Does SCULPTnation Burn Actually Work? The Ultimate Review

Sculpt Nation Burn is a fat burner that claims to increase your energy levels while also reducing your appetite levels, so you don’t want to eat as much. This product claims that it can help you to lose weight really quickly and easily.

However, is what Sculpt Nation says true? 

In this article, we’ll be discovering if Sculpt Nation Burn actually works and whether you should be taking this supplement.

SCULPTnation Burn Review – does it actually work

Who is Sculpt Nation?

Sculpt Nation is a brand and company, who are known for their workout supplements. Other products they have includes protein, pre and post workout, enzymes and BCAAS. They have a range of products, all about helping those who enjoy fitness and getting the ultimate gains. It appears to be that Burn is one of their more popular products, due to the fat burning element.

Sculpt Nation is known for being a worldwide sports nutrition brand, with their mission to “provide men and women looking to get in shape and live healthier lives the safest and most effective supplements in the industry”. Sculpt Nation caters for athletes and normal people who have their own fitness and body goals. 

What is Sculpt Nation Burn?

On their official website, Sculpt Nation claims that this product can help you burn fat, while increasing your energy levels and reducing your appetite. Sculpt Nation Burn has a thermogenic effect, which results in your metabolism going into hyperdrive, so you can burn those extra calories and body fat. 

The formula of this product, triggers a reaction in your body. This reaction results in your core temperature increasing, which then triggers your metabolism to work harder. With your body naturally doing this extra work, you begin to lose those extra calories. 

Sculpt Nation Burn is recommended to be used before your workout, as you can lose even more calories as you work out, However, it is up to you when to take it. Two capsules are the maximum recommended dose.

As a result, once you start your workout, your metabolism will begin to work much quicker as your core temperature rises a lot quicker. This product claims to work well, even if you aren’t completing long workouts. Even by going for a walk, this product will begin to work.

What does Sculpt Nation Burn Claim to do?

Sculpt Nation Burn claims to force your body to produce fat blasting BAT, while helping improve your waist to hip ratio. This supplement will suppress your appetite naturally.

On their official website, Sculpt Nation claims that this product will give you an “unfair advantage to melt that last layer of fat”, compared to those who just do workouts and don’t take any kind of supplements.

The issue with claims is that none of them have been proven. Like most health supplements out there, whether that is a workout supplement or a dietary supplement, the claims aren't proven by the FDA. Therefore you should take what they say with a pinch of salt. 

Ingredients in Sculpt Nation Burn

There are quite a few ingredients that make this supplement. A lot of the ingredients used are known for helping burn fat. Below are the ingredients used and how much is used.

  • Caffeine - 10 mg.
  • Green Tea Extract - 300 mg.
  • Cayenne Pepper - 100 mg.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 300 mg.
  • Grains of Paradise Seed - 30 mg.
  • Yohimbine - 6 mg.
  • Rauwolscine - 2 mg.
  • Magnesium Stearate.
  • Silicon Dioxide.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose.
  • Gelatin

Cayenne Pepper

The formula of this product is based on cayenne peppers and the active ingredient in cayenne peppers is capsaicin, and this chili extract helps burn fat. When you eat spicy food your natural body temperature rises. 

Therefore by using small amounts of cayenne pepper in this supplement you can recreate this reaction. The chemical reaction when you eat this supplement, compared to eating really spicy food, is very similar. Your natural body temperature increases, thanks to the pepper, which then helps you burn more calories.

The compound found in cayenne pepper stimulates the thermogenesis, but also helps control the hunger that you feel. By taking regular supplements that contain cayenne pepper, this can massively reduce the amount of food you eat by 15%.

Sometimes, cayenne pepper can cause a burning effect, but a trademarked version of cayenne pepper known as Caspimax has been designed to help you lose weight but without the burning effect.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of people have used apple cider vinegar as a way of losing weight. A lot of research has been done into this ingredient and it is proven to help you to lose weight. While it also reduces inflammation. 

Green Tea

Green tea is used by a lot of people to help them lose weight, so it's not surprising that a small amount of this ingredient is seen in this product. Green tea contains certain compounds known as catechins. The main catechin in green tea is called Epiallocatechin (EGCG).

EGCG has various health benefits such as good heart health benefits. When it comes to losing fat and burning calories, EGCG stimulates your stress hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine. As a result, this helps your body to break down any stored fat it has and uses it as energy. Caffeine and EGCG work extremely well together. 


Everyone has a coffee when they need to pick me up. It is known for giving up a little kick and some much needed energy when you are feeling tired. Sculpt Nation Burn uses a very small amount of caffeine in their formula, yet it is just enough to increase your energy. Alongside that, it also increases your metabolism, which then results in your burning more calories. 

However, caffeine can cause dehydration, therefore you have to make sure that you keep yourself hydrated while working out. Otherwise you could make yourself quite ill. 


Originating from South Africa, yohimbine is the active ingredient and found in the bark of the yohimbe tree. Yohimbine has become a popular ingredient to use in fat burning supplements.

It typically used to help burn extremely stubborn fat in your body, that doesn't want to go away. This can be those last few pounds in your stomach, because it takes a lot of effort and work to burn fat in this area.

Like EGCG, yohimbine activates your stress hormones, which then promotes your body to break down any stored fat you have in your body and use it as energy. However, you can receive some side effects from this ingredient.

Some of the possible side effects can include anxiety, increased heart rate and gastric discomfort. Thankfully, only a small amount of yohimbine is used in this product, which means the chances of getting these side effects are quite small.

With that being said, it is advised to maybe start on one capsule if you try this product, instead of having two straight away. Then you can make sure that you don’t receive any of these side effects. Also, it might be worth noting that yohimbine is actually banned in Canada.


This ingredient is very similar to yohimbine. They are such similar ingredients that rauwolscine is sometimes known as alpha-yohimbine. This ingredient works similar to yohimbine; the only thing that separates these two ingredients apart is the fact that rauwolscine is a lot stronger. Rauwolscine will give you the same fat burning effects but it also comes with the same negative side effects. 

As this ingredient gives the same side effect as yohimbine and is even stronger than yohimbine, we do wonder why it was chosen. As there are other ingredients that Sculpt Nation could have chosen, which would have given the same results but less chance of these horrible side effects. 

Grains of Paradise Seed

Grains of Paradise Seed is still a relatively new ingredient for fat burning supplements. They are commonly seen in pre-workout products and are now becoming more common in bat burning products as well. 

With some research into grains of paradise seed has shown that this ingredient activates the production of the brown adipose tissue (BAT). The brown adipose tissue is directly involved in the thermogenesis process.

Although research on this ingredient is very limited, therefore we can’t be certain how effective this ingredient is in helping you burn fat and calories. The claims that this ingredient makes has no evidence to support the claims. 

When to take Sculpt Nation Burn

This product claims to work by raising your core temperature and making your metabolism work at its maximum. Therefore the more active your metabolism is the more fat and calories you will burn and lose.

Therefore, you should be able to lose weight quicker. Alongside that, it helps suppress your appetite, which should limit your calorie intake. However the amount of calories and weight you lose, does depend on your calorie intake. 

These kinds of fat burning supplements work best alongside a low carb diet. This is because our body prioritizes carbohydrates when it comes to losing weight. However, if you reduce how much carbohydrates you eat, then your body will decide to burn the fat in your body instead. Which then allows you to burn more fat and lose even more weight.

Sculpt Nation recommends that you take 2 to 3 pills a day. You should only take 3 pills a day if you are in a super strict body fat loss workout programme. However, really you should stick to 2 pills a day with your breakfast and dinner. You don’t have to take it directly before a workout, you can take it as part of your normal daily routine. It will get to work straight away and you will start to see results.

The Side Effects of Sculpt Nation Burn

As mentioned above some of the ingredients used to produce a couple of side effects that you should be aware of. There are only two ingredients that you should be concerned about.

The ingredients you need to be cautious about are yohimbine and rauwolscine. Both are known to cause anxiety, increased heart rate and gastric discomfort. However other symptoms of this product overall can be insomnia, headaches and possible high blood pressure. 

The amounts of yohimbine and rauwolscine used are very small amounts but you should still be cautious about how much of this product you take. 

The Advantages to Sculpt Nation Burn

Sculpt Nation Burn has many advantages as long as it is taken in moderation. The use of cayenne pepper is a proven fat burner, due to the capsaicin that helps raise your metabolism and reduce your appetite levels. Alongside that, the addition of green tea provides a pleasant flavor but the compound of EGCG helps break down stored fats that can be used as energy to burn. 

Unlike other supplements, the Sculpt Nation Burn can be taken whenever you like, it doesn't have to be before a workout. Hence, you can take it with your breakfast so then you don’t need to stress about remembering to take it before you start to work out. 

The supplement is soy and gluten free, so it can be taken by anyone. There are few ingredients that make this product. It comes in a convenient capsule form, so it is easy to consume and can be taken anywhere. 

The Disadvantages of Sculpt Nation Burn

On the other hand, Sculpt Nation is quite pricey compared to other health supplements. Also, like a lot of health supplements we can’t completely believe all the claims that the product claims to make.

Some of the ingredients used to make this product aren’t all completely safe to consume. In particular, yohimbine and rauwolscine can cause multiple side effects. While the caffeine in this product can also cause you to suffer from dehydration. Alao for this product to be really effective you must consume multiple capsules for the product to work well and for you to notice a difference. 

Where to Buy Sculpt Nation Burn

Each bottle of Sculpt Nation’s Burn holds 60 capsules and if you have two capsules a day, this bottle will only last you 30 days (a month). While if you take three capsules a day, this bottle will only last you 20 days.

At the moment it looks like Sculpt Nation Burn is only available on the company’s website. It doesn't seem to be available on any third party retailers. 

What are the Customers Saying About Sculpt Nation Burn?

Customers who have brought this product have had very mixed responses to the product. Some customers have loved this product and said that it did work for them. They have seen great results and are pleased with the outcomes. 

Yet, some other customers have said that this product has not worked at all for them. Supplements are largely trial and error, sometimes they work and other times they don’t. As this product is quite a pricy supplement compared to similar products on the market right now, therefore you want it to work. 

The majority of customer reviews are generally positive, with the average customer reviews receiving 3 out of 5 stars. If you have an issue with your product, then it appears that Sculpt Nation is very active in dealing with negative feedback and customers with issues with their order. 

Verdict - Does Sculpt Nation Burn Actually Work?

Sculpt Nation Burn has the key elements that are known to help with weight loss. Cayenne pepper and green tea are two ingredients that are commonly seen in weight loss supplements. Sculpt Nation Burn has all the ingredients that it needs, but there isn’t enough research to support their claims. 

Alongside this, the addition of ingredients such as yohimbine and rauwolscine which can both cause possible side effects. That doesn't make this product 100% safe to use. Obviously there are potential side effects with a lot of things we take but because you have to digest so much of this product to even think about working is concerning.

Also there is a reason why these ingredients have been banned in certain countries. Which should make you quite hesisite from buying this product. While also, the grains of paradise seed don’t have any research to say that they really have any benefits for losing weight. 

The idea of this product is good, as it is hard to burn that stubborn fat that won’t go away. However, we feel as if there are safer and more reliable products on the market to try that can be bought at a much more reasonable price. 

A lot of customers have tried this product and said that it worked, while others said that they saw no change. As a result, it is unpredictable who this product will work for. Therefore, we would recommend that you stay away from Sculpt Nation Burn and choose another fat burning supplement.

Although, with any supplement you put into your body, you must make sure you do your research. Yet, it feels as if Sculpt Nation need to rethink their ingredient list for this product, because there are better and safer ingredients that they can choose from. 

Kevin Harris