2017 Nanbf USA Championship Results

2017 NANBF USA Championship Results


Men’s BB 40+

1st        Chang Lee


Men’s BB Open

1st        Chang Lee


Women’s Physique

1st        Margaret Gaston


Figure Novice

1st        Kate Aeschleman


Figure Open

1st        Margaret Gaston *figure best presenter

2nd       Whitney Linder

3rd       Stamatina Hunter

4th       Jasmine Williams


Men’s Physique 40+

1st        Jason Grotelueschen


Men’s Physique Novice

1st        Daniel Schluter

2nd       Jerrod Queen

3rd       Jason Grotelueschen

4th       Caden McBride


Men’s Physique Open

1st        Lance Claverie

2nd       Donald Hughes III *men’s physique best presenter

3rd       Daniel Schluter

4th       Jason Grotelueschen


Bikini 40+

1st        Lisa Tullier *IPE Master’s Pro card

2nd       DeKisha Carter

3rd       Mary Grotelieschen


Bikini Novice

1st        Summer Showalter

2nd       Mikayla Carey

3rd       Lisa Tullier

4th       Scarlett Kay

5th       Dekisha Carter

6th       Mary Grotelueschen


Bikini Open

1st        Summer Showalter *IPE Pro card winner & bikini best presenter

2nd       Mikayla Carey

3rd       Lisa Tullier

4th       Carlotta Peters

5th       Scarlett Kay

6th       DeKisha Carter

7th       Mary Grotelueschen


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