How Long To See Results From Squats?

Here’s the thing, if you were to go on ahead and ask any kind of athlete or fitness enthusiast what exercise is the best of them all… They are pretty likely to pick squats. Yeah, squats are pretty fundamental in the fitness world.

They are a full body exercise which is typically done by using your own body weight or with a barbell across your shoulders. Squatting will work the gluteal muscles, which ultimately shape and define the butt along with the leg muscles too.

When you do a squat your body actually uses over 200 muscles, and building up strength by squatting can also have an effect on other parts of your body too.

This is all to do with the fact that when you squat, your body gets triggered into releasing testosterone along with a growth hormone too. These are two key things that are required in order to be able to build muscle mass.

However, the question that you are looking for the answer to is: how many squats a day should you do in order to see any kind of result?

How Long To See Results From Squats

Does The Amount Differ For Men And For Women?

We all know that no two people are exactly the same - so even if these people were to perform identical workout routines then they would not look the same nor develop the same kind of muscle. This goes way further than just being related to gender, everyone will look different due to their genetic makeup.

Women and men are ‘built’ differently, and they both have different needs and requirements when it comes to training. The training methods that both men and women use can be similar, they should add weight according to their ability and also to help them obtain their desired muscle mass.

Usually, women will tend to prefer a much more defined look instead of aiming for the same level of mass which men tend to desire. Women might not want to use weights that are so heavy when they are squatting for this very reason.

How Many Squats Should You Do Per Day To See Results For Women?

Here’s the thing, women and men do actually have the same muscles and the same skeletons. So, the number of squats that women should do per day is theoretically the same for men too: that’s right, gender does not mean that you have to switch things up in any way.

Where differentiation will occur is through individual personal preference and capability. So, when it comes to squatting you really have to be able to work out what YOU can do and go from there.

It is also especially important to factor in not just how much you can cope with, but also your fitness levels when you are starting incorporating squatting into your exercise routine or when you are deciding to take on a squat challenge.

How Many Squats Should You Do Per Day For A Bigger Bum?

You might be disappointed to know that there is not a certain concrete answer to this.

The real answer actually lies in the way that you are squatting, so you really need to make sure that your form is absolutely spot on - and then you can eventually start incorporating weights into your squatting regime in order to get better results.

You also need to ensure that you do enough reps until your muscles are tired - this is all about listening to your body and not over-exerting yourself, as this could lead to muscle injury.

How Many Squats Should You Do Per Day To Tone Your Thighs?

You will be disappointed to again find out that there is not a perfect number of squats that you should do per day in order to get really toned thighs. You need to go at your own pace and then when you get more and more confident you should then try to incorporate weights into your squatting routine.

You need to make sure that you gradually introduce weights into your squatting routine so that you can build up your confidence and so that your muscles get used to dealing with weights.

How Many Squats Should You Do Per Day To Reduce Cellulite?

In this case, the third time really is not a charm - because there is no set amount of squats that we can recommend that you do per day in order to reduce cellulite. However, this is different to toning your butt and your thighs.

Cellulite does have a lot to do with genetics and it does not matter how fit you are, there will be some people who just happen to have a lot of cellulite. This is not something that you can get rid of through working out, or in this case through squatting.

How Many Squats Should You Do Per Day In Order To See Results For Men?

You should have guessed the answer to this question - but ultimately the answer is exactly the same as it is for women.

However, if you are keen to have a guideline figure to work from then we can definitely provide you with some figures to start off with and then you can gradually increase the amount of squats that you incorporate into your workout routine.

If you are a beginner, then you should start off by doing 20 squats per day and as you find this becomes easier and as you find that you get stronger, then you can increase the amount from 20 squats.

If this is the case you could increase the amount of squats that you do to 50 squats and when you get to squatting a three figure amount per day you will really start to notice some pretty big changes.

In Conclusion

It is pretty tricky to pin down when exactly you will see results from incorporating squats into your workout routine. However, what we can tell you is that there is no time to lose - you should just bite the bullet and start today.

You won’t regret incorporating squatting into your workout routine, whether you want a new way to challenge yourself or a great way to incorporate squats into your workout routine - squatting will be the exercise that you want to go for.

Kevin Harris