Fire Up Your Workout with the Best Weighted Vest for Weight Training

Weighted vest, as its name suggests, is an actual vest worn by many fitness enthusiasts to add resistance to their exercise. It is a versatile tool containing weights of different ranges and can be used for a variety of exercises whether they’re focused on the upper body, lower body or the whole body.

If used correctly, a weighted vest can offer tons of benefits from improving one’s performance to building strength and endurance.

The weighted vest market has exploded in recent years and picking the best weighted vest for weight training can be tricky with the many options on the market. In this article, we listed our top picks to help you can narrow down your choices and find the vest that’s perfect for your weight training regime.

The 5 Best Weighted Vest for Weight Training


RunMax Adjustable Weighted Vest

An adjustable vest with weights ranging from 12 all the way up to 140 lbs, this vest tops our list as the best weighted vest for weight training. It has everything you need from light to heavy workouts and is great for all fitness levels.

Featuring comfortable padding and adjustable straps, the RunMax weighted vest is built to last with its durable construction. The weight plates are made of cast iron and are encased in neoprene to minimize noise while you’re training.

One of the best things about this vest is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is great considering its relatively affordable price tag.


  • Versatile
  • Weight goes all the way up to 140 lbs
  • Backed by lifetime warranty


  • Pricey


HyperWear Hyper Vest Pro

The HyperWear Hyper Vest Pro is designed to fit snugly around the entire upper torso, providing breathable wicking fabric and four different sizes. With up to 20 lbs of adjustable weights, it is a versatile option that is perfect for all fitness levels, including beginners.

The materials are quite thin yet of high-quality, allowing for a great range of motion without compromising durability. The weights are distributed evenly throughout your torso, from top to bottom.


  • Great Fit
  • Available in many sizes


  • Not ideal for heavy training
  • Expensive


Prosourcefit Weighted Vest

If you’re tight on budget but want to reap the benefits of a weighted vest, Prosourcefit’s Weighted Vest is a great option. For under $50, you can get up to 20 lbs for cardio and weight training boost that you can use anywhere.

This vest is made with soft and breathable material that keeps you comfortable in every workout. It is equipped with top and bottom adjustable buckles to ensure a snug fit, making the vest feel like it is a part of your body as you work out.

Weights are placed in an ideal balance to allow you to focus on your workout without worries and distractions.


  • Affordable
  • Breathable design


  • Not ideal for intense workouts


MiR Adjustable Weighted Vest

The MiR adjustable weighted vest is made for hardcore workouts with weight options ranging from 20 to 60 lbs. Its versatility allows users to tailor their workouts to suit their strengths and goals.

The vest is designed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. It has shortened torso design for an unhindered range of motion and better airflow. Additionally, it has a mid-chest belt and adjustable straps on the back to keep the vest tight and secure without unnecessarily moving around throughout a routine.


  • Wide range of weights
  • Weights are adjustable in 3 increments


  • One size only
  • May not be suitable for female athletes


Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

The Aduro Sport Weighted Vest is a versatile and durable option for weight training. This vest offers several adjustable weight options perfect for training of all weight categories,

The weights are evenly distributed throughout the vest to help you prevent any discomfort or strain on your back and shoulders. This also ensures that the vest remains balanced and stable during your workouts, so you can focus on your form and technique.

The vest was made with special soft, moisture-wicking neoprene material to avoid slipping and sliding and to keep you comfortable even during intense workouts. The adjustable straps provide a snug fit, ensuring that the vest stays securely in place during your workouts.

Another great thing about this vest is that it is backed by a lifetime warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.


  • Fairly priced


  • May be too big for people with smaller frames

Why Train with a Weighted Vest?

Weighted vests are not only affordable and easy to use, but are also a great option for people of all fitness levels. They allow you to work your entire body with just the vest itself and your bodyweight, making it an easy way to get stronger even if you’re not comfortable lifting heavy weights or doing high-intensity exercises on your own.

Improve Strength

With added resistance, you can improve your strength and endurance faster as opposed to non-weighted workouts. Increasing your overall body weight through weighted vests puts additional stress on your muscles, helping you increase your overall strength, as well as control your core and upper body during movements.

Increase Balance and Stability

The weighted vest is a great training tool for weight training that can help improve balance and stability. These vests can be filled with load to help you achieve the extra stability and balance required during dynamic exercises.

Improve Posture and Form

Weighted vests help you maintain proper posture and form as they help keep your core engaged in any exercise due to the extra weight. Additionally, it helps you improve and maintain good technique which is extremely helpful in preventing injuries and maximizing the benefits of the exercise.

Exercises to Try with Weighted Vests


Push-ups are an extremely popular exercise for strengthening the upper body as they work your arm and back muscles. Wearing a weighted vest is a great way to add resistance to your push-ups and make your muscles work harder.

While wearing the vest, start your push-up by positioning your feet together and placing your hands straight below your shoulders.

Keep your arms straight and then while breathing in, slowly lower yourself down until your chest almost touches the ground.

Breathe out and slowly raise yourself up again until your chest returns to its original position. Continue performing as many push-ups as you can!

Overhand Pull-ups

Just like with push-ups, pull-ups are an effective bodyweight exercise for working the upper body and weight vests are a great tool to up the intensity of the workout. Depending on the vest that you have, you can adjust the resistance depending on your goals and needs.

Start by grabbing the pull-up bar with an overhand grip and hanging at arm’s length.

Pull your body up until your chin reaches above the bar. Stay in this position for a few seconds.

Lower you body back to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of reps.


Squats are an effective bodyweight exercise that can be taken to the next level with the addition of weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and yes, a weighted vest.

By adding a weighted vest to squats, you can push yourself harder while improving your strength and endurance. Depending on the weight of the vest, it can challenge athletes of varying abilities.

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart from each other. Incorporate a slight bend into your knees.

From this position start bending until your thighs are as parallel as possible to the ground while making sure that your pelvis is level.

Pause in this position for a few seconds then move back up. Repeat.


A weighted vest helps you push yourself a little harder in workouts and build strength, endurance, and cardio-vascular fitness. It can help your body adapt to regular workouts and push it to the next level of performance. We hope the above options push you towards the best weighted vest for weight training to help you achieve your goals faster.

Kevin Harris