How To Do Bicep Curls

If you are looking to strengthen your biceps and make your arms look bigger, bicep curls will be the obvious answer. This exercise is popular with both novices and expert weightlifters alike because it is simple yet effective. Despite this, it can be hard to get the right form for a bicep curl.

To help you learn how to effectively do this exercise and how it can benefit you, we have created this step-by-step guide.

How To Do Bicep Curls


You will only need a few pieces of equipment for this exercise. It requires

  • Dumbbells - dumbbells are the best type of weight to use to build those 17 inch biceps.. Feel free to use whichever weight you are most comfortable with. You can also use a barbell or resistance band if you do not have access to dumbbells. All of these items should be found in a gym. You can buy them online if you are looking to exercise from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for dumbbells, we recommend this exceptional product. If you are looking for heavier weights, try this set out.
  • A towel - this is a gym must-have. Towels will be used to wipe away any sweat that you generate from your intense workouts.
  • A bottle filled with water - when exercising, it is important to drink lots of water. It will keep you hydrated and prevent you from becoming too hot. Reusable water bottles will be advised since they are more environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run than single-use plastic bottles.


To perform a bicep curl, do the following actions:

  1. Pick a dumbbell up in each hand. Be sure to not bend or twist your back when picking up the weights, as this can damage them.
  2. Stand up straight, with your hands at the side of your body.
  3. Bend your elbow, bringing the dumbbells toward your shoulders. You should move both arms at the same time. Use your biceps to perform this exercise and not your back. Instead, keep your back straight.
  4. Once the dumbbells are level with your shoulders, hold them in place for a second.
  5. Carefully bring the dumbbells back down, with your arm doing the opposite motion that it did to curl the dumbbells.
  6. Take a break. This should be for roughly 90 seconds, though more advanced weight lifters should aim for 60 seconds.
  7. Repeat these steps. You should aim to do between 8 and 15 repetitions of this exercise between 3 and 6 sets. For more information on what sets and reps are, continue reading.

Benefits Of Bicep Curls

As you may have guessed from the name, bicep curls target the bicep muscles. This is a muscle located at the top of your arm, specifically at the front. It is positioned in between the elbow and the shoulder.

This exercise will work your biceps, resulting in them potentially becoming bigger and stronger. If your biceps strengthen, you will be able to pick up more substantial weights.

Biceps will particularly benefit from this exercise because the muscles are being isolated. Having larger biceps can make you look more athletic and muscular, potentially improving your body image.

Bicep curls also work the muscles in your forearm. However, your forearms are unlikely to grow in size because of the bicep curl. The reason for this is that your forearms are being used as stabilizers while the bicep is the main muscle that is doing the heavy lifting.

If you are looking to make your biceps stronger, you may also want to do some hammer curls.

Part of the reason why bicep curls are so popular is that they are quite straightforward. In addition, they require very little equipment. This will be especially advantageous to people who want to work out on a budget, given that a lot of workout equipment can be quite expensive.

Different Types Of Bicep Curls

With lots of variations available, these are our 3 favorite exercises.

  • Hammer curls - to do this motion, place your hands toward your body with the thumbs up. Rotate your elbow in the same way that you would for a standard bicep curl.
  • Barbell curls - this exercise uses a barbell in place of a dumbbell. Similar to a dumbbell, barbells are formed of a long metal bar that is designed to be used by both hands.
  • Preacher curls - whether you are sitting or standing, position your forearm on a preacher bench (a specialist piece of gym equipment). This will provide your bicep with additional support.

Things To Avoid

When you go to the gym, it can be easy to see some of the most common problems with a workout. This is a list of the most common bicep curl issues:

  • Do not go too fast when you are doing bicep curls. It is important that you take your time with them.
  • Do not be in the wrong position. The height of your elbow should not change when you are curling the dumbbell. Instead, you should be bending the elbow so that the forearm is moving. If your elbows are moving a lot, you are in the wrong form. This may be because you are trying to lift a weight that is too heavy for your biceps.
  • Remember to breathe. You may want to exhale as you bring the dumbbell toward you and inhale when you are lowering it. Breathing is crucial to keeping your body calm yet active when working out.
  • Avoid using your shoulder, back, or torso to give your curl momentum. The movement should be focused on the biceps and the rest of the arm. Your back should be upright and your shoulders should stay in place. If you are finding this difficult, lessen the weight of the dumbbell.
Things To Avoid

What Are Sets And Reps?

If you are relatively new to the gym, you may not be familiar with this lingo. It is essential that you understand these concepts so that you can better manage your workouts.

Reps, meaning repetitions, is the process of doing an exercise completely one time. In this case, you would do one bicep curl. It is recommended that you do most exercises, such as bicep curls, around 10 times (we suggest doing this between 8 and 15 times).

Meanwhile, sets are the number of repetitions that you do in between your resting periods. For most exercises, you should aim for 3 to 6 reps of bicep curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bicep Curls Good For Beginners?

Yes, bicep curls can be fantastic for beginner weight lifters. If you are a novice, be sure to start with a lightweight. Build up the weight as your biceps become stronger. You may want to begin with a weight of 5KG. Of course, you should feel free to go higher or lower depending on your strength level. If you are at a gym, try out a few different weights.

For beginners, the most important part of the exercise that you need to practice is the form. If your arms are in the wrong position, you could injure yourself.

If you are struggling with the bicep curl, you may want to try a longer weight. Though the ideal break time in between sets is 90 seconds, feel free to go over this time if you are finding it tricky. You should also aim for fewer reps and sets.

Should You Stand Up Or Sit Down For Bicep Curls?

Though sitting down will be easier, standing up will be more beneficial to the workout. On the other hand, if you are finding standing up too challenging, you should consider sitting down.

Final Thoughts

Bicep curls are a really useful exercise. They can result in your bicep muscles becoming much stronger. This will not only make your body appear more muscular but can make carrying things in your everyday life much simpler.

Bicep curls are a great choice of exercise for both beginners and those with plenty of experience. Give it a try by following the instructions and tips above.

Kevin Harris