The human body is a precision instrument and even though it can be moulded to perfection shaping and transforming it is a discipline that relies on knowledge and control.

Change is never easy, and it requires dedication and devotion, but with the right mindset and information, anything is possible and you can become the person that you’ve always wanted to, and known that you can, be.

Hi, I’m Kevin Harris and my interest in bodybuilding began when I first saw Arnold Schwarzenegger wielding a sword on-screen as ‘Conan the Barbarian’. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be all that I could be, and that I wanted to be like Arnold. As soon as the movie finished, I joined my first gym.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me, and slowly but surely I learned the healthiest and most effective ways to gain, and maintain muscle and improve my levels of fitness. I started to feel healthier, became stronger and more confident, and realized that I could face and overcome any challenges and adversity that life placed in my path.

Nothing in life is easy, but the lessons that I’ve learned from the time that I’ve spent lifting weights and pushing myself in the gym have served me well - that’s why I want to share them with you.

I want you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and I hope that my site will help to inspire you to reach that goal and meet every challenge that you encounter head-on.

Thanks for spending some time on my site and with me, and maybe one day we can spot each other while we’re reaching for perfection. 

Kevin Harris

Owner of NANBF