2018 WA State Olympic Results


Women’s Physique 40+-Master’s PQ

1st     Ellen Sinclair *IPE Master’s Pro Card

2nd    Mary Paris-Robles

3rd     Trish Nguyen


Bikini 40+

1st    Mandi Pelham

2nd     Lori Graham


Figure 40+

1st     Ellen Sinclair

2nd     Heidi MacKenzie


Women’s Bodybuilding Novice

1st     Tia Monaghan


Men’s Bodybuilding Novice

1st     Zak Boylan


Women’s Physique Novice

1st    Maria Altamarino *best women’s physique poser

2nd   Mary Paris-Robles

3rd    Tia Monaghan

4th     Jill Grinde


Bikini Novice

1st     Juana Martinez *best bikini presenter

2nd     Mandi Pelham



Figure Novice

1st    Heidi MacKenzie

Women’s Bodybuilding Open

1st     Calise Jewett *IPE Open Pro card & best female bb poser

2nd    Emily Dir

3rd    Tia Monaghan

4th     Trish Nguyen


Men’s Bodybuilding Open

1st     Colt Milton *best male bb poser


Women’s Physique Open-PQ

1st     Sarah Jiles *IPE open pro card

2nd     Emily Dir

3rd    Maria Altamarino

4th     Ellen Sinclair

5th     Tia Monaghan

Mary Paris-Robles

Trish Nguyen


Classic Physique Open

1st     Colt Milton *best classic poser


Bikini Open

1st     Jessica Weaver

2nd     Mandi Pelham

3rd     Juana Martinez

4th     Lori Graham


Figure Open

1st     Sarah Jiles *best figure presenter

2nd    Emily Dir

3rd    Ellen Sinclair

4th     Heidi MacKenzie



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