2018 NANBF Victory Natural NW Results



Women’s Bodybuilding Novice

1st        Adrienne Wentworth


Women’s Bodybuilding Open

1st       Adrienne Wentworth


Men’s Physique Master’s 40+

1st       Dennis Holloman


Men’s Physique Open

1st       Dion Bethea *best male poser

2nd       Olim Muminjanov


Women’s Physique Master’s 40+

1st        Trish Nguyen

2nd       Teresa Moss


Women’s Physique Novice

1st        Teresa Moss

2nd       Jennifer Fernandez


Women’s Physique Open

1st        Trish Nguyen

2nd       Diane Peterson


Figure Masters 40+

1st        Teresa Moss

2nd      Sonia Moreno


Figure Novice

1st        Sonia Moreno

2nd       Carmen Storer


Figure Open

1st        Teresa Moss


Bikini Master’s 40+

1st        Jill Lensegrave

2nd       Heidi Alessi

3rd       Melissa Freeman

4th       Mercedes Marquez



Bikini Novice

1st            Jessica Weaver

2nd            Rachel Leaman

3rd            Emily Sullivan

4th            Kelli Aguilar

5th            Annnika Fairbanks *best female presenter

Jill Lensegrace

Heidi Alessi

Melissa Freeman

Mercedes Marquez


Bikini Open

1st            Jessica Weaver

2nd            Laura Fenwick

3rd            Rachel Leaman

4th            Kelli Aguilar

5th            Emily Sullivan

Annika Fairbanks

Jill Lensegrave

Heidi Alessi




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