Men’s Classic Physique

NANBF Classic Physique


Overall Physique Objective:

In this class the emphasis is symmetry and this will take priority in judging this class rather than size or extreme condition.



For this class it is not a priority to be striated. The competitor needs to show symmetrical leanness top to bottom with muscle separation without an overly dieted appearance.


Symmetry: Structural Harmony

The Ideal physique will display an aesthetically proportioned muscular “X” frame silhouette, highlighted by a small waist.


Presentation: Includes posture, effectiveness to display the competitor’s assets, smooth transitions and stage presence.

Also considered, evenness of skin tone & color, grooming, suit fit and choice.


Round 1: Quarter Turns


Round 2: Mandatory Poses. (Listed below)


  • Front Bicep
  • Side Chest
  • Side intercostal
  • Back Bicep
  • Abdominal
  • Favorite Classic Pose (Exception Most Muscular) ie: victory, vacuum
  • Prop’s are prohibited during prejudging.

Posing Routine: (during finals)

  • 60 seconds.


Note: Crossover from men’s bodybuilding to classic physique is allowed

         Crossover from men’s physique to classic physique is allowed


Competitors can not cross over from men’s physique to men’s bodybuilding

Posing Trunks:

Competitors are required to wear posing shorts void of logo’s.

No board shorts or Bodybuilding posing trunks.