5 of the Best Powerlifting Belts to Help You Hit New Weightlifting Goals

Whether you’re a seasoned weightlifter or you’re new to the world of powerlifting, one piece of equipment you can’t go without is a powerlifting belt.

They are designed to keep your lower back supported, reduce spinal stress, keep your core tight, and generally aid you with delivering a more efficient weightlifting performance.

Best Powerlifting Belt

However, a quick search online for a powerlifting belt will bring up hundreds of results. And, with each of them claiming to be the best, choosing the perfect powerlifting belt for your needs can be a difficult task.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, you’ll find our list of the 10 best powerlifting belts available.

We’ve also put together a super useful buying guide that’s packed with information on what to look out for when making your decision, along with everything you’ll ever need to know about powerlifting belts.

In a hurry? Let’s get things started by taking a look at our top pick.


Hawk Sports Genuine Leather 10mm Powerlifting Belt


FlexzFitness Leather Powerlifting Belt


ProFitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt


Hawk Sports Genuine Leather 10mm Powerlifting Belt

Measuring 4-inches wide and 10mm thick, the Hawk Sports Genuine Leather Power Lifting Belt is the ideal choice for keeping your back supported while lifting heavy weights.

It will also give you the support you need to up your performance and lift up to 10% heavier when you’re doing compound lifts.

The leather construction of this powerlifting belt means that it is super tough and can handle the pressure of weightlifting, while the rounded edges keep comfort in mind and ensure that it doesn’t pinch. These rounded edges also make it easier to grasp the belt when you need to take it off.

The lever buckle design allows you to quickly and easily tighten the belt and lock it securely in place. It also makes it much easier to take the belt off since there are no prongs and belt loops to negotiate with, which can be a nightmare when you’ve got sweaty hands!

This powerlifting belt also has a suede lining that provides further comfort. Meanwhile, the top-level, 4-stage stitching keeps all of the layers tightly bound together to ensure this belt continues to perform well for years to come. This claim is also backed by an included lifetime warranty.


  • The 4-inch width and 10mm thickness ensures you’re supported and gives you the power to lift up to 10% heavier
  • Constructed from leather for durability
  • Features a suede lining and rounded edges for enhanced comfort
  • Has a lever buckle for quick and easy tightening and securing
  • Comes complete with a lifetime warranty


  • Is only available in two sizes; small and large


FlexzFitness Leather Powerlifting Belt

You should still be able to inject a little bit of your personality into your training gear when you’re weightlifting and the FlexzFitness Leather Powerlifting Belt allows you to achieve this by choosing between four different colors.

Of course, there is much more than aesthetics involved with a powerlifting belt, which FlexzFitness has also got covered, starting with the premium leather construction. This powerlifting belt won’t tear or crack even when you’re squatting or deadlifting with a heavy weight.

It features a sturdy, metal buckle with a lever design. This makes it much easier to tighten and secure the belt in place, as well as releasing it when you’ve finished training. It also features three rows of heavy-duty stitching that holds the 10mm thickness together firmly.

This powerlifting belt is fully IPF and USAPL compliant, so it’s a great choice for competitive weightlifting. It’s also available in six sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty that covers you for an immediate replacement in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


  • The premium leather construction ensures durability and helps to prevent tearing or cracking
  • Has a metal, lever buckle that allows for quick tightening and fastening
  • Features three rows of heavy-duty stitching that holds the 10mm thickness together
  • Is compliant with the IPF and the USAPL
  • Available in four colors, six sizes, and comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Some people who previously purchased this belt noted an issue with the color of the leather rubbing on their clothing. However, it did come out in the wash.


ProFitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt

This Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt from ProFitness is one of the most durable choices on our list. Constructed from cowhide leather, it’s able to withstand the pressure of performing compound moves under heavy loads without cracking or tearing. The leather has also been polished to give it more flexibility without sacrificing strength.

Despite being so strong, this powerlifting belt is super comfortable. The non-slip suede interior holds tightly to your body and the riveted buckle fastenings won’t dig into your body or pinch you while you lift.

The buckle also features two prongs that allow you to secure the belt to your body after tightening, and the heavy-duty metal construction means that it won’t bend under pressure. Meanwhile, the ultra-strong stitching keeps each layer of material firmly held together over a 4mm thickness.

This powerlifting belt is available in multiple waist sizes from 23-inches to 49-inches, so there’s a choice for every body shape. You can also choose between two color options, and it comes complete with a lifetime warranty and a no-fuss 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The genuine cowhide leather construction gives this powerlifting belt incredible strength
  • It’s super comfortable and features a suede, non-slip interior lining
  • Has a heavy-duty metal buckle that provides a super-secure fastening
  • Features heavy-duty stitching that firmly holds the 4mm of layers together
  • Available in waist sizes from 23-inches to 49-inches, and comes in a choice of two colors


  • As it’s made from genuine leather, this powerlifting belt can feel a little too tight at first. However, after a few training sessions, it will soon loosen up.


Steel Sweat Weightlifting Belt

This Weightlifting Belt from Steel Sweat features a strong, metal buckle with a single prong and a roller. This makes it super easy to adjust and secure using just one hand, and it’s especially useful if you need to quickly tighten your belt before taking on a heavy lift.

The buckle is also riveted into the belt, and this is a great feature for two reasons. First of all, it ensures the buckle is fastened to the leather as securely as possible. Secondly, the rivets lay flat against your body while you train. This means that there’s no risk of them digging in and becoming uncomfortable.

The genuine cowhide leather construction gives this powerlifting belt a great amount of strength too, and it won’t tear or crack under pressure. The 10mm thickness of this belt is secured with industrial strength double nylon stitching as well, and this ensures it continues to look good and perform well for years to come.

This is a great choice of weightlifting belt if you’re competing and the 4-inch width and 10mm thickness is IPF compliant. It’s also available in five sizes, so there’s a fit for all body shapes.


  • Features a strong, metal buckle with a single prong and a roller
  • The buckle is also riveted to the belt for an ultra-secure, comfortable fit
  • Constructed from cowhide leather that won’t tear or crack under pressure
  • The 10mm thickness is held together by industrial strength double nylon stitching
  • Is competition approved by the IPF and is available in five sizes


  • Some people found that the sizing of their belt was a little inaccurate, so it’s worth checking the measuring guide before you purchase


Stoic Powerlifting Belt

The Stoic Powerlifting Belt is available in two thicknesses; 6mm and 10mm. This gives you more choice over the level of support you have and, therefore, the heavier the weight you can safely lift. It’s also available in a range of sizes from a 29-inch waist all the way up to a 48-inch waist.

Regardless of what size of thickness you go for, they all have one thing in common. This powerlifting belt features a 2mm thick single prong buckle with a roller. This makes it quick and easy to adjust and secure the belt in place, even using just one hand.

The vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather used to make this belt gives it an impressive amount of strength and it won’t tear, crack, or bend while you’re training. It also features strong nylon stitching that keeps the belt’s layers secured together.

Another standout feature of this weightlifting belt is the single suede exterior. This increases support, adds durability, and ensures that you’re comfortable while you’re powerlifting. It’s also competition legal and follows the regulations set out by the IPF, USPA, and USAPL.


  • Available in multiple sizes and in two thicknesses; 6mm and 10mm
  • Features a 2mm thick single prong metal buckle with a roller
  • Is super durable, thanks to the vegetable-tanned full-grain leather construction
  • Has a single suede exterior that provides extra support, durability, and comfort
  • Also features strong nylon stitching that holds the layers of leather together


  • Some people found that this powerlifting belt was a little too heavy to wear constantly while training


Jayefo 10mm Leather Weightlifting Belt

If you’re looking for a fantastic powerlifting belt, but you’re trying to stick to a smaller budget, the 10mm Weightlifting Belt from Jayefo could be the perfect choice. It comes with a load of features that you’d normally find in higher-priced belts but at a fraction of the cost.

The first of these is the suede-leather construction. This makes the belt super durable and ensures that it won’t bend, crack, or tear under the pressure of heavier weights. It also ensures that this belt is comfortable to wear, and the suede lining won’t pinch your skin while you’re training.

It has a lever-style buckle that makes it easy to adjust and fasten the belt securely in place. It also makes it much easier to remove the belt when you’re finished by simply releasing the lever, rather than having to negotiate with prongs.

Super-tough nylon stitches keep the 10mm thickness securely held together, and the 4-inch width of this powerlifting belt offers the support you need to lift safely as you increase your weight load. Available in five sizes and four colors, this weightlifting belt comes complete with a lifetime warranty.


  • A great choice for anybody working with a limited budget
  • Constructed from leather and suede for a durable, comfortable performance
  • The lever-style buckle makes it easy to adjust, fasten, and take the belt off
  • Features hand stitched, super-tough nylon stitches that keep everything securely held together
  • Measure 10mm thick, 4-inches wide, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors


  • Suffers from the same common complaint as most leather powerlifting belts, which is that it takes a while to become more flexible


RDX Powerlifting Belt

There’s no denying that leather is one of the most durable materials you can look for in a powerlifting belt. However, RDX has taken things a step further and have treated their Powerlifting Belt with specialist leather oil to give it even more strength. This doesn’t only give it more strength but also ensures it’s kept soft and supple for extra comfort.

The rust-proof buckle features a double-pronged fastening, and this ensures that there’s no risk of the belt accidentally popping open while you lift. It also features a steel roller that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the belt whenever you need to.

Industrial-grade nylon stitching keeps the 10mm thickness firmly held together, while the 4-inch depth gives you the perfect amount of support for taking on heavier weights. The contrast of white stitching against the black leather gives this belt a stylish finish, too.

The RDX Powerlifting Belt also features a cushioned layer that adds extra support when you’re really upping the weight limit, and will also ensure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout your entire training session.  It’s also fully IPF compliant so it can be used in competitions.

Available in two sizes (medium and large), this is the ideal powerlifting belt for any serious weightlifter.


  • The oil-treated leather construction makes this one of the most durable powerlifting belts available
  • Features a rust-proof buckle with a roller and two fastening prongs
  • Industrial-grade nylon has been used to keep the 10mm thickness held together tightly
  • Also features a cushioned layer that adds extra support and comfort
  • Is fully competition legal and IPF compliant


  • Only available in two sizes; medium and large


Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt

When you’re eager to get on with your weightlifting session, the last thing you want to be doing is fussing with troublesome belt buckles. This is where the Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt from Element 26 comes to the rescue!

Designed with self-locking technology, the buckle will automatically lock in place once you’ve tightened it. It’s also guaranteed never to unexpectedly open, no matter how heavy you’re lifting!

This self-locking technology makes it easier to take the belt off when you’ve finished training, too. Simply pull the release lever and the buckle will loosen. This tightening and fastening technology is undeniably revolutionary, but what else does this powerlifting belt have to offer?

To start with, it’s constructed from premium nylon that won’t bend, tear, or crack over time in the way that some leather powerlifting belts can. It also has a width of 4-inches, which is ideal for keeping your back supported and creating even intra-abdominal pressure while you lift.

It’s also fully competition approved, so there’s no need to purchase a separate powerlifting belt just to compete in. This is a great way to save money and, with the low price of this belt, it’s an excellent choice for anybody on a budget. Your money goes even further too, thanks to the included lifetime warranty.


  • Features an innovative self-locking buckle
  • Constructed from premium nylon that won’t bend, tear, or break under heavy weights
  • The 4-inch width provides superb back support and creates an even level of intra-abdominal pressure
  • Is fully competition approved
  • A good choice for anybody on a budget, and includes a lifetime warranty


  • Although available in five sizes, some people found an issue with the sizing. However, there is a measuring guide available for double-checking before ordering.


Dark Iron Fitness Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt

Constructed from top-quality buffalo leather, this Pro Weight Lifting Belt from Dark Iron Fitness is one of the most durable powerlifting belts you’ll ever find. But, despite its toughness, it is also remarkably comfortable, soft, and flexible.

This means you’ll be able to lift super heavy weights without worrying about the belt pinching your side while you squat! It’s also approved for use by the International Powerlifting Federation, so it’s suitable for use in competitions.

The durable, metal buckle makes it easy to tighten the belt around your waist, and the double-pronged design ensures that the belt is secured firmly in place. It also features tough, nylon stitching that holds the belt together and helps it retain its strength.

This powerlifting belt is also one of the least expensive one on the market, so it’s a great choice for anybody working with a tight budget. You’re also given even more value for money from the included lifetime warranty.


  • Made from top-quality buffalo leather
  • Is designed to be durable without sacrificing comfort
  • Approved for competition use by the International Powerlifting Federation
  • Features a strong, durable buckle with a double-prong for easy tightening and securing
  • A budget-friendly choice that comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Some people found that the red color of the stitching left a stain on their clothing. However, it did come out in the wash.


Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever 13mm Powerlifting Belt

Made in the USA from top-quality leather, the Forever Lever 10mm Powerlifting Belt from Inzer Advance Designs is strong, durable, and able to keep you supported even under the heaviest weights. It also features a layer of suede that prevents slipping and gives it a stylish finish.

Four layers of high-density, corrosion-resistant nylon thread lock-stitched to the belt give it the 13mm thickness. This stitching means that this powerlifting belt meets the International Powerlifting Federation competition standards.

This powerlifting belt also features a heavy-duty lever buckle. This makes securing the belt around your waist quick and easy, as well as allowing you to adjust it for a better fit. It can also tighten up to three inches tighter than most other powerlifting belts, giving you the opportunity to add more weight to your squats while keeping your back supported.

Available in 6 different sizes, there’s an option for any waist size. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee which isn’t only a testament to the quality of the belt but also gives you that extra bit of value for money.


  • Constructed from high-quality leather for ultimate durability
  • Features a suede layer for improved grip
  • High-density, corrosion-resistant nylon threads give it the 10mm thickness
  • Has a heavy-duty lever buckle for easy tightening and securing
  • Available in 6 sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Can pinch a little while you’re wearing it in

Best Powerlifting Belt Buying Guide

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to buying a powerlifting belt.

It’s very easy to be drawn to the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s crucial that you make sure you’ve purchased a belt that is durable, secure, and will help keep you safe as you increase the weight load that you train with.

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at powerlifting belts. We’ll cover the benefits of using one and what to look for when you’re buying one.

We’ll even talk you through how to wear one which, although may seem simple, is surprisingly more detailed than you might think!

The Benefits of Wearing a Powerlifting Belt

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the benefits wearing a powerlifting belt can bring to your powerlifting game.

Powerlifting is all about pushing your body to its maximum potential and further by lifting heavy weights. While this is impressive and gives you that well-earned rush of endorphins, it also puts a lot of strain on your body and you need to make sure your muscles coordination and strength are supported properly.

If not, you could cause yourself serious unjust. This is where powerlifting belts come in.

Back & Spinal Stress

When you lift any weight, whether it’s big or small, your back comes under immense stress. And, as you begin to increase the amount of weight you lift, the stress and chances of injury also increase.

But, by wearing a powerlifting belt, you’re able to support your back muscles and spine by providing support from the back of the abdomen.

When tightened firmly and securely, your muscles and held tightly together are better stabilized when you lift super heavy weights.

Reminds You of Your Posture

Your muscles and your posture need to remain as tense as possible when you’re lifting heavy weights. If not, you’re at serious risk of injuring yourself or failing the rep, which will run your gym-cred.

The best way to keep your posture tense when powerlifting is to keep your core tight. And, since powerlifting belts are designed to be noticeably tighter around the core, you’re constantly reminded to keep your posture tight and correct as you begin your lift.

Helps You Overcome Minor Back Pain

If you’ve already developed lower back issues through years of lifting without the help of a powerlifting belt, then using one now can help to reduce the risk of any further issues occurring.

It will also place pressure on existing pains and provide pain relief in the same way that wrapping a strain with a bandage does.

Slows Down Fatigue When Training

This is especially true when you’re weightlifting competitively. During any powerlifting competition, you’re required to perform 3 max attempts for squat, deadlift, and bodybuilding bench press. This is really draining, especially when you’re under a heavy weight, and it doesn’t take long for fatigue to set in.

However, since two of these lifts require power from the abdomen and lower back, you can preserve some of the power and perform a killer bench press when you’re wearing a powerlifting belt.

What to Look for in a Powerlifting Belt

So, now we know some of the benefits that come from wearing a powerlifting belt. But what should you look for when you’re choosing the best powerlifting belt for your needs.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most important components to consider when you begin shopping around for a powerlifting belt.

Paying attention to each of these will not only ensure you get a fantastic belt but can help you save money in the long run as you won’t need to worry about replacing it with a more suitable model.


There are two common materials to choose from when you’re looking for a powerlifting belt; leather and nylon. Both of these are super strong, but which is the best? There isn’t really very much in it, to be honest. In fact, it will most likely come down to where you are in your powerlifting journey.

Leather is naturally strong and won’t easily tear, bend, or crack. This is ideal when you’re lifting a heavier weight, and you’re guaranteed to be kept supported without any risk of the belt deteriorating too much over time.

Nylon is probably a better choice for people who are new to weight lifting. It’s easier to adjust and you’ll be given a good amount of support before you start increasing the amount of weight and need to move onto leather.

Both leather and nylon powerlifting belts are approved by the International Powerlifting Federation for use in competitions, so either is a good choice here too.


The thickness of your powerlifting belt will ultimately determine how supportive it is. However, while it may seem sensible to go for a larger thickness in the belief that it will provide more support, there is a little more to it than that.

Generally speaking, there are two main thicknesses you can choose from when you’re looking for a powerlifting belt; 10mm and 13mm. Let’s take a look at what a 10mm belt will do for you, first of all.

With a 10mm thickness, the ‘break in’ time will be shorter, especially if you’ve chosen a leather powerlifting belt. This means it will become less challenging to wrap around your body, tighten, and secure in a faster time.

So, to put it simply, a 10mm thick powerlifting belt will become more comfortable to wear in a short amount of time. But what about support?

Since 10mm powerlifting belts are generally less rigid than 13mm belts, they sit comfortably around your waist while still offering you a superb amount of support for your lower back and abdomen. And, since they are less rigid and take less time to mold to your body, they can also be worn at all times in the gym without leaving you feeling overly-restricted or weighed down.

10mm powerlifting belts are also usually cheaper than their 13mm counterparts, so this is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

A 13mm powerlifting belt is noticeably more rigid than 10mm belts, and they are really aimed at elite powerlifters who will be taking on a lot more weight than the average gym enthusiast. They are especially good for competitive weight training.

The rigidity of a 13mm powerlifting belt means that it’s able to provide more stability and support for your back and abdominal muscles, but it also means it takes a lot longer to break in. So, while it may be more supportive, it will be less comfortable for longer.

To sum up, if you’re looking for an every day powerlifting belt or one that can be used during the occasional competition, a 10mm thickness would be sufficient. However, if you’re a professional weightlifter or you’re really pushing yourself past your comfort zone, go for a belt with a 13mm thickness.


There are also two types of buckle to choose from when you’re looking for a powerlifting belt. These are ‘prong buckles ’ and ‘lever buckles’. Both will keep your belt securely fastened, but each is a little different. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them below.

Prong buckles are the most common type of buckle you’ll see when you’re looking at powerlifting belts. They are easy to use and aren’t unlike the type of buckle you’d find on a regular belt.

This type of buckle comes in a couple of variations; single-prong and double-prong. Generally speaking, a double-prong buckle adds a little more security to the belt, but a single-prong buckle is still really secure and is easier to operate with just one hand.

Lever buckles are fairly new in the world of powerlifting belts, but they are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They’re super easy to use and allow you to adjust the belt and secure it in place by clamping the buckle shut. This also makes it much easier to remove the belt when the time comes.

Again, the choice between the two will really come down to personal preference. If you’re lifting super heavy weights and want to make sure your belt stays firmly in place throughout, then a pronged buckle would be the best choice.

You can also check out our article here for an in-depth explanation on the differences between lever and prong belts to help you determine which belt is better for you.


Finally, you’ll need to think about the size of your powerlifting belt. Just like any other item of clothing, the size of powerlifting belts can differ from brand to brand. Luckily, some brands offer a range of sizes ranging from 29-inches to 49-inches, so there’s a good amount of choice for everybody.

One thing you’ll need to remember when you’re looking at sizes is that, since powerlifting belts are placed around the middle of the abdomen, this is the measurement you’ll need to take. Don’t simply rely on your usual pant size as a guide.

Some brands will also list their sizes as “Small, Medium, Large, etc”. Again, don’t just guess here. Take some time to look at the accompanying measuring chart and find out what size you need.

Just because you’re usually a medium in one brand, it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily the same size in another.

How to Wear a Powerlifting Belt for Squats & Deadlifts

You’d be forgiven for thinking that putting a powerlifting belt on your body is a fairly straightforward task.

However, there are a couple of things you need to make sure you’ve done correctly in order to keep yourself supported when you’re doing squats and deadlifts.

Here’s how to wear a powerlifting belt properly for squats and deadlifts:

  1. Make sure you’re placing the belt in the right area. This will usually be around the middle of the abdomen.
  2. Wrap the belt around your back, then pull the end of the belt towards the buckle.
  3. Loosely thread the end of the belt through the buckle.
  4. Now, suck in your stomach and pull the belt tight before fastening it.
  5. Tuck the remaining belt through the belt loop and check to see if you’re comfortable or if you need to readjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best powerlifting belt?

This will essentially be a case of personal preference, but there are three main things you need to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a powerlifting belt.

It needs to offer you excellent support, be super durable, and be easy to to adjust and secure. With this in mind, a 10mm leather belt such as the Hawk Sports Genuine Leather 10mm Powerlifting Belt would be an excellent choice.

A lot of weightlifting belts in the market are designed with the male physique in mind so they may be uncomfortable or ineffective for some women weightlifters. But, don’t fret as there also are plenty of high-quality women’s and unisex powerlifting belts out there. Check out our list of the best powerlifting belts for women in this article and find the perfect belt for you.

What powerlifting belt thickness do I need?

Powerlifting belts will usually come in a choice of either 10mm thick or 13mm thick, and the size you need will really depend on your current weightlifting level.

Generally speaking, a 10mm thick powerlifting belt will provide you with the back and core support you need when lifting weights.

It will also take less time to break in and feel comfortable. 13mm powerlifting belts are more geared towards professional, competitive powerlifters. They offer a great deal of lumbar and abdominal support, but they also take a lot longer to break in.

Is a leather powerlifting belt better than a nylon powerlifting belt?

This is also a case of personal preference. Leather powerlifting belts are super durable and can withstand a great amount of use under heavy loads without bending, cracking, or tearing. However, they can take a little longer to break in and feel totally comfortable.

Nylon belts are also really durable, and are easier to adjust as they don’t require a breaking in period. If you’re new to powerlifting, we’d recommend starting with a nylon powerlifting belt and eventually graduating to a leather belt.

Final Word

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about powerlifting belts along with 10 fantastic choices of the best powerlifting belts possible.

If you’re still struggling to decide which is the best option for you, remember that there are three main things to keep in mind; material, thickness, and buckle.

Thinking about each of these and considering which would be the best for you will take a lot of guesswork out of it and lead you to your perfect match!

Whichever choice you choose, remember that you need to follow the steps outline above and wear your powerlifting belt correctly. This will ensure that it’s able to offer you the lumbar and abdominal support you need, and will drastically reduce the risk of accidentally injuring yourself while you train.

Kevin Harris