Bikini Information


NANBF Bikini competition participants must be age 13 or older. Current membership to NANBF is required of all competitors to participate in NANBF events. All NANBF shows are natural events, meaning use of performance enhancing substances are not permitted. Competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screening prior to events to attest to their natural status.

The NANBF Bikini division consists of Group Comparisons.  Individual presentations (stage walks) are only performed at finals. Two-piece suits and high-heeled shoes are worn for both parts of the contest. Suits can be of any style, color and pattern with the exception of being a thong/T-back bottom.

Judging Criteria

A specific level of muscularity or leanness is not sought after for NANBF Bikini competition. Judging is based on having an overall healthy-looking toned body with good symmetry, shape, fullness, balance and proportion with good poise, posture, confidence, stage presence and comfortable presentation. Other factors that can affect overall appearance are skin tone, complexion, suit fit, hair and make-up. Bikini competitors should not display an abundance of muscle size, deep muscle separation, or muscle striations.

Group Comparisons and Body Evaluations

Each class is brought to front center stage and is guided through quarter turns to display physiques from all sides. The front and rear stances are to be with one hand on a hip with the opposite hip extended outward. Side stances will have the back hand on hip elbow rotated forward and front shoulder and arm open to the judges.  Stances should be fairly relaxed. Competitors should not appear to be flexing. The leg on the side with hand on hip should have toes angled outward slightly while the opposite legs toes should point straight forward.





Bikini Quarter video
Individual Presentations and Stage Walks (Finals)

bikini-3The individual presentation portion for NANBF Bikini competitions is a stage walk.  This portion of the show is for the crowd and gives the competitor a chance to win a “Best Presenter” or “Best Poser” award.  Competitors walk out to House music of the promoter’s choice and perform a T-walk. A T-walk consists of walking out to rear center stage and pausing briefly in a stance of choice. Competitors then walk up to front center stage and then walk to stage left and pause briefly in a stance of choice, then walk to stage right and pause briefly in a stance of choice, then walk to the front center of the stage and pause briefly in a stance of choice, and finally walk off stage diagonally to the side from which they entered. The walk resembles a T,  which explains how it got its name. Individual presentations should be done tastefully and be conducive to a family atmosphere. Bodybuilding-type poses, fitness moves (like push-ups) and costumes/props should be avoided.

Additional Information:
  • Jewelry is permitted
  • Crossovers (entering additional divisions/categories) are not permitted from Bikini to either Figure, Women’s Physique or Bodybuilding