NANBF competition participants must be age 13 or older. Current membership to NANBF is required of all competitors to participate in NANBF events. All NANBF shows are natural events, meaning use of performance enhancing substances is not permitted. Competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screening prior to events to attest to their natural status or have passed a polygraph screening within the prior 30 days at any show sanctioned by the NANBF or WPA.  URINALYSIS will be done on competitor in accordance with drug testing guidelines.

For NANBF competitors to keep their eligibility they must adhere to NANBF guidelines and criteria.  Sportsmanship is vital to the Natural cause and be upheld at all times.  Below is several but not all of the instances a competitor can be banned or suspended by the NANBF.  Length of suspension will vary depending on violation.  In some cases Probation can be recommended for violators.  Repeated violations can and will increase severity of suspension.

Failed Polygraph Test
Failed to take polygraph at designated time
Failure to submit a urine sample at a designated time
Failed Urinalysis
Giving false information or trying to deceive the test procedure


Whenever an athlete is on stage or back stage they’re being watched.  Your behavior can have a significant impact, positive or negative.  Young impressionable minds may be observing your behavior and this could have a significant impact.  An NANBF athlete or official is a role model, whether they choose to be or not.  Anything less than a positive role model is unacceptable by NANBF guidelines.  It is important that you conduct yourself as a professional at all times.

  • Poor sportsmanship like conduct on stage, backstage or during any NANBF sponsored events
  • Mental, physical or verbal confrontation with competitors, NANBF officials, event staff or fans
  • Verbal threats, taunts, or gestures based on race, creed, ethnic origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation
  • Profane language, display of anger or lewd behavior
  • Having to be removed from a NANBF sponsored event
  • Use disrespectful or derogatory comments, cheers or gestures
  • Criticize officials in any way – display of anger, use of profanity
  • Incite fans, competitors or staff.

***Please Note:  Entry Fees & Membership Fees are non-refundable for any reason.