7 Best Workout Sandbags With Handles to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Using a sandbag with handles during your workouts can introduce a diverse range of exercises that you would otherwise struggle to execute when using other forms of workout equipment.

A sandbag allows you to enjoy a whole different way of training. They offer an inexpensive addition to your home gym set up and encourage a multitude of muscles in your body to work.

7 Best Workout Sandbag With Handles

For those who have never used a sandbag, you are likely wondering what benefits they have on different parts of your body and which option is best suited to your fitness needs.

Due to their hardy exterior, workout sandbags can last for a significant amount of time before requiring replacement so it isn’t likely that you will be making frequent repurchases.

Because of this, it is important to select one that offers the quality and durability that you expect. For those who are likely to enjoy frequent use of their sandbag, finding the best option is paramount.

To make the process easier for you, we have browsed the market and reviewed our top 7 picks of the best options available so you are bound to find one that accommodates your needs.

Below, we have delved further into the purposes of these sandbags in our buyer’s guide where we have also identified our top tips for selecting the best product.

Are you in a hurry? If so, we have selected our top pick for you below.


SKLZ Heavy Duty Super Sandbag


Brute Force Heavy Duty Sandbag


Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbag


SKLZ Heavy Duty Super Sandbag

The SKLZ Super Sandbag can be used to exercise the upper and lower body region. The positioning of the handles offers excellent versatility and allows users to participate in an array of training exercises as they can be gripped with ease. From lifting to squatting and lunging this bag provides an easy way to develop your power and endurance.

With a maximum weight limit of 40 lbs, this sandbag may not suffice the needs of bodybuilders, however, it is more than likely to accommodate beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

You are provided with 4 20 pound weight bags that can be used as soft weights to enhance the intensity of your workout or when used inside the bag they can each hold 10ibs of sand which equates to the 40ibs maximum weight limit. Although this may appear rather snug, the sandbags will be secured by the zip fastening.

This sandbag features 6 handles each of which is encased in a soft grip material. As such, this enables users to maintain a secure grip for the duration of their workouts. The tough outer shell creates a durable sandbag that is going to deliver long-lasting use without presenting the risk of tearing easily.

Setting up this sandbag in preparation for your workout is a straightforward process too. Simply fill the four weight bags up with sand ensuring that each is correctly sealed to avoid any unwanted spillages.

Then insert the bags into the casing and fasten it using the zip. You needn’t insert all of the sandbags at once but rather the amount that you require to suit your workout.

What we like:

  • It is easy to set up and prepare for your workouts.
  • You can insert the number of sandbags that suit your workout and they can also be removed and used as soft weights if required.
  • It is designed with a durable outer shell for longevity.
  • It features several handles each of which are easy to grip.
  • The versatility of this sandbag means that it can be used for a multitude of training exercises.

What we dislike:

  • Although it is a great choice for beginners, it may not accommodate the needs of those partaking in more advanced workouts where a heavier weight is preferable.


Brute Force Heavy Duty Sandbag

Adding versatility to your exercise routine, the Brute Force Heavy Duty Sandbag is great for CrossFit, functional training, and endurance training.

Utilizing this sandbag can help to improve your strength, agility, and flexibility and encourages the engagement of many muscles in the body.

The recommended weight capacity is in the range of 25 – 75 lbs. The two 1000D velcro filler bags provided differ in size. While one can hold 30 lb of sand, the other can hold 50 lb. As such, you can add the volume of sand that you see fit depending on the demands of your workout.

You may wish to fill them fully to feel the total weight or less so if you are partaking in a lighter exercise. When sealed, these filler bags aren’t likely to spill any of the sand so you needn’t worry about an unwanted mess.

Impressively, the brute force sandbag has been made using 1000D Cordura material, a durable and reliable material that is resistant to damage and tearing. The shell of the bag is also equipped with reinforcements that are going to hold the weight of the filler.

Not only is this sandbag available in an assortment of colors but it is available in multiple sizes too; the lowest weight capacity being 0-25 lbs and the largest holding a maximum weight of 50 to 125ibs.

For ease of use, this sandbag has been designed with 8 soft low profile handles of which are distributed around the body of the bag. This allows you to hold the bag in the best position for your workout. The use of soft materials also makes them much more comfortable to handle but eliminating the risk of irritation.

What we like:

  • This sandbag has been handmade in the USA so you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • It is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty should you experience any issues.
  • It is suitable for machine washing which makes it easier to maintain the quality.
  • This sandbag has an impressive weight capacity to cater to different exercises.
  • It has been made from durable materials for longevity.

What we don’t like:

  • Some may find the handles a little too long and restricting depending on the workout.


Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbag

Introducing the Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbag to your training regime will soon see you reaping the benefits. While this sandbag is perfect for building stability and conditioning it can also help to improve your strength too.

Whether you participate in CrossFit or you exercise by doing squats, lunges, or hammer curls the versatility of this sandbag means that it can be used to target many of your muscles.

This sandbag is available in a selection of sizes and colors. The smallest has a weight capacity of 5 – 25ibs, the medium 25 -75ibs, the large 50-125ibs, and the extra-large option which can hold between 125-200 lbs. The availability of sizes allows you to select the best option to suit your fitness level and the requirements of your workout.

As for construction, this sandbag has been made from 1000D coated Cordura nylon fabric along with strong stitching and zipper closures.

The construction of these elements creates a very durable sandbag that is going to resist damage and tearing making it suitable for long-lasting use. The core points of the bag which are exposed to more damage feature reinforced x shaped stitches which enhance the toughness of these areas.

Along with the sandbag you are also provided with filler bags, although the volume of which you are provided with these bags differs depending on the size. These filler bags have been designed with a velcro fastening which prevents the contents from spilling out and causing a mess.

The design of this bag also incorporates 7 handles, all of which have been strategically placed along the body of the bag to ensure that it is easy to handle.

What we like:

  • The material is water resistant and will refrain from becoming damaged if contact with water should occur.
  • It is available in an assortment of sizes so you can select the best option for your workout needs.
  • The use of tough materials creates a durable bag that is resistant to damage.
  • The seal of the filler bags is effective in retaining the contents and preventing spillages.
  • The strong stitching is resistant to fraying.

What we dislike:

  • The handles are slightly long which may provide difficulties with particular workouts.


Garage Fit Heavy Duty Sandbag

The Garage Fit Heavy Duty Sandbag has been built to last. Whether you intend to use it indoors or outdoors it offers the durability to withstand a range of conditions.

Though this bag has been made from the same nylon Cordura material as our previous picks, the structure of this bag is less rigid providing you with the flexibility to transport it to different locations.

As a medium weight bag, it can hold between 25 and 75 pounds. While it may not have the maximum weight capacity to cater to those with advanced experience, it is more than likely to satisfy the needs of beginners. If this weight isn’t going to cater to your training needs, you will be pleased to know there are larger options available.

This sandbag has been designed with 8 soft grip handles which allow you to perform a selection of workouts that require you to hold it in different ways.

This bag also comes with a filler liner to hold the sand. You have the option to alter the interior weight of this sandbag by controlling the volume of sand inside these filler bags.

The filler bags feature hook and loop closures that retain the contents to prevent any unwanted and spillages. Along the outer shell of the sandbag, there is a heavy duty zipper that will ensure these bags remain securely positioned and mess is avoided.

What we like:

  • This sandbag is suitable for machine washing which allows for hassle free cleaning.
  • There are different versions available each of which has different weight capacities.
  • The inclusion of multiple handles allows you to hold the bag in a range of ways.
  • Courtesy of the durable construction this is a tough and reliable sandbag.
  • It can be used as an accompaniment to many workouts.

What we dislike:

  • The sand is prone to spilling from the filler bags depending on the intensity of the workout.



The REP FITNESS Sandbag has been made to help you execute your fitness and training goals. Regardless of whether you are new to using a sandbag or an experienced user, it can be introduced to a range of exercises from presses, lunges, and squats.

This bag is also available in different colors and the weight capacity can differ between these offerings. Impressively, the largest size has a 50 – 125ibs capacity.

Constructed from 1000D Cordura, this is a heavy-duty, reliable sandbag that is going to refrain from becoming damaged easily. Additionally, the bag features a tough outer shell that is going to hold the weight of the sandbags enclosed inside.

Aside from this, the key areas have been triple stitched so you needn’t worry about tearing and it features heavy-duty fasteners that will secure the contents inside.

The quantity of filler bags that are provided increases alongside the size of the sandbag. Should you wish to purchase the large option you will receive 3 filler bags. Once filled, these bags can then be fastened using the double velcro closure which is responsible for preventing the sand from leaking.

This sandbag features 6 low profile handles that have been carefully fitted along the outside of the bag. The soft feel of the handles makes them easier to hold while preventing potential pain or irritations caused by discomfort. They also feature reinforced rivets which make them much more durable.

What we like:

  • This sandbag is covered by a 1 year warranty should you experience any issues.
  • There are different weight options available.
  • The material is water resistant so it isn’t going to become damaged if used outdoors during a downpour.
  • It has been solidly made for long-lasting use.
  • The soft handles are comfortable to hold onto.

What we dislike:

  • The stitching of the handles could be improved as some customers have reported that they are prone to fraying.


Ultra Fitness Workout Exercise Sandbag

Entering the market within an affordable price range, the Ultra Fitness Workout Exercise Sandbag is great value for money. The design and quality of the bag make it a perfect addition to your training routine whether this be for CrossFit and tactical training and using this bag will deliver many benefits helping to improve your core strength and conditioning.

Slightly smaller than our previous picks this particular style has a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

However, if this is too light for the advancement of your workout it is available in multiple other sizes without the largest offering holding a maximum of 125ibs. The availability of different sizes is great in allowing you to select the best option for your fitness ability and workout style.

Along with the sandbag itself, you are provided with a filler bag that can be filled with sand up to the weight that you desire. The PVC coating of this bag and the double velcro design is going to prevent the sand inside from spilling out and causing an unwanted mess.

The design of this bag also incorporates five Cordura handles that allow you to maneuver the bag in the most practical way for your workout. These handles are also comfortable to grip so they will eliminate any unwanted pain.

In regards to the durability of this bag, it has been made from 1600D military spec Cordura with diamondback cross stitching and seat belt webbing.

The quality of the construction creates a super tough and robust bag that can endure frequent use without becoming damaged. It also features heavy zippers that will keep the fill bags contained securely inside.

What we like:

  • It is covered by a 1 year warranty should you experience any problems with wear and tear.
  • As an affordably priced sandbag, it is ideal for those on a budget.
  • The smaller option is a great choice for beginners.
  • The tough and durable construction creates a bag that will likely see you through many uses.
  • The soft handles of the bag are comfortable to grip.

What we dislike:

  • Although the small size of this bag is ideal for beginners, it may not accommodate the needs of more advanced fitness enthusiasts.


Meister 50 lb Elite Fitness Sandbag

As a versatile piece of fitness equipment, the Meister 50ib Elite Fitness Sandbag can be used during the completion of a range of exercises. From lunges, squats, and presses to circuit training and workouts, it is sure to be the perfect exercise companion.

Unlike our previous picks, this sandbag uses sand filled kettlebells rather than bags. These three sandbags vary in size from 10ib, 15ib, and 20ib. As such you can add and remove the bags as you see fit depending on the demands of your workout.

Something that we particularly like with this sandbag is that you are essentially being provided with two pieces of fitness equipment. Of course, you can use the sandbag but you can also use the kettlebells that it is supplied with, separately if you require their use for free weight exercises.

The quality construction of this bag ensures that it sees you through many uses. Made from PVC it also features a thick inner core which will maintain the shape of the bag even when the kettlebells have been added to it.

Aside from this, it has also been designed with heavy-duty zippers which allow for easy access into the bag while also ensuring that the kettlebells remain carefully in their place.

This sandbag features 8 handles that have been strategically placed making it easier to lift and maneuver when used in different types of workouts.

These handles are encased in thick core rubber which makes them comfortable and easy to grip. Likewise, each of the kettlebells has also been made with semi rigid handles that have a soft neoprene grip for improved comfort.

What we like:

  • The kettlebells provided can also be used for separate workouts.
  • Made from good quality, durable materials this sandbag has been made to last.
  • The thick core of the bag retains the shape regardless of how intensely it is used.
  • The kettlebells come unfilled so you can add the desired amount for your workout preferences.
  • It has been designed with comfortable handles which make it easier to maneuver.

What we dislike:

  • Unfortunately, some areas of stitching are prone to fraying.

Best Workout Sandbag With Handles Buying Guide

There are many factors that you will need to be aware of before selecting a workout sandbag. With many offerings from different brands, you will likely find that some are better suited to your workout than others.

We have identified these criteria below.

What are the benefits of using a workout sandbag?

Before we delve into the features of a sandbag it is useful to understand the benefits of introducing this equipment to your aesthetic workout routine.

Improved Stability

Using a sandbag requires you to stay balanced as you move. This is because the contents of the sandbag will move as you move so your body will need to accumulate the strength to remain balanced.

A Versatile Way Of Training

Sandbag training allows you to progress with your fitness routine come rain or shine. While they can be used indoors, the ability to empty the sandbags makes it much easier to transport to outdoor locations.

As it can be compactly folded, once you have reached your destination you can then refill the sandbags. This piece of equipment can also be introduced to an array of exercises.

The Weight Can Be Adjusted

As you are required to fill the sandbags up you are in control of how much sand is used. For example, beginners may choose to fill the sandbags halfway while they familiarize themselves with the workout, however advanced fitness enthusiasts may wish to fill the bags to their fullest capacity for more weight.

Preventing Injuries

The use of a sandbag can help to reduce the possibility of injury. This is because a sandbag works groups of muscles while strengthening the body.

Also, the weight of the sandbag is distributed across a larger area of the body so there is less risk of injuries occurring.

Factors to Consider

The Materials

While some sandbags are made from PVC others are made from Cordura. The material is going to determine the strength of the sandbag. Poor quality materials are likely to deteriorate more immediately than higher quality, stronger materials.

It is also important to note that not all materials used to make sandbags are water resistant. If you are likely to be using it outdoors where there is a chance that it may come into contact with water, one that lacks water resistant qualities is likely to deteriorate sooner.

The Weight Limit

The weight limit of the sandbag is crucial and something that is going to be decided by your fitness level. If you are a beginner, you will benefit from the use of a lighter bag that is easier to lift and maneuver. As your strength and confidence in handling the bag develop, you may then wish to progress onto a heavier option.

For beginners a bag weighing around 50 lbs is likely to be sufficient, however, those at a more advanced level may prefer a bag that weighs around 100 lbs or more. The specifications will state the maximum weight capacity of the sandbag.

The Durability

The durability of the bag is going to determine how many uses it sees you through. As a bag that is going to be used during training, it needs to be constructed to withstand tough handling.

Some exercises will require you to throw the bag and so it must allow you to do so without becoming damaged.

After a tiring workout, it may also be a case that the bag accidentally slips away from your grip and upon contact without the ground it must refrain from tearing.

The use of high quality materials will eliminate this issue, instead ensuring that the bag retains its shape and robustness regardless of how it is handled. Also, consider the quality of the stitching as areas that have been poorly stitched are much more likely to fray.

The Fillers

The majority of sandbags will come with filler bags which add the weight to the bag. The quantity in which you are provided these bags will increase along with the weight of the bag.

For example, a lighter sandbag is likely to come with a singular filler bag, while a heavier option is going to come with multiple.

You are in control as to how much sand you put into the fillers bags so you can alter the weight accordingly. If the bags are overfilled they will struggle to hold the weight of the sand.

If your sandbag comes with three filler bags you may wish to begin with two before adding the third to increase the weight. The filler bags can also be removed from the bag and used as weights for lighter and less intense workouts.

The filler bag should be made with high quality materials that maintain a secure seal to prevent the sand contents from leaking and causing an unwanted mess.

The Comfort of The Handles

The majority of sandbags will be designed with 6 to 8 handles all of which are strategically positioned at different angles. The placement of these handles is important in catering to the requirements of different workouts.

Some exercises will require you to hold the bag in different ways so the provision of multiple handles makes it much easier to maintain a secure grip.

These handles are often made from soft materials or encased in a soft rubber coating. The quality of the material ensures that the bag is comfortable to hold and eliminates the onset of irritations and wrist fatigue.

The Brand

Some brands are recognized for producing higher quality sandbags than others. This is often because they produce high quality pieces that resist damage and tearing.

For this reason, you may feel obliged to purchase your equipment from these brands. However, despite this, there are offerings from less known brands that are also worthy of your purchase.

The Price

While some may wish to create their own DIY sandbags they can often lack the quality of those that have been made by professionals.

The cost of sandbags can vary, although there are many affordable options available. Although many retail above the $100 price range, many cheaper options retail within the range of $60 to $80.

You must ensure that your chosen sandbag caters to all of your workout needs and doesn’t compromise on the factors that we have mentioned above. If you are on a more restricted budget, you are bound to find an option available to accommodate this.

The Warranty

Many brands provide a warranty with their products and this is the case with many of the sandbags that we have mentioned above.

The warranty will cover wear and tear and can also provide support should you experience any issues with the product that you receive.

The length of the warranty is likely to differ between brands with some providing a longer policy than others. Some manufacturers do not offer a warranty with their products so you must determine whether this factor is going to influence the product that you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sandbag workouts effective?

Sandbag workouts are great for those who are seeking a challenge. Lifting a sandbag can help to improve your strength and conditioning.

Carrying something heavy like a sandbag encourages many muscles in your body to work e.g your abs, back, and torso.

What weight sandbag should I use?

The weight of the sandbag that you require is going to depend on the workout that you are participating in and also your fitness level.

While some females may opt for a bag that weighs around 45 to 50 lbs, males and advanced fitness enthusiasts may opt for a bag that weighs around 80 lbs. When used correctly the sandbag can deliver many physical benefits.

Kevin Harris