2017 IPE Windy City Results

2017 IPE Windy City Results


Pro Women’s Physique

1st        Joyce Thornton


Pro Bikini

1st        Misti Weatherford *best female poser

2nd       Jane Karlson

3rd       Kelli Emerson-Penman

4th       Jessica Huffman


Pro Figure

1st        Devon Feddo

2nd       Maryam Ibarra

3rd       Lagretta Ambrose

4th       Cory Kyle


Pro Women’s Bodybuilding

1st        Heather Formichella

2nd       Juanita Martin


Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Master;s 40+

1st        Aaron Callister

2nd       Fred Thomas

3rd       Lee Kirkwood


Pro Men’s Physique

1st        Eric Murphy

2nd       Thomas Lazier Jr.

3rd       Kyle Olsen

4th       Fritz Colcol

5th       Jake Hirner

6th       Chris Wetzel

7th       Albert Pliner

8th       Ray Ramljak

9th       Gary Ramos


Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Open

1st        Samuel Okunola

2nd       Chris Wells

3rd       Liam McKeon

4th       Bart Msimangira

5th       Ryan Franklin

6th       Jerame Mudick *best male poser

7th       Valentin Tambosi

8th       Tyler Russell


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