7 Cheap Gym Mirrors: Where To Get Large, Cheap Mirrors for Your Home Gym?

Installing some mirrors into your at-home gym is great for being able to monitor your form in the reflection, to make sure you’re not possibly injuring yourself, but also it adds more light to your room and makes it look more spacious.

Trying to find cheap gym mirror can be hard, especially when you don’t know what will work best in your at-home gym.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and nailed down the 5 best home gym mirrors to create this guide for you today.

We’ve also included an informational guide so you can get yourself clued up on what you need when buying your new home gym mirror and also a FAQ section to conclude this article.

In a hurry?

If you’re fed up with browsing and just want to find out our top choice for the best home gym mirror then we’ve saved you time and brought you right here.

Our top pick for Best Home Gym Mirror is the EdgeWood Wall Mirror Frameless 4-piece set, we’ve included a full review further down along with our next top 4 favorites for best home gym mirrors.

 Here are a few short reasons why the EdgeWood mirror is our favorite.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be made into a mirror wall
  • Comes with 4 pieces in the set
  • Frameless style
  • Easy to install
  • Safe polished edges
  • Available in 3 sizes


EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors Flexible Real Glass Flat Frameless 4-Piece Set


NeuType Full-Length Mirror


Murrey Home 12″ Square Mirror Tray Gym Mirrors for Home Gym


EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors Flexible Real Glass Flat Frameless 4-Piece Set

This 4-piece mirror set from EDGEWOOD is an ideal option for installing into your home gym without having to use any equipment at all.

In this 4-piece set, you can get a choice of sizing of 11.5”x11.5” or 14”x14” either of these will serve well as one big vertical mirror when arranged together. The 4-piece set will be large enough so you can see your whole body.

As these mirrors are frameless, they provide more versatile uses. If you wanted to create a full wall of these mirrors, you can easily buy 4-5 packs to completely fill a wall and recreate a mirror wall from floor to ceiling as you’d find in a professional gym setting.

The packs are budget-friendly so buying numerous ones will not set you back a lot and you’ll be able to fill whatever space you need.

This mirror set would be a much-preferred option for those who live in rented accommodation as it won’t require you to drill any holes in the wall to secure it.

Instead, it comes with double-sided sticky tape on the back of the mirror to easily secure it to the wall. The adhesive is surprisingly strong and we had no issues with the mirrors staying on the wall.

They can be difficult to get off the wall if you want to remove them, and if you’re placed on painted walls then it will rip the paint off slightly so as an alternative you could opt to use command strips instead of the sticky back adhesive to keep them secure.

The mirrors look very high quality and come with safe polished edges for extra protection, so great if you’ll have kids or animals wandering around your home gym.

They’re good quality glass and offer a super clear reflection with no warping so you’ll be able to focus on your form without looking like you’re in a circus funhouse.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be made into a mirror wall
  • Comes with 4 pieces in the set
  • Frameless style
  • Easy to install
  • Safe polished edges
  • Available in 3 sizes


  • Will take paint off your walls when removing them


NeuType Full-Length Mirror

Cheap gym Mirror

This NeuType full-length mirror is suitable for those who are looking for a more convenient and easy option for a mirror to put in their home gym.

This mirror is the only full-length mirror that we’ve recommended on our list and you’ll be able to install it without having to do your own DIY.

The mirror is 65”x22” and you’ll be able to see your whole body in it easily whilst you’re working out. Surprisingly, it’s very lightweight for the size it is and can be easily moved around your house if you want to use it for other things. The NeuType full-length mirror doesn’t look too much like a gym mirror and is more aesthetic than others we have tried so

The mirror does feature a frame, which may not be to some people’s tastes but they do have a large collection of colors to choose from including black, brushed matte gold, and even the option to get an LED surround frame to light it up. We found that the aluminum alloy style fits best with our home gym aesthetic.

Due to the framing, these mirrors would be more difficult to arrange to create a mirror wall, but it would still be possible if you didn’t mind the frame dividing the display of the mirrors.

This mirror is extremely versatile and can be hung on the wall, leaned against the wall but also comes with a bracket stand which can be pulled out behind the mirror to stand in the middle of the room. This is great if you don’t want to go through the effort of trying to hang it on your wall. You’ll need to use gourd hooks to attach this mirror to the wall.

The display is high-definition glass and is extremely safe due to its burst-proof and explosion-proof membrane, meaning even if it’s hit with force it won’t shatter everywhere.

NeuType completely understands that products can be broken or damaged in transit by couriers, so that’s why they offer a 100% refund or replacement guarantee if your mirror arrives broken on arrival.


  • Refund/Replacement guarantee
  • Option for LED frame
  • Versatile placement
  • Highly durable glass
  • Big size
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a stand


  • Will need permanent hooks to place on the wall


Murrey Home 12″ Square Mirror Tray Gym Mirrors for Home Gym

Next, we have another selection of glass mirror tiles that can be arranged on your wall in your home gym.

The 12” mirrors come in a set of 12 and will certainly create a large enough mirror surface when all installed together. You’ll be able to buy a few sets and still stay on a budget to create a feature wall of mirrors in your home gym.

The mirrors come in 7 sizes ranging from 5”x12” to 12”x12”, so we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your styles, space, and needs in your home gym.

The mirrors are about 2mm so extremely thin and will look seamless on your wall without standing out too much. They feature a smooth edge and are smooth to touch and won’t hurt your hands, which is reassuring if you have young children. The finish is high quality and you’ll get an HD image with no warping.

The mirrors do not come with any sticky strips or hooks, so you’ll need to use your own strong adhesive to attach them to your walls.

Many people recommend using adhesive strips or mounting tape as well as glue/adhesive to make sure the mirror has an immediate bond to the wall whilst the glue has time to cure.


  • Comes in 7 sizes
  • Comes in a large set of 12
  • Extremely thin so will level on your wall
  • Smooth edges
  • HD image
  • No warping


  • No adhesive attachments included


Huimei2Y Set of 4 Wall Mirror for Full-Length Body Mirror Large

The Huimei2Y mirrors come in a 4-piece set and have sizing choices of 12”x12”, 14”x14”, and also 16”x16”.

Any of these 3 sizing options will be adequate on their own as serving as a gym mirror or you can buy a few more sets to create a huge mirror wall so you can work out anywhere in your gym and still be able to see your reflection.

The mirror is made from high-quality HD float glass and is distortion-free so won’t make you look bigger or smaller in the reflection. It also features a frosted edge to protect your hands from being cut.

The mirrors come with strong double-sided foam tape and a mirror holder set for you to attach to your walls. They are also easy to remove and won’t damage any surfaces that you put them on.

These mirrors are suitable for latex wall paint, ceramic tile walls, wooden and glass surfaces. We don’t think these mirrors would be suitable to secure adhesively onto a brick wall in a garage.

These mirrors come carefully packaged with reinforced foam and cushioning to protect the mirrors in transit from their warehouse. Their customer service team is very helpful and efficient at sorting any damages or refunds that may have occurred during delivery.


  • Protective packaging for delivery
  • Secure double-sided foam tape
  • Can combine together to create a large mirror
  • Comes with 4 pieces in a set
  • Distortion-free
  • Frosted edges to protect your hands


  • Double-sided foam tape is not the strongest


Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheet with Finished Polished Edges by E.H.C

If you want to get a more seamless display of mirrors without having to have lots of small ones combined then this E.H.C branded mirror will be more ideal for you.

You can buy one mirror individually or you can buy them in a pack of 2 or 4, however, unlike our other recommendations you won’t need as many as these are a lot larger in size. The size of each individual mirror is 12” x 24 ⅛ “

This E.H.C acrylic mirror has 17 times the impact strength of a regular glass mirror meaning that this can resist shattering as a normal mirror would.

If the acrylic does so happen to break, it won’t break into thousands of tiny pieces like glass mirrors would, meaning that the cleanup process is made easier if there is an accident.

If you want to ensure secure placement on your wall, you can use a drill to put holes in it. However, to do this, you’ll need to place the mirror on a flat wooden surface and make sure you are drilling straight at 90 degrees. Put masking tape over the surface you are about to drill to prevent any chipping.

As the mirror is acrylic, there is some distortion that occurs when you are looking at the mirror from the side, but when you are looking directly into it, it is fine. The distortion is not extreme and doesn’t resemble a funhouse.


  • Free returns
  • Large sizes
  • 2 in a pack
  • Strong build
  • Can drill into it to attach to a wall


  • It’s acrylic so does distort a bit

Best Home Gym Mirrors: Where To Get Large, Cheap Mirrors Buying Guide


The size of the mirror will be the major factor in how you pick one for your gym at home.

If you live alone and will be the only one primarily using the gym, then you won’t need anything too massive. It must be the right width and height to fit properly onto your wall (make sure you measure up beforehand).


Glass is a more reflective material used in mirrors, it is more reflective and guarantees no distortion so will not make you look distorted in the reflection, this is why they are often the most expensive kind of mirror.

Distortion is why you sometimes look bigger or taller in mirrors.

Acrylic mirrors are more reasonably priced, however you will have to sacrifice to some distortion in them. If you’re only after a mirror to observe your technique to make sure you’re doing it correctly, then an acrylic mirror will serve you just fine.

If you’re after a mirror to observe how you look or even get a cheeky gym selfie, then a glass mirror will be better.


Glass is very common for breaking, so if you’re very clumsy or even have kids running around your house then you’ll want to opt for an acrylic mirror as they are more durable.

If you’re not very nifty at DIY then we’d recommend going for an acrylic mirror to avoid disasters if you’ve secured it wrong on the wall.

Fixed v Portable Mirrors

Fixed mirrors are the ones you find on the walls of public gyms, they are normally secured using adhesive glue. They are a much safer option if you’ve got lots of equipment and machines in your home gym as they’ll be out of the way.

If you’re renting accommodation, then a portable mirror will be better for you as it won’t damage the walls, it’ll also mean you can move it around your house depending on where you’re working out.

If you are going to use a fixed mirror in your gym, make sure you secure it properly using the right materials. Otherwise, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen, especially if it is a glass mirror.

Frame v Frameless Mirrors

Framed mirrors are easy to hang on the walls, as they can simply be installed by hooking the frame onto a hook on the wall. Framed mirrors are less commonly seen in public gyms.

Most gyms use frameless mirrors, as you can arrange numerous mirrors next to each other or above to create a mirror wall illusion, there’ll be more on this later on. However, frameless mirrors are more prone to chipping and often have sharper edges.

Where to find some of the best large budget-friendly mirrors?


One of the best places to get most things, let alone gym mirrors is Amazon. They offer a wide variety of mirror styles and shapes which can be easily shipped to your door within days, saving you the hassle of trying to fit it in your car.

They have very affordable prices and offer the dimensions of mirrors on the product description, so you’ll be able to see if it’ll fit right into your home.

Facebook Marketplace/eBay/Craigslist

You can find some hidden gems for some reasonable prices on websites like these, especially if you’re open to traveling a bit further to go pick it up.

However, you have to be careful when buying second-hand things from these websites as there could be defects with the mirror that the seller hasn’t disclosed.

There is also the problem of availability as most sellers will only have one quantity of the mirror available, so once it’s gone it is gone.

One benefit of these sites is that you can barter with the seller over the price, so sometimes the seller may just want to get rid of it and will agree to your lower price offer, resulting in you picking up some total bargains.

Lowes or Home Depot

Home Depot and Lowes have a great selection of mirrors that are well suited for gyms. However, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for to find something big enough for your gym.

The prices in home depot will often be higher than those on Amazon or second-hand websites or platforms.

Quick Fixes for Mirror Alternatives

We know gym equipment can get expensive, so if you can’t quite justify spending money on some mirrors for your gym right now, there are some easy alternatives you can use to keep track of your form whilst you’re working out and be able to monitor your progress.

Mobile Phone

If you’ve got a flat surface against a wall in your gym then you can lean your phone against it to film yourself while you squat or lift.

You’ll be able to watch back the video to check on your form. If you happen to have a selfie stick or a camera tripod to hang anywhere in your home then you can always attach your phone to it and record yourself with the front camera and monitor your form in the display on the screen. If you want a slightly bigger screen, you could use a tablet or laptop webcam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should gym mirrors be?

You’ll want your gym mirror to be about 5 feet tall to cover all the basic workouts you can do weightlifting, yoga, etc….

If possible, your mirror should be mounted 7” off the ground on the wall, so you’ll still be able to see the workouts you do above your head.

Where to put mirrors in a home gym?

This will depend on where and when you want to see yourself.  Most people prefer to see themselves as they perform an exercise. They can check form and level of sexiness, haha.  But yeah, mostly form and also its a good way to motivate if you can see your muscles flexing. Sort of like your own workout partner.

So the best place to put a mirror in your home gym is in front of where you will be working out the most.  If you can line your gym wall with mirrors, this is a great way to stay consistent with your workouts.

I also suggest adding opposing mirrors so you can see your back side as well as the front when you feel it is necessary.  This is great while your doing pumping your back muscles on back day!

There is a lot of debate surrounding the effectiveness of gym mirrors. Some people feel that they are helpful in helping to track your progress, while others believe that they can be distracting and irritating. While there is no right or wrong answer, it’s ultimately up to you whether or not you think they are beneficial.


I hope you were able to find a cheap gym mirror that suited your needs. Whether a mirror for your home gym or maybe even your gym locker, you now have some great options.  Now go admire and motivate yourself with a new gym mirror!

Kevin Harris