by the resistance band.
  7. Bend your knees slightly - when you do this you should keep your head and your eyes facing forward, and now you can begin your squatting with your resistance band.

Important To Remember

When you are squatting with a resistance band you should bear in mind a few things just to ensure that your form is as good as it can be. After all, you want to put the work in and see the results from this - you don’t want to be wasting your workout time.

When you are squatting with a resistance band, it is really important that you get low. That’s right, you really need to bend forward slightly from your hips and then you should bend your knees.

You also need to make sure that you are keeping your back rigid and also that you are not just keeping your shoulders up, but that you are also keeping your head up too. When you are squatting you should not be taking a bow.

Additionally, your kneecaps should really extend past the end of your toes - and if it helps, you can visualize that you are lowering yourself into a chair that is right behind you.

When you are in the squat position, it is important that you remember to keep those abs super tight. And, when you have reached the point where you feel as though you could tip backwards slightly, then you should hold this very position.

Alternatively, if you are feeling as though you need some extra support then you could even set up a bench or a chair behind you as you perform your reps with the assistance of your resistance band. Doing this will allow you to really perfect your form and you will find that you can ultimately sit down and then stand back up.

By doing this, you will be able to perform a sufficient alignment and you will really be able to engage your core when you do this exercise.

What About Returning To The Starting Position?

So, when you are returning to the starting position it is especially important to remember that you need to stand up slowly. You should really utilize your heels and let them push you right up. It is also especially important that you carry on holding onto the resistance band.

Here’s the thing, if you end up letting go of the resistance band then you will not be doing the squats with the full help of the resistance band. Don’t forget to tighten those glutes when you return to the standing position that you started with.

In Conclusion

Using a resistance band to help you with your squats can really boost your daily workout routine. However, you should always be conscious about your body and what it wants. If you are new to using resistance bands then you should take your time and gradually work your way up to different resistance band strengths.

Also, it sounds pretty straightforward but do not forget to keep hold of those resistance band handles. After all, if you let go of the handles then you will ultimately not be doing a squat with the help of a resistance band!

Kevin Harris