Working Out at Home? Here are 15 of the Best Compact Home Gyms

We all know fitness is important. When we feel unfit we often feel despondent and alone, as if the world is conspiring against us. We don’t feel as if we can do anything to change how we feel about our bodies, and this depresses us. Fitness not only helps the body but the mind too.

When you are feeling very physically fit you often feel very mentally fit as well. Knowing that you are healthy and able to do your job and all the things you love is often a great comfort to many people. Fitness is key to not just making your body feel better but making your life feel full of optimism for the future.

15 Best Compact Home Gyms

However, knowing you need to get fit is one thing. Actually, getting fit is an entirely other story. What kind of things will help you get fit will depend not just on who you are but what you want out of fitness.

Whether you want toned abbs or simply to feel a bit slimmer, finding a fitness routine that works for you is crucial. Knowing that you can get fit in a way that works for you means you are more likely to not only stay fit but to ensure you don’t become unfit again.

One easy way to get you to do this is to have your own home gym. You might think this is a bit over optimistic. You might think that having a gym in your home might take up too much space and not give you the room to breath that you need. That is where you would be wrong.

There are a variety of excellent and easy to use compact home gyms that are available for you to choose from. This article will set out what are the 15 best compact home gyms for you and your family to get fit with.


Fusion Motion Portable Gym


Best Designed Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym


TRX All In One Home Gym


Best Overall – Fusion Motion Portable Gym

When it comes to a stylish, compact and efficient home gym you cannot go wrong with the Fusion Motion Portable Gym. This is a gym that is set apart from other home gyms and is sure to fulfil all your fitness needs. A home gym should be able to contain everything you need to stay fit and healthy, and the Fusion Motion Portable Gym does exactly that.

You can easily and effortlessly get yourself into shape with this gym’s mass of different attachments. There are eight different attachments designed to specifically tone and shape your upper body and legs – these attachments which include dynamic handles which allow you exercise in a variety of different positions and static handles if you are in need of building up your body through repeated exercises.

This gym is so easy to transform that is seems ridiculous how simple it is. In only a few minutes you can go from using it as a squat machine to build up your leg muscles to using it for high intensity curl work outs to build up your upper body strength in no time.

The utter dexterity of this gym means that is truly priceless. It is more effective and cheaper than a lot of paid gym memberships and you can see why – rather than spending time and energy getting to the gym to start your workout you can start it at home with no issues at all.

The Fusion Motion Portable gym also comes with a booklet containing over 200 exercises. If you are unsure how to begin your fitness regime and get yourself in the best shape of your life then this home gym will make sure that you can do so with its step by step guide to some of the most effective exercises out there.

The ease with which this home gym can be transformed from doing easier exercises to doing much more difficult ones ensures that you will be able to utilise it whatever level you are at. Whether you are a beginner or someone with years of gym experience, this really is the gym for you.


  • It’s dexterity – This gym can easily be transformed into whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to focus on cardio or strengthen your legs you can do it with the Fusion Motion Portable Gym.
  • Built to last – This home gym is made from reinforced steel polyethylene which means that it can withstand a hell of a lot of use. This also means that it isn’t likely to wear out easily and mean you have to buy yourself another home gym. This is a home gym built to last for years and years.
  • Exercise guide – This gym doesn’t come with a real inbuilt instructor, but its exercise guide is surely the next best thing. With over 200 exercises contained within the exercise booklet you will never fail to be able to spice up your gym routine.
  • Complimentary bag – If what has been described above isn’t enough to make you want to purchase the Fusion Motion Portable Gym then surely the addition of a complimentary bag will? With its strong handle and smooth yet strong material, this is a bag that will be able to hold any of your gym material that you want it to and much more besides.


  • Instructions aren’t always clear – Whilst the exercise guide is excellent some people have found some of the instructions contained within it somewhat confusing.
  • Not everything is durable – Whilst the gym is easy to put up and easy to use, not all of it is built to last. Some of the exercise routines, including those using the elastic, can sometimes be too much for the material included meaning that the elastic sometimes breaks during a workout.


Best Designed Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

A well-designed compact home gym is crucially important. If you know that you will be using your gym a great deal and potentially shifting it from room to room, then you need to know that it will be well designed. Such a gym is the Bowflex PR1000 home gym.

There are few home gyms which adequately compare to the Bowflex PR1000 in terms of design. Its combination of elegance and easy usability means that it is perfect for anyone. Whether you are just starting out on your gym journey or you are an expert gym enthusiast then the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is exactly what you need to occupy a space in your home.

The Bowflex’s design brilliance comes from its vertical folding bench. Of you need to sit down to do certain gym exercises and it is better to do so on a surface that is designed for that purpose rather than the floor. The Bowflex’s easy to flip up and down bench means that you can easily sit on it when exercising your chest and upper body and then put it away whilst you are doing leg exercises.

The arched design of the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym means that it can accommodate all kinds of different exercising without you feeling as if you have a whole room of your house taken up. You can easily put the Bowflex away when not using it and its light design means it can easily be moved from room to room without too much discomfort.

As well as its design meaning you can do up to twenty five different exercises for your whole body, this compact home gym also has a specially designed device holder.

This means that if you want to play music on your phone whilst exercising without fear of it falling down or being broken then you need not worry with this gym. It is perfect for anyone who wants to easily exercise at home without any of the inconvenience of converting an entire room into a home gym.


  • Easily compactable – The faultless design of this home gym means that it can easily be put away when you want it to. Its combination of allowing a variety of different exercises whilst also easily moveable means that it is ideal for anyone wishing to have a compact home gym.
  • Versatility – The Blowfex is an incredibly versatile home gym. It can easily accommodate aerobic rowing as well as weightlifting and leg strengthening exercises. This gives it an edge not only over some other compact home gyms but gyms in general. Whilst in most gyms you must walk from one part to another in order to do different exercises, with the Blowfex PR1000 you need not do that as all you need is contained within one space.
  • Power Rod Has 210 lb resistance – The Power Rod that is at the heart of the Blowfex has a 210-pound resistance meaning that it isn’t unlikely to break no matter how ever much pressure your place on it. This means that this is a compact home gym that is likely to last for as long as you want to use it.


  • Can be tricky to assemble – Whilst the Blowfex is easy to use once it is up and running it can be tricky to initially assemble. This means that it may take more time than you would like to get to use the gym.


Best Room Saving Gym – TRX All In One Home Gym

One of the most important things with a compact home gym is its ability to not take up too much room. If you wanted a gym that was spread out across one room, then you could easily get one installed or simply go to your local gym. However, in a world in which minimalism and space is important for day to day life the need for a gym that places its emphasis on the compact is crucially important.

Such a gym is the TRX All In One Home Gym. Unlike other home gyms, this one does not have any extraneous bases or complex lifts and benches attached to it. Rather it contains all you need to stay fit and healthy – the very basis for a proper gym works out.

Its all-in-one suspension trainer means that you can easily get fit wherever you are – whether at home or one the road. Thanks to its specially designed highly adaptable material, the suspension trainer will never let you down and can be easily used to build up your upper body strength. Combined with the effective and easy to stick on X Wall Mount, keeping your suspension trainer in place, you can easily get yourself fit wherever you are in the world.

This is artfully combined with the strength exercise bands and the indoor and outdoor wall anchors which ensure that you can safely and effectively test your body to its limits and make yourself feel much fitter than you did before.

That the TRX All In One Home Gym contains an outdoor anchor as well as an indoor anchor demonstrates its brilliance. Because it simply relies on the very essentials of keep fit training it can be used anywhere in the world meaning that if you want to stay fit and healthy whilst on the go or on holiday you can do so with no inconvenience to yourself.

The TRX’s wonders don’t end there. Alongside the main kit is a thirty-five-page workout guide which will ensure you will never get bored of doing the same exercises more than once. This is combined with a fantastic offer. When you buy the TRX All In One Home Gym you are entitled to 90 days access to the TRX Training Club On Demand.

This means that you can watch and enjoy hundreds of hours of training video as well as video showing you how to do yoga and much more. That this fantastic service is available alongside your purchase of the TRX All In One Gym just demonstrates why it is a superb item. With what other home gyms can you have the luxury of being able to do your excises where you want and with the benefit of being able to use hour of training footage to help you? The TRX All In One Home Gym truly is a gym worth purchasing.


  • Compactability – As this is a home gym that doesn’t require you to have a base or a fold up bench as standard, focussing more on the basic essential central needs of a gym, this means it can be easily taken anywhere. Compactability truly is the name of the game and it is core to why this home gym is so effective.
  • Easy to use – Thanks to the simplicity of its set up this is a very easy home gym to use and one that you will never tire of either.
  • Workout guide – The 35 page fully illustrated work out guide that comes as standard with this gym is essential for anyone who wants to get fit. With an array of different exercises designed to make you feel like you are on the top of the world, this is a guide that anyone who wants to get truly fit needs in their life.
  • TRX Training Club On Demand – The TRX On Demand Training club is essential for helping to get you into the right state of mind to get your body moving again. Thanks to the hours of footage that have been uploaded to the platform by exercise experts you’ll soon find yourself getting fitter and fitter and learning more about how to keep fit. Perfect for both beginners and veteran gym users, that this comes free with the TRX All In One Home Gym free for 90 days just demonstrates how accessible this gym really is.


  • Somewhat limited – Whilst the TRX All In One Home Gym is fantastic if you are looking for something compact and easy to use it can be somewhat limited. Unlike some of the more advanced and somewhat bulkier compact home gyms, due to the lack of base and bench, you won’t be able to do some of the exercises you might have wanted to.
  • Over reliant on bonus features – Whilst the TRX All In One Home Gym is excellent is does somewhat overly rely on bonus features such as the TRX On Demand Training Club. Although the club is excellent it does require a month subscription fee after the first 90 days meaning that you won’t be able to use all the features associated with this gym unless you pay a bonus subscription.


Best Easy Set Up Sportsroyal Power Tower Dip Station

Something that is essential with a good compact home gym is ease of set up. You need to be able to get your gym step and taken down whenever you want it to easily and effectively. By far and away the easiest home gym to get set up and then taken down is the Sportsroyal Power Tower Dip Station.

Whilst the name might sound unusual it really isn’t; the Sportsroyal Power Tower Dip Station does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a multifunction power tower which means you can easily do a range of powerful exercises using it.

Thanks to the power tower’s strong and sturdy frame, you will be unlikely to harm it no matter how hard you push yourself during your exercises. The Tower is made from a 14-gauge heavy square steel frame which is also scratch resistant meaning that it can withstand the most energetic of exercise routines.

This is artfully combined with the ergonomic design which include elbow and knee pads to ensure that you never hurt yourself whilst using the tower. Rather than it merely being sturdy and strong, this tower is also safe and will not cause you any harm regardless of the exercise position you choose to use.

The Sportsroyal Power Tower Dip Station is also remarkably flexible. Its height can be easily extended from 64.56” to 88.18” allowing you to use it no matter your height or where your Power Tower is located. This ensures that you can utilise this compact home gym effectively and easily wherever you are in the world.

If you fancy taking a trip somewhere in your car to a country cottage this compact gym can easily come with you thanks to its easy set up and take down. It is why it is such an effective home gym – it is sturdy, compact, and safe to use where you are in the world meaning you can utilise it exactly as you like.

The multi-function ability of this tower is also key to its design. You can utilise it easily for anything from knee raises to push ups and exercise all parts of your body including your chest, neck and back. It is a fantastic compact home gym that is ideal for anyone who needs to use a gym when they need to work from home or want to exercise whilst on the go.


  • Easily disassemble able – This gym is easily disassemble able which means it can be taken anywhere. It is incredibly easy to set up as well which means you don’t have to spend a great deal of time working out how to set it up before you use it. You can quickly set it up and get straight to work.
  • Multi Functionable – This Power Tower can easily be used for all kinds of different exercise activities whether they be for building up your arm muscles or for building up your leg muscles. The power tower can stretch every part of your body as you need it to ensure you get truly fit.
  • Sturdy and Safe – This home gym has an advantage over other home gyms – it is sturdy and safe. The knee and elbow pads that come as standard with the gym help protect you when lifting or climbing and the steel frame ensures that the gym is sturdy no matter how you use it. This means that you will never feel unsafe when using this gym.
  • Height Adjustment – The adjustable height ensures that you can use this gym exactly how you like regardless of your height.


  • Armrest problem – The armrests that are included with this compact home gym have sometimes been found to be wonky or easy to fall off when put under pressure. This can be irritating if you are attempting to exercise in a particular position that requires arm rests.
  • Somewhat bulky – Although this gym is easy to deconstruct and easy to put together it can be somewhat bulky which means that it isn’t always suitable if you have a particularly cramped space.


Best For Beginners BangTong&Li Power Tower

When you are starting on your quest to get into shape it is always best to find a compact home gym that is easy to use for beginners. If you are searching for such a gym and are unable to find it then you could not go wrong with the BangTong&Li Power Tower.

This Power Tower is specifically designed for those who are starting out on their gym journey. With its easy set up and even easier use, the BangTong&Li Power Tower will make getting fit seem like a doddle.

Its sturdy and durable frame mean that if you suddenly get exhausted and need a rest then you can easily do so without the fear that the tower could become dangerous.

This is combined with it high density thick foam rubber grips which ensure when you are working on your upper body muscle that you will be able to hold on to the Power Tower easily. It is perfect for anyone who is starting out using a compact home gym and wants to do so safely.

Its ease of use and safety is perfectly combined with its multi functionality which means that it can be used for a variety of different exercise throughout the day.


  • Good for beginners – The simplicity of design and easy construction means you can easily use this home gym even if you’ve never been to a gym before.
  • Multi functionality – Thanks to the variety of bars that are included with this particular compact home gym you can easily use it for a variety of different exercise routines.
  • Safety – The thick foam rubber grips that come as standard with this gym means that it is very safe for use.


  • Somewhat limited – If you are experienced with using gyms then you may find that this particular compact home gym is somewhat limited.
  • Can be uncomfortable – Some minor design flaws that are a part of this home gym can make certain exercises somewhat uncomfortable


Highly Commended-Body Boss 2.0

This easy to use and lightweight home gym is particularly good if you are on the go. The Body Boss 2.0 can easily be folded and unfolded for use no matter where you are. This easy set up also means that you can use it for a variety of different exercises in a short amount of time.


  • Easy set up – The Body Boss comes with its own travel case meaning you can take it wherever you want to go in the world.
  • Do whatever exercises you want – The cloth attachments that come with the Body Boss can be easily attached to its main body meaning an instant and varied exercise routine is within your grasp.


  • Somewhat limited – Whilst the Body Boss’ easy transportability means it can be used anywhere in the world and carried as if it were a piece of luggage, it also means it is limited and will only be able to do a certain amount of basic exercises.


Flybird Weight Bench

The Flybird Weight Bench might be exactly what you need for a home gym. It is easily compactable and designed for a variety of physical exercise activities.

 If you want to lift some weights, then you can do so sitting on the Flybird Weight Bench without any hassle. If you want to exercise your leg or calf muscles, the bench can easily be angled so that it is perfect for any leg muscle building exercises.


  • High Quality with Soft Foam – The FlyBird Weight Bench is soft to the touch and will not easily break making it perfect for when you are wanting to lift some heavy weights.
  • Easily Adjustable – This is a bench that can be angled anywhere from 95 degrees to 212 degrees meaning that it can be easily adjustable for whatever you want to use it for.


  • Limited – Whilst the Flybird is an excellent bench, at the end of the day it is still a bench and will limit what kind of exercise you can do.


Marcy 150lb Multifunction Home Gym

There are few multifunctional home gyms that can adequately compete with the Marcy 150lb. It has a fantastic combination of features which ensure that you can use it for weight stacking, dual action pressing and for when you want to grow your biceps via curling.

This effective and easy to use gym can easily get you burning up calories like there is no tomorrow and ensure you feel fitter than you ever have done.


  • Multiple Uses – This gym can be used for whatever you want it to be used for. For example, it can easily be used for cardio and for squats, meaning the possibilities are endless.
  • Easy to construct – This Marcy home gym is easy construct meaning you can use it as quickly as receiving it.


  • Somewhat heavy – The Marcy, whilst compact and easy to put together, can be somewhat heavy due to its solid frame and structure. This means that it might not be worth lifting it too far and thus not as useful as a travelling or home gym.


Gonex Portable Home Gym

The Gonex Portable Home Gym is an effective, small and interesting home gym that can certainly be used by veteran gym goers and those new to the gym experience alike.

Aside from the fact it is easy to set up the Gonex Portable Home Gym is varied. You can easily change it from using it to stretch your legs and build up your back muscles to be able to use it to do press up and sit ups. The base matt has excellent anti slip technology meaning that you are unlikely to hurt yourself or slip whilst using it.

In addition, the Gonex comes with a full instruction manual and instruction video. This means that regardless of whether you are starting out on your fitness journey or are a fitness fanatic who wants to learn some new tricks you can easily do so with the Gonex Portable Home Gym.


  • Easy to set up – This gym is easy to set up thanks to its lack of complex accessories.
  • Non slip training base – The Gonex’s design means that you will not be likely to slip on it whilst exercising and injure yourself.
  • Manual and Instruction Video – The inclusion of the handy manual and instruction video mean that you will feel in safe hands when using your Gonex Portable Home Gym.


  • Size – The training base for the Gonex is somewhat small meaning it might not suit everyone who wants to get fit and do so in a spacious and comfortable way.



If you are struggling for space for your gym then BRAYFIT are here to the rescue. This compact and easy to use door gym can be perfect for getting you as fit as you possibly can be.

The high resistant power cords are easily attached to the back of your door allowing you to do all manner of body building exercises from the comfort of your own home and without any extra hassle in setting your gym up.


  • Very easy to use – As long as you have a door by which you can attach the BRAYFIT power cords kit you can use this home gym.
  • Easy to put away when not wanted – Because this gym relies mainly on power cords being attached to a door, it doesn’t require a great deal of space.


  • Can damage your door – Whilst the BRAYFIT might be easy to use it will potentially leave marks on your door which can be annoying if you want to ensure your décor is in top condition.


Megoal Portable Home Gym

Finding an easy to transport Home Gym can be difficult but the Megoal Portable Home Gym is such a gym. With its easy to assemble frame and its lightweight storage bag, the Megoal Portable Home Gym can easily be taken wherever you like.

It isn’t just its easy portability that make it such an effective home gym but the variety of things you can do with it. The premium anti slip material that is at the core of the Megoal Portable Home Gym always ensures safety. This is essential if you want to use it for a variety of different exercises that involve strain and sweat such as squats or push ups.

The Megoal is also suitable for anyone regardless of their level of fitness. You can easily do a whole-body workout using the Megoal in fifteen minutes and feel so much healthier after.


  • Easy to use – The Megoal is incredibly easily set up and therefore perfect if you are starting out on your fitness journey.
  • Storage Bag – The storage bag that comes with the Megoal means that you can take your gym wherever you like whenever you like.


  • Can be difficult to string resistance band – If you want to change the resistance band that is a part of the kit during a workout this can prove to be difficult meaning it can limit how easily you can switch from one exercise position to another.


Elikliv 3 in 1 Pulley Cable

The simplicity of the Elikliv 3 in 1 Pulley Cable home gym is at the heart of is beauty. Rather than focussing on an array of different fancy accessories to make an effective home gym, the Elikliv 3 in 1 focuses on ensuring you have a simple and effective gym.

The pulley that forms the core of the kit are easy to use and attach and will help you do a variety of different exercises which are sure to help build up your body strength. The pulleys themselves are made from high quality cable rope meaning you know that they won’t hurt your hands no matter how often you use them.


  • Easy to use – The 3 in 1 home pulley set is incredibly easy to use and will not cause you any problems when setting it up.
  • High quality material – The material used to make the pulleys are the finest cable rope you can possibly buy meaning that you will have no rope burn when using the pulleys or any worry about them snapping in the middle of an exercise routine.


  • Limited – Whilst the pulley set is excellent for upper body exercises it is not as effective for lower body exercises and is therefore somewhat limited.


Moulyan Portable Gym

The Moulyan Portable Gym is perfect for any exercising activities that you may wish to do. It has a variety of features including exercise equipment made out of aluminium alloy bars for reliability, versatility meaning it can be easily transformed from one type of exercise platform to another and it is easy to set up.

Thanks to its versality the Moulyan Portable Gym can train six major muscle groups in one sitting and afford you the comfort of knowing that you have invested wisely in a perfect compact home gym.


  • Easy set up – Thanks to the sturdy exercise matt base this portable gym can be easily set up into whatever exercise routine you want it to be for.

  • Flexibility – You can easily and effectively use this portable gym for a variety of different activities including curls, deadlifts and squats.


  • Some parts can easily wear out – If you are using this gym regularly you might find that certain elements, particularly the elastic used in chest expanding and arm building exercises can easily wear out if it is constantly used.


Dapsom Portable Home Gym

The Dapsom Portable Home Gym is perfect for anyone who wants to start out on a fitness journey to improving their life. With its easy set up, detailed fitness guide and replaceable resistance bands this is a home gym that you can use time and time again.

The replaceable resistance bands are particularly important as often when people are starting using a gym, they either go to hard on their equipment or not hard enough. If they go too hard then it can easily break and if they don’t stretch it hard enough the material can become flabby and not as effective as it should be.

This is all added to by the fact that the Dapsom Portable Home Gym comes will 11 accessories meaning you can easily do a variety of different exercises whenever you want to. The 11 accessories give you the choice that you deserve when using a home gym.


  • Replicable Resistance Bands -Ensures that you will never have a reason to not use your compact home gym!
  • Fitness Guide – A detailed fitness guide is particularly important for people starting on their fitness journey as it gives them tips that can be helpful to getting them started.


  • May not be advanced enough for some – Whilst the Dapsom Portable Home Gym is an excellent gym for those who are starting out it might not be difficult enough for veterans of the gym world.


Millionka Portable Home Gym

The Millionka Portable Home Gym is perfect who those who want to improve their bodies no matter their age. The gym is easily moveable thanks to its lightweight material and easy to move accessories.

Coming with an anti slip training base, ensuring that you will always be safe using the gym and premium durable materials made to ensure that your gym will never fall apart when you need it, this is a compact home gym that can be effectively used wherever you are in the world.

This combined with a storage bag that can easily fit your training base, resistance bands, knee pads and whatever else you need whilst exercising. The handy storage bag also means that you don’t need to spend more money on a container for your home gym. It also ensures you can take it wherever you want to go, meaning you can stay fit no matter where you are.


  • Anti-Slip Training Base – Ensures no injuries whilst using the home gym.
  • Storage Bag -Means you can easily take your home gym wherever you want to go.
  • Versatility – This gym can easily accommodate whatever exercise routine you want thanks to its variety of accessories.


  • Can be a bit heavy – Whilst this home gym can be easily transferable it can also be a bit heavy due to the number of accessories that are needed to complete a full workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up a compact home gym?

Depending on the particular brand of compact home gym you choose to buy it can be very easy to set up a compact home gym. The reason is in the name – the gym is compact so it will hopefully only take a relative short amount of time to set up. Most compact home gyms take between ten and twenty minutes to set up dependent on what kind of activities you want to do.

However, some home gyms can take less than that because they haven’t got as many accessories attached to them. This is an important point to consider when purchasing your compact home gym as sometimes the time that takes to set up the gym might be key.

If you want a gym that takes a couple of minutes rather than ten to twenty you may want a gym that is somewhat more limited. It is a balancing act that has to be seriously considering when purchasing a home gym – variety versus time spent setting it up.

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