2017 Nanbf Diamond Championships Results

2017 NANBF Diamond Championships Results


Woman’s Bodybuilding 35+

1st        Heather Driscoll


Women’s Bodybuilding Open

1st        Michelle Pullar* best poser

2nd       Gretchen Nash

3rd       Heather Driscoll


Figure 35+

1st       Jennifer Duffle


Figure Novice

1st        Kathleen Iliff

2nd       Jennifer Duffle

3rd       Salena Bishop


Figure Open

1st        Kathleen Iliff*

2nd       Corybeth Blake

3rd       Gretchen Nash best poser

4th        Jennifer Duffle

5th        Salena Bishop


Bikini 35+

1st        Tina Bradley

2nd       Lisa Cremer

3rd       Mary Grotelueschen

4th        Kim Petersen


Bikini Novice short

1st        Erika Garcia overall novice winner & best poser

2nd       Pauly Levinson

3rd       Tiara Levinson

4th        Tara Collins

5th        Stacy Oliver

6th        Tina Bradley

7th        Anh Cunningham

8th        Lisa Cremer


Bikini Novice Tall

1st        Erika Johnson

2nd       Summer Showalter

3rd       Megan Thornberry

4th        Michaela Lee

5th        Mary Grotelueschen

6th        Kim Petersen

7th        Christin Jantz


Bikini Open Short

1st        Erika Garcia* overall open winner

2nd       Pauly Allsbrook

3rd       Tiara Levinson

4th        Tara Collins

5th        Tina Bradley

6th        Stacy Oliver


Bikini Open Tall

1st        Melissa Druien

2nd       Summer Showalter

3rd       Erika Johnson

4th        Megan Thornberry

5th        Michaela Lee

6th        Mary Grotelueschen

7th        Christin Jantz


*denotes pro card winners

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