Division Descriptions

The NANBF is open to athletes who have been drug free for seven years and who passes the polygraph and urine analysis conducted before and during their competition. Failure to pass either could result in the athlete being banned from the NANBF up to seven years.  If the athlete misses the polygraph test or does not submit a urine sample at the designated time, it is  considered the same as a failed test. The NANBF reserves the right to conduct out of season testing for NANBF members and potential NANBF members. Out of season testing is paid for by the NANBF. 

The following applies in the NANBF:


Teen competitors competing in bodybuilding or figure,

must be between the ages of 13 and 19.


Beginner Figure

To participate in the beginner figure class, it must be the competitors first time to compete in a figure competition. This includes figure competitions in other organizations.


Novice:  Bikini, Figure, Bodybuilding

The novice class is for competitors who have never won a first place trophy in the novice division. 


Open: Bikini, Bodybuilding,  Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Xtreme Fitness & Figure

Competitors can compete, regardless of previous experience, in the open classes.

If the event is considered a pro-qualifying show, and there are five or more competitors in an open class, the first place winner is granted an IPE pro card.  


Collegiate: Bodybuilding, Figure

Collegian competitors must be full-time students (carrying at least 12 credit hours) in an accredited school and must show current valid student identification.

Collegian competitors must present a legal letter from their college or university along with the contest entry form stating that they are currently enrolled as a full-time student there. The letter must be submitted with the entry form within 30 days of the date on the letter.The letter must include legible contact information of the person writing the letter for the student, including a valid phone number, where they can be reached.


Sub Masters: Bodybuilding

Competitors must be between the ages of thirty-five and thirty-nine.


Masters 40+: Bodybuilding & Figure  

Any competitor who is forty years of age or older may compete in Masters 40+ classes.


Masters 50+: Bodybuilding & Figure

Any competitor who is fifty years of age to fifty-nine years of age may compete in Masters 50+ classes.

Valid identification is required.

Grand Masters 60+: Bodybuilding

Any competitor who is sixty years of age or older may compete in the Grand Masters 60+ class.  
Valid identification is required.


Mixed Pairs 

When competing as a mixed pair, competitors must be paired as one male and one female.


Bikini Masters 40+: 

Any competitor who is forty years of age or older may compete in the Bikini Masters 40+ class. 


USA Super Pro Qualifier

Competitors must be a current NANBF/WPA member in good standing to compete in the USA Super Pro Category or to win any IPE pro card.



This class is for competitors with a permanent disability and who is confined to a wheelchair.


Male Physique 

Male Physique is open to any current NANBF member.


Women’s Physique 
Women’s Physique is open to any current NANBF member.


Additional Information:

  • The promoter always has the option to divide classes according to height categories or to add classes if necessary.
  • Pro Cards can only be won in Open and Masters 40+ categories.  Women’s Physique is a pro card category.