How Much Creatine HCl Should I Take?

How Much Creatine HCl Should I Take?

Taking the right amount of creatine HCl is the key to experiencing the best of what it can offer so keep reading this article to find out everything there is to know about this game-changing supplement.

What is Creatine HCl?

If you are not familiar with what creatine HCl is, it is essentially a creatine molecule that is bound with hydrochloric acid. 

This supplement increases the volume of cells within the muscles and promotes an environment that makes the muscles bigger. 

Creatine that is bound with hydrochloric acid is found to be more beneficial than taking creatine alone because it is more soluble which makes it easy to take and goes further in smaller doses as well as the fact that it has a better pH alignment that works better with the digestive system.  

What Does Creatine HCl Do?

Creatine HCl promotes the creation of a substance known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

ATP is the body's major energy source for the phosphate energy system, which powers brief, acute muscular contractions, and other anaerobic workouts.

Creatine HCl causes your muscles to contract with more force for a greater number of repetitions, hence enhancing your anaerobic workout capacity.

Creatine HCl helps you to work out harder, for longer periods of time, and promote greater muscular development, resulting in increased muscle strength and size.

Because of its greater solubility and bioavailability, Creatine HCl claims to be superior to other forms of Creatine.

This indicates that a lower dose of Creatine HCl is required to get the same results as other Creatine forms.

More specifically, various types of Creatine (mostly Creatine Monohydrate) have been linked to increased water retention in the body, which might be a negative side effect.

Creatine HCl has not been shown to increase water retention.

Benefits of Taking Creatine HCl

There are many benefits that you can experience if you introduce creatine HCl into your diet which can be seen on the outside as well as the inside. 

Makes your Muscles Bigger and Stronger

Makes your Muscles Bigger and Stronger

Creatine HCl is able to increase the mass of your muscle and make them stronger as well as burn more fat which makes them more defined. 

By having muscles that are bigger and stronger, you will see an improvement in your athletic performance such as when you are resistance training for example. 

Furthermore, a study of 405 older individuals indicated that those who supplemented with five–22 grams of creatine paired with weight exercise improved their muscle mass and strength more than those who underwent resistance training alone.

Your Muscles Will Recover Faster

After a particularly intense training session and your muscles have been broken down in the process, if you are taking creatine HCl, your muscles will be able to recover quicker which allows you to get back into the gym sooner and experience fewer aches and pains. 

The Body Absorbs More of It 

Creatine users claim to have increased power and anaerobic endurance.

This is due to the fact that muscular function requires creatine, which most individuals do not get enough of in their daily diet.

This has no negative effects on your health, but it does have an effect on your physical performance.

Creatine supplementation allows people to get more out of their muscles by allowing them to work harder for longer periods of time.

You Don’t Need to Take as Much

The human body is able to absorb creatine HCl faster than other supplements, so you may take a lower quantity to have the same impact.

Older formulations indicate five grams or more of creatine HCl per dosage, whereas you only need one or two grams.

How Much Creatine HCl Should You Take?

To take creatine HCl powder, you can mix it in with juice or water and take it before a workout.

What makes creatine HCl different from creatine in another way is that you do not need to go through a loading phase. 

The recommended amount of creatine HCl to take on days that you are training is between one and two grams which are to be taken as soon as you finish your workout for best results.

On the days that you are not training, you should still take one to two grams of creatine HCl a day, but it is much better to take it first thing in the morning. 

You should be as consistent as you can with your doses when you take this supplement even when you are not planning any activity for that particular day. 

By consistently taking creatine HCl and eating a healthy, balanced diet with a workout regime you will see clear results in just two weeks with improvements in your strength, muscle mass, and anaerobic capacity in particular.

The reason it takes a couple of weeks for the results to become evident is that your muscles need a bit of time to be saturated with creatine. 

Possible Side Effects

Luckily, creatine is a very safe supplement that is available on the market and has no proven health issues that you will be at serious risk for developing. 

Having said this, there have been some reports of those who have experienced mildly negative side effects of taking creatine HCl, but they are very minor such as getting bloated, headaches, and digestive issues. 

Even though creatine is safe, you should not take more than the recommended daily dose as this can greatly increase the chances of you experiencing the negative side effects we mentioned in the previous paragraph. 


You don't need to take a lot of creatine HCl in order to reap the benefits as one to two grams a day is advised on days when you are training as well as on days when you are not training as a way to maintain the creatine HCl in your system. 

If you are on any medications, are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding you must consult with your healthcare professional before you start taking creatine supplements. 

Kevin Harris